Vermont statewide science assessment shows marginal improvement

first_imgSource: VT DOE. 9.22.2009 Statewide science assessment results for Spring 2009 were released by the Vermont Department of Education today. Fifty-two percent of Vermont fourth graders tested were proficient or higher in science, up four points from last year. In grade eight, 25 percent were proficient or higher, down one point. In grade 11, 27 percent were proficient or higher, up 2 points. The results are from the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) science exams, given to Vermont public school students for the second time in grades 4, 8 and 11 in May 2009.“There is an obvious need for improvement in how our students are learning science,” said Commissioner Armando Vilaseca. “The wide range of results by individual school, from zero percent to 96 percent proficient, shows me that students are capable of achieving the standard, but they are not all receiving the standards-based science curriculum that we expect due to the varied delivery of curriculum in our school districts.”As seen in previous years statewide and nationally, an achievement gap persists between students from low-income families and their peers. In grade four, only 33 percent of those students were proficient or higher, compared to 61 percent of their peers. In grade eight, only 10 percent of those students were proficient or higher, compared to 30 percent of their peers. In grade 11, only 13 percent of those students were proficient or higher, compared to 30 percent of their peers.“These results represent an early snapshot of science understanding by Vermont students, and indicate that alignment of instruction with science grade expectations in elementary classrooms is beginning to make a difference,” said Science Assessment Coordinator Gail Hall. “However, all school programs need to continue to give standards-based science content greater emphasis within classrooms, as well as problem solving, critical thinking, and reading and writing skills in science.”The NECAP exams were created in collaboration with Rhode Island and New Hampshire. These exams are designed to specifically assess how well Vermont students have learned the skills and content contained in the Vermont Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities. This is the second year of results on the NECAP science exams.For school reports, visit is external).  For more information, contact Jill Remick at (802) 828-3154 or Michael Hock at (802) 828-3115.last_img read more

Republican James Kennedy Wins Nassau Legislative Seat

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Republican James D. Kennedy handily beat Democrat Joseph Stufano in a special election Tuesday to fill the vacant 12th Nassau County legislative district seat representing the county’s southeast corner, unofficial results show.Kennedy, the son-in-law of the late Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt (R-Massapequa), who represented the same district before he died in 2012, won 85 percent of the vote against Stufano’s nearly 15 percent, out of 2,281 votes cast, according to initial tallies from the Nassau County Board of Elections.Kennedy, 42, whose campaign manager was his mother-in-law—Schmitt’s widow—Lois, will replace one-term Nassau County Legis. Michael Venditto (R-Massapequa), who was elected in November to fill the 8th New York State Senate seat, which former Sen. Charles Fuschillo (R-Merrick) vacated a year prior.The result was expected in a district where registered Republican voters far outnumber Democrats.Kennedy, who also had the Conservative and Independence Party lines, is a Nassau elections board worker. His 53-year-old challenger is a biomedical engineer. Both are from Massapequa.The race was the first of three special elections to fill vacant county legislative seats on Long Island.In March 10, voters will decide who will fill the 19th Legislative District seat left vacant by former Legis. David Denenberg (D-Merrick), who resigned after pleading guilty to defrauding a client of his private law practice out of $2 million. At the time the case came to light, Denenberg was running against Venditto, son of Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto, for state Senate.The second Nassau special election pits Rita Kestenbaum, 56, who’s running on the Democratic and Working Families party lines, against Steven Rhoads, 46, who has the Republican, Conservative and Independence party lines and the Tax Revolt party designation.Kestenbaum is a former Hempstead Town Board member who became a gun control activist in 2007 after her 20-year-old daughter was shot to death on the night of her birthday outside her off-campus apartment in Tempe, Arizona, by a disturbed young man who then killed himself. Afterwards, Kestenbaum set up a foundation and has worked closely with the Long Island Crisis Center.Rhoads is a personal injury attorney who twice tried to unseat Denenberg. Both candidates are from Bellmore. Republicans also outnumber Democrats in that district.If the Republicans can win both Nassau special elections, then they would need to gain just another seat in the Nassau Legislature to control a super majority of 13 votes—they now have 10 of the 19 legislative seats—and that margin would enable the GOP to approve borrowing measures without needing Democratic support.The third special election, in Suffolk’s 12th Legislative District, will be held on March 31 to fill the seat held by former Legis. John M. Kennedy Jr. (R-Nesconset), who won his bid to become Suffolk County comptroller in November. Kennedy’s 58-year-old wife, Leslie, a longtime aide who ran her husband’s office, will be running for the seat herself.Kennedy’s Democratic challenger, Deborah Monaco, 55, is reportedly not going to run “an active campaign,” according to Suffolk County Democratic Chairman Rich Schaffer, due to time constraints and other factors. She has been the secretary of the Suffolk Democratic Committee and has a job at the Suffolk Board of Elections. Republicans outnumber Democrats in this district, too.—With Spencer Rumseylast_img read more

QAnon’s biggest prediction has failed, but don’t expect the conspiracy-fueled cult to go away

first_imgCertainly, in a cult revolving around an omnipotent, all-seeing hero who in their mythology is reliably ten steps ahead of the nefarious liberal criminals overseeing a global pedophilia ring about to be brought to ground, the notion of a legitimate defeat at the polls is inconceivable. And predictably, many Q believers are so far choosing to believe Trump’s claims that he’ll prove he won the election in the courts, and that the media are lying.The silence from the anonymous figure known as “Q,” who posts his cryptic messages at the anything-goes message board 8kun, for the entire week since the election has some followers shaken. His last post, early in the morning of Election Day, featured a massive American flag with a quote from Abraham Lincoln, and a vow: “together we win.”- Advertisement – Eric Carmen, the onetime rock star who now amplifies QAnon accounts, posted his own speculation:Thinking a few chess moves ahead, how angry will the Left be when it turns out Biden didn’t win? I think this is their way of “priming the pump” for rioting, looting and violence that will make the last few months look like a Sunday school picnic.For many major QAnon figures, Inauguration Day—January 20, 2021—looms as a bright red line for the movement. Many are predicting the event won’t even take place.“A lot of the influencers are really establishing that as the final deadline, this is something we haven’t really seen before,” Frederick Brennan, the founder of 8kun, told Vice. Much of the movement’s success at eluding accountability for its long record of failed predictions, he says, involved the main players in the movement hedging their bets with some kind of out if a prediction didn’t come about.“They were wrong a lot before but were always able to fall back on the complexity of the plan,” Brennan said. However, “they’re really marrying themselves to no inauguration. Certainly after Biden is inaugurated the Q landscape will change dramatically.”Some believers, however, are already fatalistic, saying the results are just more evidence that Q was right all along, and that the nefarious globalist Democrats and the “deep state” secretly control society at all levels. Not that this deters them or persuades them to rethink their life choices.Rather, as Gilbert reports, “there are dozens of reports from family members of QAnon supporters showcasing how the election result has not diminished their beliefs, but has in fact reinforced them.”“We knew the left was going to do everything they could to delay this,” wrote a major QAnon Instagram influencer, as The Atlantic’s Kaitlyn Tiffany reported. “Trump won & they’re trying to rely on fraudulent mail in ballots. it’s not going to work. Trump knew they were going to do this, too. he is prepared.”“This is the part of the movie where voter fraud and the media’s role in perpetuating that fraud, which has been going on for decades, now becomes crystal clear to everyone who is paying attention,” another QAnon supporter posted on Instagram.  “PATRIOTS ARE IN CONTROL,” reminded other major Instagram accounts, who also urged followers to “trust the plan [and enjoy] the show.”On Twitter, Tiffany noted, there was a similar shift in sentiment: “Trust Trump. He knew this was coming. He said so for months,” one supporter tweeted. “In the coming days the REAL Patriots will be identified,” wrote another. “Fight and win or die fighting.”Another sure sign that QAnon will continue to spread well after the election regardless of its outcome: A QAnon candidate is on the verge of winning an election to the New York Assembly from Brooklyn, of all places. Republican candidate Mark Szuszkiewicz, who unapologetically promotes QAnon ideas, leads the Democratic incumbent by 2,822 votes.Rita Katz, the executive director of SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors online extremism, told the Post that she expects the QAnon following will continue to grow and metastasize online.“It’s a dangerous network. It’s a dangerous movement that truly believes that Biden and other Democrats are killing kids,” Katz said. “And now, with Biden’s projected victory, the QAnon movement believes with the same zealous certainty that the whole thing is a sham. And that’s a major problem, because … these aren’t a bunch of harmless keyboard warriors—they’re adherents of a movement that has resulted in real-life violence.”A video posted by View on Twitter shows how resilient QAnoners can be, with one well-known influencer holding forth in a video:For those of you who are worried about Joe Biden being your president, do not fear, he is not and will not. Trump went golfing today. He went golfing yesterday. He’s not worried. Have you ever known Trump not to fight back? This will not stand. Trust the plan. Where we go one, we go all.“Most Q followers are still deep in denial,” observes View. “And they’re probably going to stay there until Trump concedes and/or on inauguration day. Maybe even beyond then honestly. Soon we’re going to discover the resilience of the QAnon milieu in the face of powerful disconfirmation.” “Some QAnon followers are bewildered, but most are still trusting the plan,” Travis View, a conspiracy theory researcher, told David Gilbert at Vice. “Honestly, QAnon is so Trump-centric that there’s little hope of followers accepting defeat until Trump does. And even then it’s not a guarantee.”The evidence-free theme around which QAnon platforms have coalesced is one that is built to survive well into a Biden administration and beyond: Namely, that Biden is attempting to illegally steal the election, and is doing to with the assistance of the “deep state” and the “liberal media.” It’s an idea that’s been promoted on Twitter by Trump himself, by leading Republican politicians, and multiple other prominent right-wing figures.After Trump had settled on this narrative, the QAnon world focused on building up an accompanying rationale. One of the biggest QAnon accounts, under the moniker JoeM (aka @StormIsUponUs), posted his own theory about the meaning of it all:Think again of the constants:1) Biden will never be president.2) The Left are celebrating his victory.3) We have a 2 month hard deadline.Now, extrapolate. This means turbulent and destabilizing times are imminent. It will require the kind of smoking gun that leaves no room for interpretation. It means habbenings like we haven’t yet experienced. There is no other way, shit’s about to get real.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Even though Q’s silence is not atypical—he has gone silent for several weeks at a time previously—it nonetheless has some followers in a frantic state: “HOW CAN I SPEAK TO Q????” one wrote. “MY FAITH IS SHAKEN. I FOLLOWED THE PLAN. TRUMP LOST!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT NOW?????? WHERE IS THE PLAN???”“Have we all been conned?” another user asked Saturday on 8kun.Those concerns, however, are being assuaged by other leading influencers within the cult. The QAnon account Praying Medic, which has more than 400,000 Twitter followers, soothingly explained that Trump’s strategy was still in motion to the many supporters who “had to be talked off the ledge” in the past. Praying Medic tweeted: “He’s going to stick the knife in and twist it. He has no plans to leave office. Ever.”- Advertisement –last_img read more

In the first nine months, airports recorded a drop in passenger numbers of 80%

first_imgOsijek Airport in September it had 949 passengers, which is 79,77% less than in September last year (4.691). From January to the end of September this year, 5.749 passengers passed through Osijek Airport, while in the same period last year there were 42.271 passengers. Data from January to the end of September this year show that 1.945.895 passengers passed through the mentioned airports, while in the same period last year over 9,5 million passengers (9.765.797) were recorded. U Split Airport in September there were 75.881 passengers, which is 83.86% less than the same month last year (470.102). From January to the end of September, 631.774 passengers passed through this airport, while in the same period last year, 2.967.530 were recorded. “The impact of the global pandemic is obvious, all Croatian airports have a drastic drop in the number of passengers compared to previous years, which was expected, the same statistics are recorded by airports across Europe and the world. It is likely that no Croatian airport will record a jubilee, millionth passenger this year”Conclude the authors of the analysis. Photo: Through seven airports in September only 214.122 thousand passengers passed, while in the same month last year more than 1,5 million passengers were recorded, according to the analysis of the number of passengers from 7 airports in Croatia, made by the portal Croatian Avition. At the largest Croatian airport, Zagreb Airport, 65.963 passengers were recorded in September, which is 81.16% less than in the same month last year (350.138). Zadar Airport in September it had 14.433 passengers, which is 87.61% less than in September last year (116.494). In the period from January to the end of September, 114.856 passengers passed through Zadar Airport, while in the same period last year, 711.273 passengers were recorded. Pula, Rijeka, Zadar and Osijek Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik U Pula Airport in September there were 11.339 passengers, which is 90.80% less than the same month last year (123.354). From January to the end of September, 77.196 passengers passed through this airport, while in the same period last year, 731.805 were recorded. In the first 9 months, Croatian airports recorded a drop in the number of passengers of 80,07% compared to the same period last year. Through Rijeka Airport 4.605 ​​passengers passed in September, which is 85.09% less than in the same month last year (30.879). From January to the end of September, 25.050 passengers passed through Rijeka Airport, while in the same period last year, 181.461 passengers were recorded. From January to the end of September, 785.321 passengers passed through this airport, while in the same period last year, 2.626.511 were recorded. U Dubrovnik Airport in September there were 40.952 passengers, which is 89.91% less than in September last year (405.924). From January to the end of September, 306.949 passengers passed through Dubrovnik Airport, while in the same period last year, 2.504.946 passengers were recorded.last_img read more

Right to buy on the cheap

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Oil claws back some losses after crashing on supply-demand shock

first_imgOil clawed back some losses after its biggest drop in three decades as investors grappled with simultaneous supply and demand shocks and the most volatile market on record.Futures in New York rose about 6 percent after losing a quarter of their value Monday in the biggest plunge since the 1991 Gulf War. A gauge of volatility in the contract jumped to the highest in data going back to 2007 after the collapse of the OPEC+ alliance set off what could be a long and bitter price war.Saudi Arabia slashed its official crude pricing over the weekend and is threatening to raise output to record levels, while Russia’s largest producer said it will ramp up production next month. The gush of new supply is happening as the coronavirus pummels global consumption, with the International Energy Agency warning crude demand will drop this year for the first time since the worldwide financial crisis. Topics : Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak indicated Moscow was prepared for a war of attrition, saying his country’s oil industry had “enough financial resilience to remain competitive at any forecast price level, and to keep its market share.” IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol warned that “playing Russian roulette in oil markets may well have grave consequences.”The unprecedented supply-demand shock poses a serious threat to the US shale boom and oil-dependent economies in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. It sent shock waves across global markets, with US stocks plunging, Treasury yields dropping to records and credit markets buckling. Exxon Mobil Corp. dropped the most in 11 years, while Occidental Petroleum Corp. and Chevron Corp. suffering double-digit losses.West Texas Intermediate crude for April delivery rose 5.2 percent to US$32.75 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange as of 10:05 a.m. in Singapore after climbing as much as 6.6 percent earlier. It crashed by more than $10 a barrel on Monday to end at $31.13, the lowest since early 2016.Brent for May settlement advanced 6.2 percent to $36.48 a barrel on the London-based ICE Futures Europe exchange after plummeting 24 percent on Monday. The global crude benchmark traded at a $3.32 a barrel premium to WTI for the same month.center_img The bounce in oil looks like “nothing more than a slight correction after the huge sell-off yesterday,” said Jeffrey Halley, senior market analyst at OANDA. “Nothing has changed with regards to the structural outlook for oil after the collapse of the OPEC+ grouping.”Big banks including Citigroup Inc., Societe Generale SA and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. are warning oil prices could fall further. The IEA said Monday that oil demand is now expected to contract this year by 90,000 barrels a day and, in a rare move, included a more pessimistic scenario in which the demand loss would be many times more severe. In the US, the Energy Information Administration said it would delay the release of its monthly Short-Term Energy Outlook to allow time to “incorporate recent global oil market events.”The shocks in supply and demand have also reverberated across time-spreads and options. Brent for prompt delivery collapsed against later shipments. The structure, known as contango, is a sign of bearishness and oversupply and makes it profitable for physical traders to buy crude and put it into storage, either in onshore tank farms or at sea on tankers.last_img read more

Brexit: Currency hedging and global equities to the forefront

first_imgHe said: “Sterling is almost at the end of a nine-year cycle. Normally we would expect it to bounce back, but given Brexit we don’t expect that bounce back because there are no triggers for it.”Sterling has fallen by roughly 10% against the euro since the EU membership referendum on 23 June last year. It has declined 15.5% against the US dollar.Bhaduri said JLT had decided to move to an underweight position in UK equities, preferring a more diversified global equity exposure. This thinking was driven more by the outlook for inflation than by specific concerns about Brexit, however.“The FTSE has been doing very well,” Bhaduri said. “We believe that, in the medium term, because of the pick up in inflation consumer demand is going to get affected. That’s overall going to be a drag on earnings and might be one headwind for the UK.”Hartman added: “This [Brexit] is a pretty big thing for the UK, but you need to put it in the context of pension fund portfolios being very global.”He said the end of the scheduled two-year negotiation period was not necessarily a cliff-edge for investors.“For the most part, in global equity or fixed income indexes the UK is a very small part, so investors can look through that,” Hartman said. “Private equity is the same. Real estate is more domestic, but we’ve had commitments from Asia to keep investing. Some Chinese investors are buying big offices in London.”Overall, however, the message was to keep Brexit on the agenda, but without making big asset allocation shifts.Hartman emphasised that “there are lots of questions and no answers”.“The only thing we know for certain is we have triggered Article 50,” he said. UK pension funds and asset managers are considering increasing their currency hedging as the country braces itself for EU exit talks to begin.While much of the investment-related commentary around the start of the talks has been about taking a ‘wait and see’ tone, consultants told IPE some clients and fund managers were beginning to prepare for a volatile period ahead.Lennox Hartman, global head of fixed income research at Aon Hewitt, said: “We’ve seen an uptick in interest in currency hedging. Some managers are offering – or thinking about offering – currency-hedged products, and we’ve been speaking to currency overlay managers about how they can fit into portfolios.”While UK-listed equities have been helped in recent months by the effect of sterling’s decline in value, Aniket Bhaduri, senior investment consultant at JLT, warned that the Brexit talks meant investors could not rely on traditional cyclical expectations.last_img read more

Players react to news of Cruz’s abrupt suspension

first_imgThe USC baseball program had its annual alumni game on Sunday, with a host of recent and not-so-recent ex-players taking on this year’s squad. Several members of the 1963 national championship team were there celebrating their 50th anniversary and the 2013 Trojans had a chance to play a few live innings in preparation for their season, which starts on Friday.But there was one very noticeable absence from Sunday’s festivities. No, it wasn’t a big-name alum like Mark Prior, Randy Johnson or Mark McGwire. It fact, it wasn’t even an alum at all: It was USC coach Frank Cruz.Cruz was suspended late Thursday night by the university pending an investigation into NCAA Countable Athletically Related Activities rule violations.The amount of hours athletes can spend practicing directly with members of the coaching staff is limited to 20 hours per week during the season and eight hours per week out of season. CARAs range from full-fledged practices to things seemingly mundane such as film review or even just playing catch with a coach.“We take any potential NCAA infraction seriously,” Athletic Director Pat Haden said in a statement. “USC Vice President for Athletic Compliance Dave Roberts and his staff will investigate whether the baseball program exceeded the allowable CARA hours, and will do so diligently and expeditiously. Pending the results of the investigation, we have suspended Coach Cruz from all coaching duties.”Team members said Haden broke the news to them in the clubhouse following last Thursday’s practice.“It was really just shocking,” said junior catcher Jake Hernandez. “Obviously not at all news you would expect.”To have your coach suspended just one week before the start of the season is jarring, to say the least, but members of the team recognize that they have to stay focused on what they need to do on the field.“We’ve just gotta go play baseball,” Hernandez said. “Whatever else is happening, we’re just sticking together as a team and focusing on the game.”Associate head coach Dan Hubbs is leading the team in the interim while the USC Compliance Department and Associate Athletic Director Mark Jackson conduct their own internal investigation and try to get ahead of the issue before the NCAA gets involved.“Coach Cruz and coach Hubbs have both done a great job of co-leading the team ever since Hubbs got here,” Hernandez said. “So the uncertainty is a little rough, sure, but we’re used to hearing from coach Hubbs anyway.”Several upperclassmen, such as Hernandez and senior infielder Adam Landecker, have taken a more vocal role in keeping the team focused amid this very large distraction.“Just reminding everyone that we’re still a team,” said Landecker. “We’ve still gotta be ready to play a game [on Friday] no matter what.”USC opens the season this Friday at Cal State Fullerton, then visits Cal State Bakersfield on Saturday before the team’s home opener at Dedeaux Field on Sunday at 1 p.m. against Nebraska.last_img read more

COLUMN: It’s time for the Dodgers to deliver another World Series title

first_imgThe start of the regular season brings hope and anticipation to all 30 clubs across Major League Baseball. Even for the franchises not expected to make much noise in 2017, there is something refreshing and exhilarating about the prospect of a clean slate. And in a sport that sees 162 games played over the course of a season, almost anything is possible for any team during the next five months. For the Los Angeles Dodgers, yesterday’s Opening Day matchup commenced another opportunity to put an end to the franchise’s 29-year World Series drought. If Dodger fans wanted a good omen to open up the regular season, then they got that — and some — in the team’s season-opening 14-3 victory over the visiting San Diego Padres on Monday. Seven innings of one-run ball from ace Clayton Kershaw paired with four long balls offensively (two from catcher Yasmani Grandal) gave the Dodgers a dominant Opening Day win that makes you believe they can live up to the hype they have generated for themselves. Of course, it’s wonderful to have the national pastime back in the national spotlight on a daily basis. However, for Dodger fans, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone overemphasizing the need for a stellar regular season effort from the team; for the fans of the Dodgers, it’s all about what their team goes on to accomplish in October that will count for any merit. Only in postseason success will Dodgers fandom find any feelings of satisfaction. While the prospect of a 100-win regular season is appealing, it’s not the true desire of those bleeding Dodger blue.We’ve sat at the postseason dinner table far too often without receiving the entree we feel we’ve deserved: a World Series championship. As great as four consecutive NL West division titles have been, Dodger fans demand an October run to the Commissioner’s Trophy — heck, at least a berth in the Fall Classic. In a city such as Los Angeles, the Dodgers’ 29-year title drought has felt like the equivalent of the Chicago Cubs’ most recent 108-year World Series absence. As wonderful as it has been seeing someone like Kershaw ascend to the top of the baseball world over the past decade — winning three Cy Young Awards and the MVP in 2014 — nothing would further cement Kershaw’s status as one of the Dodger greats than a World Series title. The Dodgers’ last four trips to the postseason have ended in the following rounds: NLCS, NLDS, NLDS and NLCS. If this confirms anything, it’s simple: Los Angeles enters 2017 with a World-Series-or-bust mentality. My younger years of consuming baseball were scarred with brutal memories of the Dodgers flubbing at the most crucial points in the postseason. What Dodgers fan can forget those tragic battles with the Philadelphia Phillies all those years ago in the 2008 and 2009 Championship Series (curse you, Jonathan Broxton)? I was just 16 when the Dodgers got carved up by Cardinals pitcher Michael Wacha in the 2013 NLCS — St. Louis topped the Dodgers in the 2013 NLCS and 2014 NLDS. And don’t think for one second that the Dodgers opening every season as Vegas’ favorite to win it all consoles me in any way. Once again, the Dodgers open the 2017 season as World Series favorites in the eyes of many — including Sports Illustrated, who predicted the Dodgers topping the Cleveland Indians in the Fall Classic. If we have learned anything as a nation over the past year, it’s that you can never trust the projection polls — no matter how secure they may seem. For Dodgers manager Dave Roberts and company, the upcoming 161 games will no doubt be a grueling and critical gantlet. But no matter what impressive feats the Dodgers rattle off over the next five months of play, nothing will define the team’s 2017 campaign more than a World Series trophy at the end of it. Of course, a trip to the postseason is guaranteed to no team. But for the Dodgers — who entered Opening Day with the highest payroll in baseball ($225 million) for the fourth consecutive season — there is no reasonable excuse to not clinch a playoff berth. It’s simple: The Dodgers need to play as big as their bankroll, not only over the duration of the regular season, but also especially into September and October. Some may consider Dodger fans a spoiled bunch for not “appreciating” four straight division titles (a franchise record), but in a title town like Los Angeles, the only standard is a championship standard. The Dodgers need no more division titles — we’ve got plenty of them represented at Chavez Ravine. The only merit Los Angeles can afford to accept now is a 2017 World Series pennant to accompany the franchise’s long-lonely world titles from the 1950s, 1960s and 1980s that run down Dodger Stadium’s right-field line.Angel Viscarra is a sophomore studying broadcast and digital journalism. His column, “Viscarra’s Vice,” runs on Tuesdays.last_img read more

Rahm secures Irish Open victory

first_imgRahm is the fourth Spaniard to win the event after Seve Ballesteros, Jose Maria Olazabal and Sergio Garcia.He says it’s a privilege to have his name among those winners.Gavin Moynihan was the story of the day from an Irish perspective.The Dubliner hit a stunning round of 64 to finish up on 13 under par and a tie for 14th place.That meant he finished best of the Irish ahead of Shane Lowry on 12 under, Padraig Harrington on 9 under and Paul Dunne on 7 under par. Photo © – Tipp FM Jon Rahm stormed to victory at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open yesterday.The 22 year old hit a final round of 65 to finish the day on 24 under par, setting a new tournament record in the process.Richie Ramsey and Matthew Southgate were his closest challengers on 18 under.last_img