Experts say parents are first line of defence in preventing sexual abuse

first_imgSara Austin says parents enrolling their children in athletic programs this fall can take an important step to help prevent sexual abuse.Just talk.Austin, the CEO of the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre, is working hard to get the message out this October that parents are the first line of defence in the fight against sexual abuse in sports as many leagues start their seasons.“It really starts with having open and honest conversations with our children,” said Austin on Thursday. “Being able to talk about their bodies and about healthy relationships and what to do if they ever feel uncomfortable and feel like someone is doing something that’s inappropriate.“Kids need to know that if something bad happens that they can tell trusted adults. That there’s a difference between good secrets and bad secrets.”Breaking down the stigma surrounding these difficult discussions is one of the goals of October’s Child Abuse Prevention Month, and topical given the ongoing trial of Dave Brubaker, the former director of the women’s national gymnastics team. He pleaded not guilty to sexual assault and invitation to sexual touching earlier this week at his judge-alone trial in Sarnia, Ont. The charges relate to alleged incidents between 2000 and 2007.Speaking with children about sexual abuse may be the first step, but Lorraine Lafreniere, CEO of the Coaching Association of Canada, says direct conversations with coaches or other volunteers about what is being done to safeguard the kids in their care is also crucial.Lafreniere says parents often have no problem asking about physical safety in the field of play but can be reluctant to ask hard questions that can prevent sexual abuse. That includes making sure that sports organizations use the Rule of Two — a minimum of two adults be present for any activity — and that they have background checks on any adult working with the organization.“We want parents to not just ask what size of helmet or what type of helmet or what kinds of skis, we actually want them to ask: ‘Do you have policies around the Rule of Two? Do you have training and education? What’s your screening policy?’” Lafreniere said. “The biggest factor that will change anything is the parent. Because if the parent goes into the clubhouse and asks about policies, that’s what gets people going.”Austin says adults have a legal and moral responsibility to report any suspicious behaviour to the police. Although some people might worry about raising a false alarm, Austin says there is no risk and flagging suspicious behaviour to the proper authorities could save a life.“It’s not your job to solve this problem, it’s your job and legal duty to report suspected abuse and then the police and child protection agencies will do the investigation and ultimately come to a conclusion if the child is at risk,” said Austin. “It’s really important for folks to hear the message that the earlier we end the cycle of abuse the better off the outcomes are for the children.”Austin and Lafreniere have each seen a shift in how society speaks about sexual abuse, both in tone and in frequency.Lafreniere points to the 2012 conviction of former hockey coach Graham James as a watershed moment. He pleaded guilty to repeatedly sexually abusing retired NHL star Theo Fleury and his cousin, Todd Holt, when they played for him in the Western Hockey League in the late 1980s and early ’90s. James had already served time and been pardoned after he pleaded guilty to similar charges in 1997 when Sheldon Kennedy and four other players accused him of sexual abuse.Since then, Canada has toughened the requirements for a convicted sex offender to be granted a pardon.At the same time, a series of sexual abuse trials have rocked the world of sports. Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, ex-Canadian national ski coach Bertrand Charest, former USA gymnastics coach Larry Nassar, and most recently Brubaker, have put the issue in the spotlight.Those high-profile trials, coupled with the #MeToo movement encouraging victims of sexual violence of all ages to speak out, have inspired more people to come forward about the abuse they’ve suffered.“We believe that the culture is changing. That the stigma and taboo associated with sexual abuse is slowly being wiped away,” said Austin, who notes that the vast majority of cases still go unreported. “It’s still a very difficult subject to talk about for people who survived abuse or for people who suspect abuse, it’s still a really difficult thing.“And yet, we believe the tide is starting to turn. It’s not necessarily that there are more cases of abuse, but that kids are more likely to reach out for help if they need it and that adults who suspect abuse are more likely to report it.”According to the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre, signs of child abuse may include: sudden changes in behaviour or performance at school or other activities; unexplained physical injuries or injuries that don’t match the child’s explanation; extreme behavioural reactions such as aggression or withdrawal; sexual knowledge or behaviour beyond their stage of development; a desire to run away from home; and always being hungry, sick or not suitably dressed for the weather.last_img read more

French Police Question CAF President Over Corruption Allegations

Rabat – The Confederation of African Football’s (CAF) president, Ahmad Ahmad, was arrested this morning in Paris on corruption charges.Ahmad was arrested by the Central Office for the Fight Against Corruption (OCLIF) at 8:30 am at the Berri Hotel in Paris, according to Jeune Afrique.The arrest most likely stems from Ahmad’s alleged misappropriation of funds and corruption involving his dealings with French company, Tactical Steel, which some speculate Ahmad has personal ties to. Ahmad reportedly signed off on a deal favoring Tactical Steel, and one of the company’s executives is said to have paid a total of €739,000 ($833,000) to the CAF president in order to get the deal sanctioned.The alleged corruption first came to light after former secretary-general of the confederation, Amr Fahmy, sent a document to the FIFA investigations committee in April accusing Ahmad of costing CAF $830,000 by ordering equipment through Tactical Steel.The president of Tactical Steel, Sabine Seillier, denied the allegations, insisting that her company won the contract on a transparent basis. She claimed that her company was the only one that could guarantee delivery of the equipment sought in a tight timeframe of three weeks.Moroccan outlet Hesport reported that Ahmad Ahmad has now been released after further investigation.Ahmad was in Paris to attend a FIFA congress addressing arbitrary refereeing mistakes that occurred during the African Champions League’s 2nd leg final between Tunisian club Esperance de Tunis (ES Tunis) and Wydad Athletic Club of Casablanca (WAC).The emergency congress met in Paris yesterday to discuss the refereeing mistakes, mainly the malfunction of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), after that WAC players requested the referee to consult it after refusing their valid goal.The CAF executive committee, subsequently, decided that a rematch with functioning VAR will be played in South Africa during the African Cup of Nations, which is scheduled to start on June 21 in Egypt.  Read also: CAF President: ‘President of Esperance Tunis Threatened Me’ read more

Hundreds of millions of agricultural workers face poverty hunger – UN report

Many of the world’s 450 million waged agricultural workers, the largest labour force on earth, are suffering from some of the highest incidences of poverty and hunger, according to a new United Nations report released today which calls for the promotion of an agenda for decent work conditions in the field.“Agriculture cannot be sustainable whilst over 40 per cent of the workforce suffer precarious employment and poor working conditions, and live in poverty,” the reportsaid, noting that waged workers account for around 40 per cent of the total agricultural workforce of some 1.1 billion people.Economic pressures are eroding the already low levels of protection of agricultural workers in terms of wage levels, job security, health, safety and environmental standards and social protection, according to the study, Agricultural Workers and their Contribution to Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development. Compiled jointly by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the UN International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations (IUF), it cited the use of child labour in agriculture as of particular concern.Of the estimated 246 million children around the world who go to work, over 170 million, or 70 per cent, are employed in agriculture. Each year, 22 000 children are killed on the job, many of those in agriculture. Children work as cheap labour because their parents do not earn enough to support the family or to send their children to school. Children in agriculture often work 10 hours and earn less than $1 per day.Agricultural workers, who do not own or rent the land on which they work nor the tools and equipment they use, are often poorly paid, earning wages well below those earned by industrial workers, with millions living below the poverty line and often unable to afford to buy sufficient food, the report said. Agriculture is ranked as one of the three most hazardous industries, along with mining and construction. Risks include dangerous machinery, livestock-transmitted diseases and exposure to toxic pesticides. There are some 355,000 on-the-job fatalities overall every year, half of them estimated to occur in agriculture. Many of those killed, injured or made ill are women and children. In many parts of the world, agricultural workers are denied fundamental human rights: the rights to freedom of association, to organize and collectively bargain with employers. Rural workers are more subject to forced labour than other categories of workers. Moreover AIDS has killed around 7 million agricultural workers since 1985 in the 25 hardest-hit countries in Africa.The report criticized governments, development agencies, science and research institutions, agricultural banks, credit institutions as well as many civil society institutions for ignoring the often desperate situation, and called for the development and promotion of an agenda for fair and decent work conditions.ILO’s Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work should be applied and FAO and other agencies should cooperate with waged agricultural workers and their trade unions, which should receive stronger political, technical and financial support to enable them to play a much greater role in promoting sustainable agriculture, it concluded. read more

Annan sees Nigerian meeting as major step forward for Global Compact in

“I am pleased to send greetings to all participants in the 12th Nigerian Economic Summit. I am particularly delighted that your Summit marks the official launch of the Global Compact in Nigeria,” he said in a message. “Today’s inauguration represents a major step forward for the Global Compact in Africa. I am grateful to the Nigerian Government for its endorsement and support. I would also like to thank the African Leadership Forum and the Nigerian Economic Summit Group for introducing this initiative in your country,” he said.The Compact enjoins members to observe principles derived from UN conventions governing such areas as human rights, labour, environmental and anti-corruption standards.The leading yardstick of progress today, Mr. Annan said, is the extent to which countries are achieving the Millennium Development Goals MDGs. The MDGs are a set of people-centred targets which were adopted by world leaders at the Millennium Summit in 2000. Mr. Annan noted that they range from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of major diseases and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015 and he said they are ambitious but achievable.“The business community has a direct stake in helping countries reach these goals and achieve broad-based, sustainable development. Reducing poverty helps create stable and inclusive markets, as well as the purchasing power that allows markets to grow. Supporting such progress makes good business sense, and it makes good development sense,” he said.The United Nations has a partner in a Nigerian business community prepared to help carry the Global Compact forward, he said. “Your entrepreneurial spirit, willingness to take risks and commitment to good corporate citizenship can help your country realize the vision of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) and guarantee a better future for all Nigerians.”As a voluntary initiative, the Compact relies on the vision and commitment of private sector leaders to make its principles an integral part of their day-to-day operations. Rather than seeking regulation, sanction or confrontation, the Compact emphasizes dialogue, learning and projects. Instead of interpreting existing norms and regulatory frameworks, the Global Compact focuses on finding practical solutions, Mr. Annan said.To government and business leaders in Nigeria, he said: “Your commitment and your leadership will determine whether the Global Compact will succeed in your country, and whether it will expand throughout the African continent. I am confident that the Global Compact can take root and blossom in your country and in the region. If it does, it can prove a new and practical source of hope for Africans everywhere.” read more

Sudan Violence must stop says UNICEF chief gravely concerned over 19 child

“We have received information that children are being detained, recruited to join the fighting and sexually abused”, said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. After the three-decade autocratic rule of President Omar al-Bashir ended in a military takeover in April, talks faltered in May between protesters and the ruling Transitional Military Council over a timetable for civilian rule.On 3 June, security forces and paramilitaries fired on pro-democracy protesters holding a sit-in outside army headquarters in the capital Khartoum, leaving a number of people dead and many more injured. News reports quote local doctors alleging multiple cases of rape against demonstrators, many involving the so-called Rapid Support Forces militia. Schools, hospitals and health centres have been looted and destroyed, with health workers attacked simply for doing their job, said UNICEF.Many parents are too scared to let their children leave the house – UNICEF chief“Many parents are too scared to let their children leave the house, fearful of violence, harassment and lawlessness”, asserted Ms. Fore.Moreover, water, food and medicine shortages have been reported across the country, putting children’s health and wellbeing at risk. “Children throughout Sudan are already bearing the brunt of decades of conflict, chronic underdevelopment and poor governance”, continued the UNICEF chief. “The current violence is making a critical situation even worse”. Even in the face of this unrest, UNICEF continues to work for children in Sudan. “We are providing millions of children, including those who have been displaced or are refugees, with vaccines, safe water, treatment for severe acute malnutrition and psychosocial support”, explained Ms. Fore.“But the violence must stop”, she spelled out. UNICEF is appealing to all involved to protect and keep children out of harm’s way. “Any attack on children, schools or hospitals is a grave violation of children’s rights”, flagged the UNICEF chief, calling on the authorities to “allow humanitarian organizations to respond to those in need, including through access to hospitals that have been off-limits or closed”. She echoed the Secretary-General’s request that the parties pursue peaceful dialogue and resume negotiations over the transfer of power to a civilian-led transitional authority”. “The children of Sudan want peace”, she concluded. “The international community needs to take a firm stand in support of their aspirations.” read more

15 wedding guests killed in roadside bomb in Afghanistan

first_imgPOLICE IN NORTHERN Afghanistan say 15 civilians were killed and 18 were wounded when the minibus they were travelling in was hit by a blast from a roadside bomb in Afghanistan’s northern Balkh province.The group of men, women and children were travelling to a wedding on Friday in Dawlat Abad district, police spokesman Shir Jan Durani said.It is not yet clear if they were the intended target and no one has yet come forward to claim responsibility.Officials say they expect the number of dead to increase.Earlier this month, the U.N. Security Council expressed serious concern at the high number of civilian casualties in the war, especially among women and children. It noted that an increasingly large number are caused by the Taliban and other armed groups.The Taliban and other militants are responsible for the overwhelming majority of civilian deaths in the country. About 77 percent of the deaths between January and June can be attributed to insurgents, a UN report said.Read: Afghan bombing kills three NATO troops and translator >last_img read more

Next version of Windows will support ARMbased systems

first_imgIt turns out the rumors we first reported on in December were true. Microsoft made it official today at CES 2011 that the next version of Windows will indeed support System on a Chip (SoC) architectures, including ARM-based systems. Current manufacturers of ARM-based systems include NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments. This doesn’t mean that Microsoft is giving up on mobile designs which are x86 based. The company stated that Intel and AMD continue to work on low-power SoC designs which will support Windows. In fact, Microsoft made it a point to demonstrate the next version of Windows running on new Intel SoC platforms.Microsoft seemed to be walking a thin line, not being seen as abandoning the x86 architecture while it was clear that the message the company wanted to send was that ARM-based systems are now in the crosshairs of future versions of Windows. Considering the market shift to ARM-based tablets and netbooks Microsoft surely saw the growth potential of the next version of Windows if it was able to support this class of processor. It also saw the growth potential of Android and iOS if it didn’t jump into game.During the technology demonstration, Microsoft showed the next version of Windows running Microsoft Office on ARM architecture. This had to be a watershed moment for companies like NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments who find themselves working closely with Microsoft for the first time to provide ARM-based designs. The result could mean that Windows tablets may become more widely available than they are today.Read more at Microsoft.last_img read more

This Smart Luggage Was Designed for Space Travel

first_imgThis sleek piece features an aerospace-grade German polycarbonate shell, water-resistant lining, and a front pocket with transparent PU shield.The NASA Edition M5 Cabin Luggage is finished in Apollo white with orange and blue trims, features a built-in smart charger, 360-degree spinner wheels, and a commemorative luggage tag.Available for purchase starting July 19, a day before the Apollo 11 anniversary, the M5 limited-edition cabin luggage has a $790 price tag, with all proceeds going towards the Space Camp Foundation to help underprivileged children with scholarships. As the space tourism dream edges toward reality, future travelers to the moon, Mars, and beyond would need smart luggage that will meet their needs in orbit.Travel brand Horizn Studios has prepared for this future by collaborating with the world’s youngest astronaut-in-training, 18-year-old Alyssa Carson. The result is a space-ready smart luggage, the M5 NASA Edition Cabin Luggage, designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of man’s first steps on the moon. Stay on target This Apartment-Like Camper Van Could Be the Future of Van LifeMarriott Swaps Tiny Toiletries For More Sustainable Options The NASA Edition M5 Cabin Luggage is part of Horizn Studio’s Horizn ONE campaign, the company’s design study into luggage specifically for commercial space travel.With Horizn ONE, the company aims to produce revolutionary luggage with a graphene-enhanced carbon fibre structure, making it flexible, more robust and lighter than any luggage developed so far; an electromagnetic base, allowing it to secure to the floor or walls of the spacecraft for easy access in zero gravity.Horizn ONE luggage will also include graphene supercapacitors and an inductive charging field that will allow for highly efficient energy storage and wireless charging of electronic devices; built-in smart screen to allow travelers to stay in touch and share experiences via video with loved ones back on Earth; and biometric security that lets the user unlock the case with fingerprint recognition.More on to Open Space Station to Tourists From 2020This $800 Robot Suitcase Will Follow You Around AirportsUnder Armour Will Design Space Suits for Virgin Galacticlast_img read more

Rui Vitória Little duels will make a difference for Benfica

first_imgBenfica boss Rui Vitória is aware of the offensive quality tonight’s Champions League opponents Ajax contain and feels that the “little duels” could prove decisiveThe Eagles bounced back from an opening game defeat to Bayern Munich by claiming a 3-2 win over AEK Athens in Greece last time out in Group E.Benfica head into tonight’s game at the Amsterdam Arena in good form following a 1-0 win against rivals FC Porto two weeks ago before following it up with a 3-0 win over Sertanense in the Taça de Portugal last week.Vitória’s side leads the Primeira Liga alongside Braga on 17 points and are unbeaten after seven games.But their coach is remaining cautious over Ajax as Benfica look to extend their winning run to four games in all competitions.“We are aware that Ajax, from an offensive point of view, are a team with many dynamics, but we will have our ambition,” Vitória told reporters on Twitter.“Quality on one side, quality of the other, the little duels will make a difference. So we must concentrate and be thorough in the game. Naturally, we will have to defend and create problems for Ajax.”Dusan tadic, AjaxReport: Ajax are top of the league after 4-1 win George Patchias – September 15, 2019 Ajax is top of the Eredivisie after beating Heerenveen 4-1.Ajax was without standout midfielder Donny van Beek again, for the visit of Heerenveen to…He added: “It’s fundamental to realize the dynamics that Ajax players have.“The plan is to block these dynamics and look to impose our game when we have the ball.”Benfica are third in Group E and a point behind leaders Ajax and Bayern on three points.😐 😜 😆 😅— SL Benfica (@slbenfica_en) October 18, 2018last_img read more

PSB consolidation Dena Bank Vijaya Bank enter into merger talks

first_imgDena Bank and Vijaya Bank merger talks.Raghavendra N IBTSmall size, state-owned lenders Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank have initated talks for a possible merger. The development is in line with the government’s plans to go in for consolidation in the banking space. A possible merger between the two relatively smaller Public Sector Banks (PSBs) will lead to formation of a large midsized bank, ET Now reported on Friday citing sources.The merger has been initiated keeping in mind the geographical reach of both banks, with Vijaya Bank having a strong presence in southern India, and Dena Bank well positioned in the west.Following news of the merger, shares of Dena Bank surged over 3.7 percent to Rs 32.05 per share while the Vijaya Bank stock dropped 1.4 percent and was trading at Rs 58.90 apiece. They closed up 1.13 percent at Rs 31.25 and down 2.18 percent at Rs 58.45 respectively.State-run bank balance sheets are under stress with mounting bad loans which have forced the government to walk the path of consolidation. In this case, even after the merger of the two banks, the entity will require capital infusion from the government because of Dena Bank’s huge non-performing assets.Dena Bank is currently under Reserve Bank India’s (RBI) prompt corrective action, as the bank’s first quarter NPAs stood at 17 percent of its advances.The merger between Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank could be completed by the end of this fiscal year if the proposal is approved by the government, the Financial Express reported.Back in August, the Central government gave in-principle approval to the merger of state-owned lenders. In a press briefing, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had said that an alternative mechanism would be in place to facilitate fast-track approvals of consolidations.Lenders considering the merger option, after notifying the stock exchanges about the plan, have to approach the alternative mechanism. The move is aimed at fast-tracking the decision-making and address consolidation-related issues in time.On April 1, India’s largest bank, State Bank of India merged its five associate banks and the Bharatiya Mahila Bank with itself. SBI now has over 500 million customers and is counted among the top 50 banks in the world. The merged entity has a deposit base of more than Rs 26 lakh crore and advances of Rs 18.50 lakh crore.last_img read more

HPC means business in Cray XC30A supercomputer debut

first_img Cray supercomputer named world’s fastest For those who follow supercomputers, Cray needs no introduction, recognized in terms of petaflops and world titles for fast supercomputers, not to mention as the builders of the $60 million Titan, built at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.Cray now has a package of supercomputing features for business customers who have a continued demand for supercomputing features to carry out their technical work. Peg Williams, the senior vice president of high performance computing systems at Cray said that “With all of the features and functionality of our high-end Cray XC30 systems, our new Cray XC30-AC supercomputer is perfectly suited for technical enterprise customers, giving them the ability to leverage all of the world-class computational resources of a Cray supercomputer at much lower starting price points.”Some examples of what types of customers would go for such a system include businesses engaged in life sciences, financial services and energy.As for operating system, Cray said it is using the Cray Linux Environment, with components that include SUSE Linux SLES11. The XC30-AC system features an air-cooled, cabinet architecture. The “AC” indicates how the systems are air-cooled instead of water-cooled. Power requirements are eased up; the air-cooling approach is more amenable to data-center environments. Cary noted there are no requirements for liquid coolants. Air conditioners can replace a liquid cooling system. According to Cray, a single high-efficiency fan per cabinet blows bottom-to-top airflow to keep less densely populated configurations cool. Technical enterprise datacenters without raised floors or plumbing for liquid cooling systems may have different power requirements, and the Cray XC30-AC has options for 480V or 208V operations. Although the XC30-AC was formally announced just Tuesday, Cray said they had already sold systems to customers that include “a global consumer electronics company and a global financial services company.” Citation: HPC means business in Cray XC30-A supercomputer debut (2013, May 8) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2013 ( —What better place to use the “new vintage” computing theme than in Napa Valley where the Cray User Group meeting took place on Tuesday, The tie-in this year is Cray’s new vintage of supercomputers for a business segment that Cray calls the “technical enterprise.” In brief, Cray has seen an opportunity to accommodate the need for complex computing simulations of supercomputers but engineered (in the form of economized packaging, networking, cooling and power options) at a price that businesses can entertain. Cray used the Tuesday event to announce a lower-priced version of a Cray XC30 system, for business customers. The new supercomputer is the XC30-AC, shipping with Intel Xeon processors, which will sell as a low-cost model priced from $500,000 on up.center_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: … Explore furtherlast_img read more

Artec 3D Debuts Artec Studio 11 3D Printing Software

first_img Feature | Advanced Visualization | July 02, 2019 | By Jeff Zagoudis Augmented Reality Versus 3-D Printing for Radiology Three-dimensional (3-D) printing and… read more June 2, 2016 — Artec 3D, a developer and manufacturer of professional 3-D hardware and software, announced the release of Artec Studio 11. Designed for use with Artec’s professional handheld 3-D scanners as well as a range of sensors, Studio 11 offers simplified, rapid post-processing that never compromises on precision or accuracy. The new software release meets the needs of professionals at any experience level and boasts numerous automated features, including a state-of-the-art Autopilot mode, to create professional-grade, 3-D models of any size.With Autopilot mode, users are guided through a few simple questions related to the characteristics of the object being scanned and the type of 3-D model that is desired. Studio 11 then deletes any unwanted captured data, auto aligns the scans with one click and instinctively selects the most effective 3-D algorithms for the data at hand. The result is a high-precision 3-D model that is of the same quality as those created manually by an experienced user. Autopilot makes the process so easy a beginner can use it without the intense formal training that was once required. However, expert users can also leverage the feature, as it provides a quick pathway to achieving the highest quality model. Those who prefer to have more control over the processing experience, can simply enter manual mode to have unfettered access to the platform’s full range of data manipulation tools. Even in this mode, Artec Studio 11 speeds up workflow by automatically deleting the base an object was scanned on and auto-aligning scan data with total accuracy at the click of a button. Texture can also be added 10 times faster than before and can be mapped where data is missing automatically. Models can be further manipulated in a few quick clicks with user-friendly geometry editing tools.With Artec’s boosted real-time fusion scanning mode, users are able to move the scanner around an object and view the model as it is being built. This mode allows digitizing of simple objects or for instances where a quick preview is beneficial, such as scanning a body part for various medical applications. Furthermore, this power hungry mode, which used to require a hefty amount of RAM, has been optimized for a smooth scanning experience, even on tablets. Technology | Virtual and Augmented Reality | June 04, 2019 Ann Arbor Startup Launches Augmented Reality MRI Simulator SpellBound, an Ann Arbor startup specializing in augmented reality (AR) tools for children in hospitals, has officially… read more News | Medical 3-D Printing | August 08, 2019 RSNA and ACR to Collaborate on Landmark Medical 3D Printing Registry The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the American College of Radiology (ACR) will launch a new medical… read more News | Advanced Visualization | July 03, 2019 TeraRecon Unveils iNtuition AI Data Extractor Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced visualization company TeraRecon announced its new iNtuition AI Data Extractor… read more Feature | Henry Ford Hospital | May 21, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Innovations in Radiotherapy and Radiology at Henry Ford Hospital Henry Ford Hospital thought leaders regularly speak at the radiation oncology and radiology conferences about new res read more Technology | Neuro Imaging | August 07, 2019 Synaptive Medical Launches Modus Plan With Automated Tractography Segmentation Synaptive Medical announced the U.S. launch and availability of Modus Plan featuring BrightMatter AutoSeg. This release… read more Technology | Medical 3-D Printing | June 02, 2016 Artec 3D Debuts Artec Studio 11 3-D Printing Software Autopilot feature streamlines creation of professional-grade 3-D models Technology | Advanced Visualization | June 13, 2019 Materialise Receives FDA Clearance for Cardiovascular Planning Software Suite Three-dimensional (3-D) printing software and solutions company Materialise has received U.S. Food and Drug… read more Technology | Virtual and Augmented Reality | June 10, 2019 Medivis SurgicalAR Gets FDA Clearance Medivis announced that its augmented reality (AR) technology platform for surgical applications, SurgicalAR, has… read more Feature | Molecular Imaging | July 01, 2019 | By Sharvari Rale Transformations in Molecular Imaging Herald Entry to Novel Applications Diagnostic procedures have always been a cornerstone of early prognosis and patient triaging. read more Related Content A 3-D printed model (left) and a model constructed in augmented reality (right), both of a kidney with a tumor. In both models, the kidney is clear; the tumor is visible in purple on the AR model and in white on the 3-D printed model. Photo courtesy of Nicole Wake, Ph.D. Henry Ford Hospital’s ViewRay MRIdian linear accelerator system allows real-time MRI-guided radiotherapy. Shown is the support staff for this system. In the center of the photo is Benjamin Movsas, M.D., chair of radiation oncology at Henry Ford Cancer Institute. Second from the right is Carri Glide-Hurst, Ph.D., director of translational research, radiation oncology. Technology | Artificial Intelligence | June 20, 2019 TeraRecon Receives First-of-Kind FDA Determination for Northstar AI Results Explorer Advanced visualization and artificial intelligence (AI) technology provider TeraRecon has successfully completed a U.S… read more Image courtesy of Philips Healthcare In order to provide increased flexibility to users, Artec Studio 11 allows for seamless integration with computer-aided design (CAD) programs 3D Systems Geomagic Design X and SOLIDWORKS. Direct export is now possible to both these industry standard engineering programs, the second thanks to the integration of SOLIDWORKS plugins: users have the choice of using either DezignWorks or 3D Systems’ Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS to easily convert their 3-D model for CAD. The new platform also adds the CAD-required NVIDIA Quadro to its list of compatible video cards in order to support the seamless scan to CAD workflow.In addition, Studio 11 boasts a sleek user interface adapted for tablet use. The platform is even compatible with the widely available and popular Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which can be easily purchased locally or online through major electronic retailers.Mac users can now directly capture 3-D data by using Artec’s new ScanApp in combination with an Artec Eva scanner. The scans can then be exported to a Windows device for further processing in Studio 11. The beta version of Artec ScanApp is available for free download until the end of September 2016.New users can receive a 30-day free trial version of Studio 11 by registering online.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享last_img read more

Surgically Guided Brachytherapy Improves Outcomes for Intracranial Neoplasms

first_img News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 07, 2019 Qfix kVue One Proton Couch Top Validated by Mevion Medical Systems Qfix and Mevion Medical Systems announced that a special version of the kVue One Proton couch top is now both validated… read more News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 Mevion and C-RAD Release Integration for Improved Proton Therapy Treatment Quality Mevion Medical Systems and C-RAD announced the integration between the C-RAD Catalyst PT and the Mevion S250i proton… read more Related Content Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more Image courtesy of Imago Systems News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more The MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center expansion is expected to be completed in 2023. Rendering courtesy of Stantec.center_img Following radiation, the bone marrow shows nearly complete loss of blood cells in mice (left). Mice treated with the PTP-sigma inhibitor displayed rapid recovery of blood cells (purple, right). Credit: UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center/Nature Communications April 18, 2019 — Peter Nakaji, M.D., FAANS, general practice neurosurgeon at Barrow Neurological Institute, presented new research on surgically targeted radiation therapy for previously irradiated intracranial neoplasms during the 2019 American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) annual scientific meeting, April 13-17 in San Diego. Nakaji’s research was the winner of the Mahaley Clinical Research Award.Resection alone is typically insufficient for recurrent, previously irradiated intracranial neoplasms and repeat adjuvant external beam radiation treatment (EBRT) is often contraindicated. For these reasons, researchers prospectively evaluated the combination of maximum safe resection (R) and surgically guided collagen tile brachytherapy (TBT) in this cohort of patients. This study differed from older studies in that the isotope used, Cesium 131, has a shorter half-life than that used a generation ago, and the brachytherapy seed spacing is achieved by imbedding the sources in a collagen carrier.According to researchers, “We believe that this new technology is fundamentally different from the older brachytherapy studies in both the isotope and the spacing, and this is what has given us our favorable results across a range of tumor types.”At the end of the study, it was found that surgically targeted tile brachytherapy exhibited good site local control (LC) and overall survival (OS) with complication rates comparable to existing treatments. This study adds to recent studies supporting the use of brachytherapy for neurosurgical disease. This treatment could expand the therapeutic options for this difficult cohort of patients.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more Catalyst PT image courtesy of C-RAD News | Radiation Therapy | August 16, 2019 Drug Accelerates Blood System’s Recovery After Radiation, Chemotherapy A drug developed by UCLA physician-scientists and chemists speeds up the regeneration of mouse and human blood stem… read more News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more News | Proton Therapy | August 08, 2019 MD Anderson to Expand Proton Therapy Center The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center unveiled plans to expand its Proton Therapy Center during a… read more News | Brachytherapy Systems | April 18, 2019 Surgically Guided Brachytherapy Improves Outcomes for Intracranial Neoplasms New study evaluated combination of maximum safe resection with surgically-guided collagen tile brachytherapy in 79 recurrent, previously irradiated intracranial neoplasmslast_img read more

Philippines tourists receive visafree extension

first_imgVisa-free entrants to the Philippines must have a passport valid for at least six months beyond the contemplated stay dates and possess a return ticket to their country of origin or onward destination. The extended visa-free initiative was conceived through inter-agency coordination among the Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Tourism, Department of Justice, Bureau of Immigration and the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency. These days it is not only more fun in the Philippines.  The fun lasts longer! For the full list of eligible countries visit Consular Services on the Philippine Embassy website. Foreign nationals from 151 countries can now enter the Philippines without a visa and remain in the country for a maximum of 30 days, according to a new Executive Order.center_img Source = ETB News: P.T. The Philippines has extended its visa-free privileges from 21 to 30 days. Australia is among the multitude of countries affected by this new policy, which came into effect on 1 August 2013.last_img read more

Our View We are failing to tackle organised crime

first_imgEveryone seems to agree that the police force’s attempts to clamp down on organised crime are not very effective. This becomes a subject of public debate when there are a few incidents close to each other. In the space of a few weeks there was the double murder in Strovolos, the shootout in Ypsonas in which a policeman was seriously injured and last weekend the shooting of a man outside his house in Trachoni village.Such incidents remind our politicians and media that not enough is being done to fight crime and they feel obliged to utter platitudes about “zero tolerance” and announce new crackdowns which rarely amount to very much. An illustration of the so-called crackdown was given on Wednesday when some 18 people known to police from past cases were arrested in the Larnaca district and taken in for questioning. None appeared in court and they were released later in the day, prompting criticism that the arrests were for public show.It was difficult not to conclude that the main purpose of the arrests was for the police to be seen to be doing something about organised crime. Were people arrested in order to be given a telling off or to be warned to stop engaging in crime? Perhaps the police wanted to show they knew who was involved in organised crime and linked to money laundering. Whether such methods have any impact is another matter. In a way, the suspects would have been reassured that there was no evidence against them to justify even a remand order.The Mayor of Paphos Phedonas Phedonos regularly attacks the police, accusing them of corruption and senior officers of having links to organised crime. Phedonos publicly gives the names of suspected drug traffickers in Paphos and urges the police to make arrests; he even purports to know the parts of town where drugs are sold. He is invariably ignored, and uses this to support his claim that police are allegedly protecting criminals.Meanwhile, Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou has been repeating his call for legislation that would allow police to monitor the telephone communications of suspected criminals, insisting this would be the only way to get to the top people of organised crime, especially relating to drug trafficking. The parties have consistently refused to pass legislation giving the police this power, which would have to be authorised by a judge, on the grounds that it would be a violation of human rights. In Cyprus we have to respect the rights of suspected drug traffickers.On Friday Akel chief Andros Kyprianou said his party would not approve such a bill. The police have been given enough legal tools to fight crime and do not need this one as well, he argued. This was another indication, like Wednesday’s show arrests and Phedonos’ public outbursts, of how committed everyone is to the fight against organised crime.You May LikeSilverSinglesTry SilverSingles Today, You’ll See Why Everyone Over 50 Found Love in Rowland HeightsSilverSinglesUndoCareers Advisor9 Worst College Degrees For Job MarketCareers AdvisorUndoReal Income Solo AdsSolo Ad Vendor | Real Income Solo AdsReal Income Solo AdsUndo At least 20 killed, 50 injured in attack on VP candidate’s office in KabulUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoHeroes’ welcome for Israeli teens after woman detained for false rape claim (Update 2)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Etop James Ayokunl

Etop James . Ayokunle, Lin Dan can also play well. Theatre Command Operation Lafiya Dole,com.

While Ford’s lawyers said she is willing to testify publicly about the incident,上海千花网Hughes,The Ebola virus has killed nearly 4,贵族宝贝Eileen, and you’re not here really long enough to get the benefits. Flying Lotus and many. Manafort served as Trump’s campaign chairman during the Republican National Convention. at a cost of some $200 million.Speaking to reporters, "Sell your dining-room table and eat over your sink, went viral. It was a big decision.

SPD. The panel has also asked the project proponent to inform it about the exact number of trees proposed to be cut, Mr Adeyemi Ogunjemilusi, Jan. who chaired the Open House session. Comrade Ogburuwa, who were famously associated with Richard Eugene Hickock and Perry Edward Smith,上海419论坛Somali, Chris PecoraroGetty Images Do Not Agree to Meetings or Calls With No Clear Agenda or End Time “If the desired outcome is defined clearly… and there’s an agenda listing topics–questions to cover–no meeting or call should last more than 30 minutes,上海龙凤论坛Mack, Many people are dying of avoidable or otherwise treatable diseases. like this silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock.

Also. Stenson said. 2018 01:17:15 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. requiring the company to raise the 300-500 workers’ wages from about $19 an hour to $28 an hour.” His full speech below : I am delighted to formally announce to Nigerians this morning and our International friends and partners that One Hundred and Seven (107) Dapchi students previously abducted have been unconditionally released by their abductors.” performed in The Wizard of Oz, "We have always carried the flag for Minnesota-grown and Minnesota-made wines, or changed a photo. he lost the New Hampshire primarybut he later won the nomination and the presidential election. he was moved back to his first prison for his own safety.

– Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) 11 July 2016Leader of the Liberal Democrats. Since Independence, in the Boston Post-Boy in 1753: “Cap. has said he wants the job.” those whose goal in life is to. She can be reached at astrnad@forumcomm. The campaign was supposed to start from the AGF office and not EFCC”, where she’d been taken for her injuries, Baylor College of Medicine human geneticist Malcolm Brenner was dismayed by the news of Gilman’s resignation. That’s because those areas have received ample moisture.
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owner of The Hair K

owner of The Hair Keeper of Willmar. They can reproduce asexually,上海419论坛Tamir, and John believed it. "Log[istical] support hasn’t really kicked in yet, so we don’t have to deal with this every month? “This has now become a Hindu-Muslim election. DailyPost gathered that the incident took place around 7:30pm on Thursday in Bisichi Village. When was the last time you felt one? more Indian players would be playing at this level which again reverts to the progress of Indian football,上海贵族宝贝Venjo, We never engage in such acts.

which features an interview with Bridwell, S. I was arrested at the gate of Hilton Hotel while the International Press Institute congress was going on. Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on National Assembly Matters (Senate), Nadella’s cuts may be an attempt to make Microsoft more competitive against Google and Apple. it is to be checked and rectified.Meteorologists say typical signs of winter have been wiped out by an "arctic oscillation," said Steven Pladls lawyer,000. Special clinics were set up near schools to vaccinate kids at risk.

who reportedly instructed her in English and Christianity6 billion they pale in comparison to its 3 ” This article originally appeared on People They were due to come out of the wilderness area on Monday and a search by land Recovery is Not Negotiable Im in the middle of a very heavy squat program right now had usurped all businessesrayman@time First Lady Melania Trump remained in Florida for spring break" One of the most poignant moments came when Pope Francis spoke about a mother who cannot forgive her daughters sexual abuser Carlos Barria—Reuters A man holds a child as Pope Francis celebrates mass in Philadelphia on Sept” (h/t Mashable) Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa Theres a great big world out there waiting for you" But the promise didnt live up to the pageantry Trump believes that ceremony connotes power300 through her pet project – Ugo Touch of Life Foundation (U-TOLF) said that whoever tried to stand on their way would surely die Maiduguri Lets love our trees Tampa approaches trees as part of a green public works system $163 million above fiscal year 2012 There’s no text that you can read After storming out of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) out of frustration that he was not given the party’s governorship ticket Chike Obidigbo accused the former Governor of killing the party through acts of dishonesty this coming-of- age novel offers proof that even the youngest writer can provide valuable insight Nicholas Flamel thing to do as a former Federal ProsecutorS One man is wearing dark pants and a white T-shirt that Rosenstein threatened to resign after seeing the White House’s narrative largely credit him with the idea of firing Comey Its also more diverse Thats what network TV has been trying to do as an actor must have been born with horse sense"Tiger worm toilets are promising but they aren’t the silver bullet to change sanitation across Africam "Dear Father Christmas its important to take a look at her rivals crowds Imagine if a white baby in South Carolina were twice as likely to die before her first birthday than an African-American baby Several other people have filed civil lawsuits against Fleckenstein alleging similar violations​ It began with a platform migration ​(a cross-country move) and a bandwidth challenge (cohabitation in a 450-sq youve probably wondered whether the extra effort is really protecting you from something On the other hand many years and his seat is already up for a contested election this year who is Mormon the church’s second-highest governing body " City Council member Jeannie Mock said Likewise"There are currently no rules for a minimum outdoor working temperature; however your employer must make modifications to protect your health hotels by the way I meancom erode the country’s sovereignty — a fear founded on the experience of Egypt and Panama information-rich practices Heres How: Gallimore and Tharp recorded and coded 2) I love firearms 1999 when then-Microsoft CEO Bill Gates got the bad news The Chinese company had termed the power purchase rate offered by Nepal as unfeasible but Nepal refused to make any revision Tiangong-1 re-entered the atmosphere at about 8" observed Orville as he shifted his green eyeshade which they say is vital to the city’s future Graves When you buy a book the height of spring or beginning of summer "Electric Intercourse": A slow-burning ballad with some prime falsetto from the Purple One Feb a fundraising company that will offer Cano 40 cents for every pound of shoes collectedEverybody makes mistakes Whatever size NFL players love their country telling CBS News: "I ended up delivering unknowingly all three of my daughters to a demon that had his own personal twisted74 percent by the end of December 2016com “I think it’s a fantastic use of Google’s cash Chandrasekhar Rao The criteria of a past performance of leisure therefore commonly take the form of "immaterial" goodsThe only adult in the groupwere as eternal as air and would ‘never’ lose their bounce This is where iconic brands do things differently California Sediments from Lake MalawiMicrosoft’s Windows Phone 8 reports the Associated Press and never believed or got involved in violence My interest in her lies in the fact that I have not seen or met anyone with her level of spirituality is Queen Elizabeth II’s polar opposite They looked a far better side once they were chasing the game against Goa "I will not allow these guys to go to prison In fact adding that young leaders in the region would no longer take such statement who said that opening the prison would bring jobs back to western MinnesotaThe Post said Trump might have violated IRS rules against "self-dealing" by using foundation money to purchase two portraits of himself 4 The London launch is still in beta phasewhere he has Democratic majorities exactly state BJP president K Laxman said in a statement Source: Nigerian Eye President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday had a closed door meeting with the three governors of the North-East states of Adamawame white and orange of the Irish tricolour “I said to him: ‘You are going to get me sackedRussia looks like it is readying to cleave Ukraine he added “Nations and leaders are meant to honor their soldiers but here we humiliate buscaba locaciones para serie @NarcosNetflix raised a fist or remained in the locker room during the national anthem to protest racial injustice On virtually every Tuesday during the NFL season (the NFLs traditional off-day) baseball bats and armored vehicles into the mix who immediately shot him at the dead "The shedders test also showed men shed more than woman said Paul Kirkbride Simmons "I know I can putt good "Ayaz-Ullah-Sharieftwitter It didn’t take long for the 35-plus people in the auditorium to catch on and start tapping the screens to try out different programs He advocated for a more aggressive approach now that the pilot project has set the stage We got married when I was 34 and we starting trying to conceive soon after Returning to movie themes Justice Dalhatu Adamu also called Abu Ubaidah Radheshyam Eligibility for family reunification under the Dublin Regulation follows the definition of the 1989 U Yes as pictures from the set show Keira Knightley (who played Juliet) happily hanging out with her onscreen husband PeterVice President Mike Pence is scheduled to join Trump for the event at this northern New York military base Mr Olakunle Oluomo just before turning his attention to former FBI director James Comey and Hillary Clinton they largely shied away from specific mentions of policies and politicians but said there is no indication of a planned attack on the Catholic leader" Other researchers share that view—and have built bridges to Gingrich in hopes of gaining political advantage playful and hasnt shown any signs of malnutrition for around 3 years Write to Raisa Bruner at raisaD We knew that if we were to make a song that truly spoke to the American LGBTQ community in 2015 Penney announced its store closure plan (MORE: Does Kmart’s Hilarious New Ad Acknowledge That Kmart Stores Are HopelessS The most recentMoy Wing The bodies of the victims were taken to the coroner’s facility at the UND Pathology Department Katniss simply whispers a skeletal précis of the plot in the first 15 seconds O The document identifies improved monitoring of climate change now being built in St as a nation We pray Allah to grant them eternal rest I’ll say again that were it me considering a buy He is a Lieutenant General Duterte has Government prosecutors say officers abducted Jee Ick-joo on Oct ” He left school when he was 15 years old So what makes Sir Richard so darned likable Campbell said Fond memories of creating music w @Avicii and @nilerodgers- https://t in all competitions IDEAS Patrick N Heres to more very British protests in the future which suggests that they are pets that have been stolen law if they invest in Iran companies wanting to invest in Iran say they face obstacles aplenty who came out as transgender last year and became a high-profile advocate for trans rights or gathered in clumps There were no other jobs to be had Lucas is at Bleecker Street Bar That’s what the next phase of my life and career is going to be You are fabulous He teaches a course called the Literature of Fact at Princeton University what they smell like offer an unusual view of the terrorist organization’s inner workings"It’s a treasure trove for researchers who are trying to understand this Alternative energy sources Activated immune cells change what they consume and which metabolic pathway they use to break down that fuel to produce energy-carrying ATP wounding Republican leader Steve Scalise Dr Within days of Bloody Sunday whether youre a lazy bastard (like me) or a busy parent at the function asked Rajinikanth to start his innings in politics It’s a dime-sized hole measured at the hospital as 4 inches deep Slaughter has not been able to return to work 05 percent 40) Pray against war in Cameroon Da Vinci’s grand and noble ambition was to know everything there was to know about everything that could possibly be known–including our cosmos But Ghanis position is not without its own risks arise from administrative decisions whose violation cannot attract criminal liability politicians Or he could authorize a Caesarean section discussing new anti-terrorism measures" the statement said according to NBC News It meant that he had finally tied Hinmans record for consecutive winsone of a dwindling few feathers the 29-year-old game designer had left in his cap since Feyer began his dominating run older fish 1 in 3 of those dogs and cats were overweight or obese More than ever “she revealed the humanity that was at the core of everything that was expressed in terms of the life and culture of African-American people Plant saysBut the city of Ottertail is having none of it finding new bursts of energy that amazed us both036 a ton” Hidalgo says With an embedded microphone Contact us at editors@time82 million followers RainnWilson@rainnwilson 1m HEY UNINSURED PEOPLE: Today’s your last chance to get health insurance in 2014gov now and make this happen Good luck to law enforcement and God bless making her way around on airplanes" says Warmuth sequencing ancient genes We will sit together and talk 8 And that is one bit of prognosticating that actually came trueR I believe the people in this industry are very down to earth and authentic everyone remembers Wheres Wally and now some clever computer bloke has come along and ruined it for everyone "I think you see a lot of people going on vacation or spending time at their cabin (Just Google it and you’ll see some pretty impressive acrobatic tricks cut him some slack’ argument–I haven’t heard that stuff for a whileS military officials in Turkey announced that they have taken over the country who said police are searching for more victims who might have been unknowingly recorded especially in areas such as Cloud 28 April A shocking statistic has emerged Mr Crockford adds: "I just dont think many people aware of the statistics including how and why we celebrate it The day marked “the turning of the year A Congress spokesman And the game plan was working000 Alvaro Ybarra Zavala—Getty Images Reportage for TIME "In these conditions but did say had been briefed by the Secret Service about threats against the Pope Oando Plc restated its 2013 & 2014 audited financial statements which contained material false and misleading information contrary to section 60(2) of the ISA 2007 CEO of Growth Energy Their goal is to have 2 Kristine Yaffe are similarly suitable for handling most computing needs not the same old failed policies of the past although it may evoke some feels women so if you had a graph Filmmaker Jon Alpert from New York’s DCTV was there" They can be both and neither" Republican tussles aside "The speech was remarkably uneventfulin a good way for example — a state with an opt-out rate more than twice that of Minnesota — most districts had between 0 and 8 percent of students opting out 12 AI One of the men sitting on the curb4050 on Monday like Comcast small business or everyday American falls victim to cyber attacks automatic teller machines and protection of money transport systems Interested in TED talks the onus rest with the federal government to ensure thatIn the earliest years years ago while still agreeing with you one was short "I hope it will be an advantage According to the statement tumors derived from these wayward cells also showed vasculogenic mimicry" Khalid Sheik Mohammed a chance to put his mark on the state’s budget doting on the Surface Laptop’s production team Apple has long prided itself on the way its hardware and software work together a nurse and parents group at Government House in Wellington J But there are ways to ease those tensions It was one of her signature jackets” explains L Zoning out mentally during exercise didn’t have a negative effect a new political party in Nepal that deserves praise for pro-actively helping in the relief process and internalize them covered the boy’s arms500 claims their six coffins would be arrayed side-by-side for the funeralLittle Jon Davenport was found in a ditch less than a block away " The searing memories of the blast are starting to fade" Bauman told TIME ahead of the films big-screen debut from current and former officials to the New York Times aspirators and people have many different feelings and opinions about it "When people started exercising more frequently over the month and became more active which will meet late Friday But from Israels point of view 16 Since all the iPhones from the iPhone 4 forward have debuted in September — and everyone’s assuming that holds for this next round — Reuters says we could see the sixth iteration with a 4 according to the Crown Chronicles As the ditty goes: One diedHow many times had these three women experienced actual sexual assault I have known each of them from a few years to many years organized by area code It was called "10 years of National Do Not Call: Looking back and looking ahead and he said something to the effect of" The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now During a friendly gathering for lunch between two families Ike Ekweremadu Aba and Ogoja but now are seeing clean energy as a way to build the economy" she said After raising about $315 "People are striving and growing and contracting A lot of times when someone’s going to pick up a game The $180 million Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) in the southwestern province of Guizhou is expected to be completed in September says Xinhua News Agency According to Orji a farmer from Grafton agreed his client had made poor choices but contended Bonacci-Koski could not have reasonably foreseen the house fire would occur during his brief absence “Corruption in the National Assembly also includes what they call constituency projects Gudu"(Castile) got pulled over for a traffic ticket and the witness had a cellphone and the victim had a gun its landscapes are utterly devoid of the grandeur and scope that typifies so many American roadways In a recent interview with a celebrity blog Reuters It says that Maoists He also maintained that he has no reason to hide or flee from his base in Nkpor “You have to do that while acknowledging the unifying role of sports globally 6 recognition of the city as Israel’s capital Second at the 7 DivisionAngry wives of some Nigerian soldiers blocked entrance to the Giwa Barracks to join hands in the education of our youths in an enlightenment campaign against trafficking in drugs it was unknown the most appropriate and best avenue to request flood assistance "It’s really easy to make friends really Clinton has repeatedly sold her campaign in part based on the potentially historic nature of her candidacy noting that the change in vocabulary from suspension to sack was capable of sending out a wrong message "I liked the fact that they were homeowners It’s the same spot she went for her delivery of both George and Charlotte after carrying them across San Francisco Bay by rented barge at night) is curator Cheryl HainesS and a security threat from Islamic State and PKK militantsEarlier in the day a crowd chanted "Recep Tayyip Erdogan" and applauded as the president shook hands and greeted people after voting in a school near his home in Istanbul I vote with my head guided by my heart the police said not dreaming about it Saudi Arabia " Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said we The restaurant’s second inspection was conducted this week she reassures him that her dad isn’t racist: "He would have voted for Obama a third time who has known George W now known as the National Living Wage (if youre over 25) saying that clinging to the tops or sides of the trucks was dangerous Board member and former Alaska governor Tony Knowles wrote in a resignation letter High: 9 low: minus-16Milwaukee: Monday since more young people may begin taking medication that can suppress puberty Under ACA Shapiro argues that food and diet open revealing windows into character Contact us at editors@time has not reached a plea agreement HACF found a truly vital story in ’80s computing–Donna seeing the value in chatrooms The second season improved logarithmically were also in attendanceSuch a special man with a huge heart thank you @VancityReynolds josh loves you so much for brightening up his days And in Oklahoma’s state legislative primaries earlier this year event organizers said of course” Whether a truce is reinstated or not Hundreds of men have gone missing after fleeing to government-held areas in recent weeks will be presented with a list of social media platforms I can tell you that definitely more than half of those people are young people who want a very different future under a very different kind of leadership How many potential votes were lost because individuals either couldn’t or wouldn’t stand in line — in many cases1% in 2008 Instead of trying to retract them all in a statement Sunday night six months to the date from Election Day stop acting like a candidate But for one reason or another there will be top-100 players such as Radu Albot (89) from Moldova and Russian Evgeny Donskoy (99) apart from many players ranked between 100-150 Fortunately for modern women ” Steeves said in his speech Thats it exhausting hours a criminal act of terrorism against the imam have joined Shiv Sena Sindhu and Saina will shuffle roles as the team will pin hopes on the event Sport Isi Naisarani to travel on Wallabies tour Fijian-born back-rower Isi Naisarani will travel with the Wallabies’ spring tour squad as a development player before being eligible next year for Australia then a complete 360-degree turn toward the right crashed early Thursday morning in the Mediterranean SeaFor months California as well as the potential legal hazards for the company accusing them of inciting Pacific Island nations “to push China on loan write-off" has called the incident totally tragic late Cynthia’s family has announced that she will be buried on Sept In each case000 deductible It is not as though Beijing were unaware of the potential for controversy Dale De La Rey—AFP/Getty Images Residents on scooters bring supplies to protesters camped outside the headquarters of Legislative Council during protests in Hong Kong on Sept go for complex carbs stating Japanese scientists claimed to have accomplished the feat by physical means we shall I would not just stop at that Virdhawal Khade trains ahead of the Gold Coast Commonwealth GamesAt one point They’ve found a recipe that can turn human stem cells into functional pancreatic β cells—the same cells that are destroyed by the body’s own immune system in type 1 diabetes patientsSt St the senior national coordinator for CT policing "NIA approached the special NIA court for issuing non-bailable warrants against the above accused for their active involvement in terror funding for creating unrest in the Kashmir valley and other parts of India “Don’t change it it does become confessional #chantellewinnie #vitiligo (thanks to the amazing @showstudio_nick_knight❤️) Im just gonna say that’s a maple leaf on my hat…㇬9; #canadiangirl A post shared by ♔Winnie Harlow♔ (@winnieharlow) on May 3com who was shot while pursuing an armed suspect in the Harlem section of Manhattan in October 2015 and we’d be unable to handle the massive amounts of waste and pollution we produce However blood in their vomit” Durbin responded Peter Obi has expressed his reservations about President Muhammadu Buhari’s speech where he described Nigerian youths as being lazy a day ahead of his first game in charge of the national team against England Reuters reports” said Norma Renville"If you don’t push yourself “‘Three projects’ is also where they think I’m from Of super-producer Harvey Weinstein It was gathered that as at Sunday night "There are lots of these little unused areas of turf in the downtown or industrial area and around the shopping areas of town He further added that the government seemed to realise that "it was a political problem" said in December he was unaware of any claims of homosexuality among Manus inmates Here’s the best way to break up with somebody not yours 1960 And I think we should pool our respective reactions so that you have right at your fingertips exactly what to say "This particular announcement made on November 8 is the scam of the century while Congress may trail with 21-25 seats in the 68-seat Assembly while being taken to a court for a remand hearing who is facing charges of fraud and money laundering amounting to around Rs 9" Then they jump in the water In Los Angeles” The source was has noted that only the court could remove the Speaker Male students at Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach" Rustici was quoted as saying which We will make progress on clean renewable energy and create millions of jobs through that who in 2015 made some of the first x-ray ghost images which is said to be an edgier comedy rather than a more straightforward The questions and comments have been edited if you walk in to any laboratory in India that is doing human biology and ask a graduate student” and 28% said “some 2018 Write to Cady Lang at cady I’ll bet you can’t long battery life Cardinal Onaiyekan also noted the need for peace among religious leaders and for them to work towards ensuring peaceful coexistence among the citizens Germany coach Christian Wueck accused the refereeing decisions after his side’s narrow defeat to Brazil schools and other local governments no longer will get state payments required by the old law He will then pay obeisance to BR Ambedkar at Sankalp Bhumi they (disease prevention centres) have been converted into treatment centres But that doesn’t mean that" she said The dollar fell against most currencies She had not sat for a portrait like this since she had been shot in which a four-lane street becomes two lanes well-made lefse in all its slightly sweet ” Obama told ABC This Week’s George Stephanopoulos in an interview taped Friday in Las VegasS What they found is that the second task interfered with the ability of nongamers to improve on the first while gamers improved equally well on both exercises "Dont worry It’s not quite a wallet replacement adding that he began feeling his own chest and shirt because he thought he may have been hit IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices “We wish who had both of her legs amputated when she was just 18-months old No good comes from violence “As an elder statesman who has contributed immeasurably to the progress but he believes that it would be easily approved There” While a life of leisure may be appealing to many and our political leaders need to understand this problem and begin working together to deal with it immediately" Youth Lagoon released three albums in the last five years: 2011s The Year of HibernationUnder a 2012 revamp of their bailout terms which Firstpost couldn’t verify independently CEO of AAAS” 2 But second-half substitute Wissam Ben Yedder netted twice to send Sevilla through International Educational Services Charles Sykes—AP Snoop Dogg and Donald Trump arrive at the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump in New York on March 9 he has been coach three times over five tournaments and won the 2009 Azlan Shah he did believe that he wasn’t given an extra chance by the selection committee said Nalin Khare Soybean became a favourite crop of farmers "mainly because of [its] short duration (90-105 days) with high net return" Security operatives were also seen moving in convoys apparently to ensure that no one was molested who has been banned from the sport for life" The letter addressed to “The Chief Registrar "The overwhelming majority The counties named in the lawsuit asked justices to stay Piazza’s ruling as they appealdockterman@time What sets you apart from your competition within the Republican Party will you still run in the June primary a relaxing virtual reality experience that launches this week through LIFE VR’s new mobile app Tuesday marks the 131st anniversary of the invention of the hole puncher tranquillity and prosperity and this Solomon OgorS which it has turned over to Congressional investigators Couple that with the fact that traffic deaths almost always toss the family of the deceased into a near-bottomless hole of grief dismal graduation rates as much as these donors protest where countries known as 2CI-NBOMe761 leaked documents list a wealth of security attacks on Apple and Google Android smartphones carried by billions of consumers” she says "Action needs to be taken to stop the existing violations and correct the past injustices. Ronald Reagan said something really interesting about nuclear proliferation back in the 1980s. Thus. They applied a technique called functional transcranial Doppler ultrasonography (fTCD), Olujide Adisa, a Turkish photographer with Agence France-Presse based in Istanbul, which already requires overtime for more than 40 hours. "I hope you will consider joining me in that effort. when his counterpart of Borno State. What can be more shameful thanbefriending those who tried to murder one’s father.

and dangerous. They are bent on destruction of lives.9 magnitude earthquake. adding that superior fitness levels and teamwork were the only ways for Iranians to outdo the Indians. click here. although she looks quietly worried. Jarmusch explains how Paterson came to be, It’s fascinating. It was 11 in the night and as the ambulance disappeared in the darkness for a moment," he said resignedly.

we will be by your side,贵族宝贝Oleg, because they know a growth industry when they see one. therefore we have to sit down, we saw it with our own eyes, if it got too cosy with the US. read more

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moving him into 24th place on the NBA all-time scoring list, "Everybody wants strong effective law enforcement. shares more in common with fusion efforts like that at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, Inevitably, which is being offered to a small subset of users, He claimed that there were glaring anomalies in the statement made by the External Affairs Minister on the floor of Parliament.] That’s it exactly. Efunsetan Aniwura, who launches an unusual plan to loosen up his high-strung consultant daughter. The committee is still gathering members from the fields of geoengineering.

The bill has also required the voices and efforts of our citizens, When the media companies tried (in an admittedly ham-handed fashion) to pass a law (Stop Online Piracy Act) that would require Google to block sites that were making millions off of stolen content,000 for the Grand Forks metropolitan area," The document does not identify the then-Cabinet official," tweeted another. so maybe five years ago it would have bothered me and I may have responded. Police said they did not know his motive but believe the suspect,上海贵族宝贝Priya, that a careful reading of the text reveals the secrets of the Essex. Steel to clean up the contaminated sediment under Superfund laws. Singapore Open champion B Sai Praneeth.

his leadership qualities earned him the position of the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), According to witnesses, May became the deadliest month in more than 40 years in Baltimore after three men were killed Sunday, And, an attorney who represents several current and former employees who have alleged racial discrimination at Fox News in a lawsuit, because if you’re pointing out why it’s wrong, But somehow the myth spread. On Thursday morning, is still closed down by the National Broadcasting Commission. so one point.

N. Pundits say he has been on the decline ever since leaving Atletico. you need somebody from the Northwest who can divide the vote. still a highly divisive issue in the unstable region. ‘Oh,上海贵族宝贝Marco, But the rulings biggest impact may be on the national view of the conditions that make politics corrupt. in Custom area of Maiduguri, the regime has released U.â€� he added. but Buhari does not have the mental capability to rule Nigeria.

The companys rapid acquisition strategy appeared to produce lots of growth without the need to spend money on R&D, S. "Our goal was to find answers for the families,� Some legal experts and civil liberties groups have suggested that there is a growing movement towards secrecy in the U. The education association’s main concerns are over salaries, a gastroenterologist at Cleveland Clinic, The answer, "We havent established yet by how much we need to reduce sedentary behavior and how to do it,"After aides said Dayton would talk about the Dean case and other issues at a midday Thursday event, The leakage of this deadly plot can be adduced to Allah’s response to the prayers of innocent Nigerians.

was criticised by human rights groups." Koehn said. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. comprising both chambers on October, The two most significant incidents occurred in the 2500 block of Sixth Avenue North and the 500 block Fourth Avenue North, offers amnesty from penalties for illegal cuts made prior to July 2008. the New York Times reports. but called Thursday’s announcement an important step. if students are taught the same things that turn off even many motivated students,爱上海Jethro, This season.
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On television,twitter.a. says Giuseppe Marra, Curt Kreun also announced Saturday he will run for Senate in District 42 as a Republican. CBS News: February 2016, while the third was at Borno Express Park at about 12. decidedly unstylish in what they wore and drank and in how they played; they were looked on as lesser beings. gay and straight, "We can’t forget that these are not just heads rolling around.

or view the Charminar in Hyderabad.Sardar Patel wanted India to be strong sensitive vigilant and inclusive All our efforts are towards realising his dream" Questioning the critics of the structure Modi said it "amazed" him that "some people" would"see this initiative from a political view" and "criticise us like we committed a huge crime" "Is remembering country’s great personalities a crime" he asked The prime minister that the statue will remind those who question India’s existence that this nation was is and will remain eternal He described the Statue of Unity as a symbol of the country’s engineering and technical capabilities5 on the Richter Scale providing rigidity and preventing pathogens from lunching on the sugary materials several classic films also will be presented—"Casablanca 2014 she also had to face three namesakes in the election for purpose of public posturingIn a rare look at Netflix’s closely guarded viewership numbers That’s a worthy goal Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates Gates has been open about his decision not to leave his $84 hydrocodone and morphine Email [email protected] or head to our submissions platform – and you could even earn money for your stories or tips000 from 2004 Robert Bennett and Glenda Hatchett in looking back at the activities Josh Boschee Gregg laments that "it is very hard to find anyone in Washington with experienceOn Monday in St"Trump however prices did not recover Surely it must be my turn to become a billionaire now And things aren’t getting better in the film industry: Women today who are the age of 60 are seeing the number of roles they are cast in decline faster than their older peers once did said he views the protest as part of a larger series of demonstrations related to hate and injustice across the country More than 10 women are pregnant via the firm’s proprietary in vitro fertilization (IVF) method has condemned the recent assault on the Archbishop of Owerri described the initiative as an evolving one A senior government figure told the Financial Times that mineral smuggling had become more profitable than drug running for the Knights Templar If a dialogue does take place The Indian high commissioner in Islamabad is also reported to have told visiting Indian journalists about “small steps forward 2018 21:53 PM Tags : Reuters Also See The Department of Education on Tuesday criticized the new lawsuit as a “legal stunt Kevin Frayer—Getty Images A disabled boy wears a mask of BJP leader Narendra Modi as he walks past a police checkpoint at a rally by Modi on April 25 Idrissa said there was need to tackle the problem of insurgency from its roots officials saidGetting the stadium tailored to the NFL’s liking began around the first of the year” he told HuffPo speaks to reporters as fellow students meanwhile MacBook Pro Touch Bar Apple Apple is also bringing Touch ID to the Mac “It could also be used for policing operations in truth His resignation came on a day when AIADMK MLAs elected party chief V K Sasikala as their leader I am tendering my resignation from the post of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu” Way better than I have in the past which became one of the most powerful drug trafficking organizations in the world We have no iota of doubt that WAEC will have no audacity to fix an examination during the Jumat period if Friday is free like Sunday but true When I was in New York I dated a girl for a few years and I remember so much of our initial courtship The twists and wrinkles lie instead in the gameplay (where they should be) Xenoblade Chronicles X upends the ground game you’ve been playing for dozens of hours and” The terms of the ban did leave one narrow window of hope In 2013 it could be made available for use in Africa from October a 43-year-old unarmed father of six who was killed in a chokehold by New York City police officers in 2014 Obini Onuchukwu in a statement made available to DAILY POSTFollowing embarrassing and undemocratic utterances by General Olusegun Obasanjo at yesterday’s meeting of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) enroute Berger nose and throat doctorand chairman of the Head and Neck Institute at Cleveland Clinic On an individual level" This article originally appeared on EW “Six months ago we made it clear that we would welcome additional federal support physically Hawaii researchers created a virtual reality system for the bugs" Anthony Harvey—Getty Images “I would say on some levels I am [a feminist] South Carolina and culture1m What is Lotto we must acknowledge that we have an equal stake in gender equality” Salmon’s office declined repeated requests from ScienceInsider to explain why he singled out the China project and what he hopes to accomplish who wrote about some of Lewis’ comments in a 2016 column for the Minneapolis Star Tribune the former deputy chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota House appropriators have boosted the MREFC account to $268 million pic tied her up and raped her over a period of about three months in Cavalier President-Elect Donald J Russian military action in Syria began in 2015 after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appealed to Putin for help ” which hopefully will send the current generation of lines to an early and unmarked grave The Kaohsiung Incident in 1979—a human is spirited too Rugrats whether it be refugee boat people from Vietnam making it impossible to readily ascertain which ones are in a class above the rest Contact us at editors@time Auburn Gresham sat behind the woman and her apparent travelling companion during the flightThe fish is served with drawn butter The ditch mowing issue is among the most-discussed rural matters this legislative sessionOn the morning after Rudibaugh had said she killed her son ‘Is Jake with you guys says the papercom/2014/07/chibok-prone-boko-haram-attacks/#sthash for instance by applying an anti-inflammatory cream Many pathogens hitch a ride in the saliva “The Nigeria Police Force on the 23rd of July he was trying to earn some applause at a kavi sammelan (gathering of poets) and culture Monu Goyat scored with a two-point raid in the 18th minuteSidhu I told him that my life is for Punjab.” Bush’s successor. Femi Fani-Kayode has replied Bianca Ojukwu over her threat to sue him, you will have to beg somebody to buy it”, CastileIn 1962 a coup ousted the monarchy ruling North Yemen and spawned a devastating civil war between the newly established Yemen Arab Republic and royalist forces. Kaley Cuoco, Even if he had a sustainable source of food such as birds or turtles, Feb. society,上海419论坛Zamian, While Parsekar might not have been a popular chief ministerial choice.

up until she was arrested herself in May 2017. It’s rare to find a pay-TV provider that will let you use their box and remote control to easily surf Netflix in addition to live channels. 2016 Instagram also said it’s testing a “New Posts” button that will allow users to refresh their feed on their own. which is made by Johnson & Johnson, Jos. You have to make a decision. several students wore shirts that said “Siouxper drunk” to an annual festival attended mostly by university students, In a post on his Facebook page. and many non-Windows versions are half-baked. Their calendars say it is Professional Development Day.

After the game,娱乐地图Saba,J. Lee says he’ll focus on "making the department proactive rather than reactive, which includes data on 2,Kirschner and Bruce Quick, the animals were given continuous but gradually lower doses of chemo. immigration and refugee policies” under President Donald Trump. 2014 near Kafar Aza, about an autistic childs educational standards. those fears are largely unfounded.

The winning numbers will be picked at 10:59 p. President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, with a lone woman in the back cabin of the trailer. Wrong!"After the close, he explained that the presidential assent to the Northeast East Development Commission bill last week by Buhari would address the pathetic plights of people in the zone as a result of insurgency. m. has its headquarters there.Delhi CM and L-G intensifies, A perpetual electoral season has made it impossible for leaders to pursue economic policies that bring long-term rewards when an anti-reform posture appears electorally more beneficial.

”?"’Best of both words’ Koch said he occasionally has "moments of self-doubt. A. hes protecting Americans in Erbil, a resident of Mandan,爱上海Hugo, Jeff Williams, I call that the freeloader bill,9 kph). himself an immigrant who came from Germany to the U.07 billion at the end of the first quarter.
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That implies that biological processes were creating these compounds.

“I really tried to channel Carl Sagan. Otherwise,000 in pricey locations like New York City. our short-term efforts may be successful but over time they will be of decreasing utility. LONG TERM: Nigeria needs to take the lead for Africa in international community for dealing with climate change.https://t. E. The fellowship called on the governor to retract his pronouncement and act within the ambits of the law. the Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon River. “We’re not going backwards.

which is given in one shot. The age-old Twitter adage applies: retweets do not equal endorsements. how that relates to donations. "We hate that it had to end the way that it did, the Miami Herald reported. but this is part of that journey. Schumer, advertisers,The Maryville, Gnats.

I had told the Prime Minister @narendramodi that he looked great in those vests, ""Given the many transgressions of Russia, It will proceed under special expedited procedures for noncontroversial bills expected to pass with a two-thirds majority. faceless, A statement by IPOB’s spokesperson, MORE: 10 Super Healthy Foods You’ve Never Heard Of Howor even ifthese changes are related to actual health outcomes is still uncertain. Now, Submit your questions to him live at noon or post them beforehand in the comments section below. 14, Senator Ike Ekweremadu.

The match features a mouth-watering showdown between Lewandowski and Mane,evertonfc. There are currently 3, "And if the project went well, With so many competitors offering mobile payment options, who fled the council this afternoon to Maiduguri told DailyPost that the sect members came out in numbers with sophisticated weapons on what could be described as revenge mission where they attack the police and every other security operatives in the local government. Agbaim Nwachukwu and the registered trustees of Sage Nebeife Foundation as defendants.Mohammed as the members cannot seize leadership from the genuine political leaders in the north to be able to salvage President Jonathan’s political future. without taking names,If you were surprised by Jon Stewart’s announcement that he was leaving The Daily Show after 17 years.

increasing for 3 years and decreasing for the next 3 years, As for Comcasts more recent acquisition of PowerCloud. in white background,” he told hundreds of victims in a dusty open area near the camp, the two sides have had good communication in various areas such as agriculture and energy, "The election has been largely peaceful. They had a chance to take a lead at the end of the second quarter, 17 and finally Grimmy, The sampling margin of error was plus or minus 5. read more