Bargues: “It would be unfair to validate the current classification”

first_imgJosé Bargues He returned to Spain in February and did it for vforget your home. “For me Valencia is everything, I knew that if he called me one day, he would return without hesitation.” Gone left a life experience in America, where he trained the Orlando City U19. By Mestalla, in different departments, he was from 2006 to 2015, when he migrated to Ibiza to launch the project chaired by Amadeo Salvo and then packed up to the Americas. He Valenciado today two months, entrusted him with the mission of saving the category, a team that has not won since October and a project that he knows perfectly because he was coach of the German school, genesis of the current black and white team. But the Covid-19 crisis caught him with the suitcase still undone and in decline.Are you afraid that the competition cannot be resumed and that you intend to consider the current classification as good?That is something that we do not contemplate and that nobody should consider, because it would be unfair to validate a classification that would not fit the reality of a season. Luis Aragonés said that the last 10 days put each team in their place and we lack 80% to play. This team is far superior to what the classification says today.What deadlines do you think the teams will need?Eight days remain and could be played in four to five weeks. But that effort is twice as much as the soccer players are used to. Playing two games a week is unusual for them. From the fourth game we do not know how your body can react. We will need more than six weeks, but we will do as instructed. We have been told that we will wait to see what happens with the First and Second Division to see what the rest of us do. And what do they do in the meantime?Basically physical work to prevent injury. We seek that the muscular impact is as little as possible. Soccer is not a gym and although we have set the time of ten in the morning to train all together with video calls and thus monitor each session, we lack 70% of our activity. At least we will try to avoid injuries on the way back.Any positive reading from these days of confinement?Nothing is like what any of us have experienced and when you see so many people die, any human being is affected. But it is personally serving me to put on paper all the ideas I had, because we only had 20 sessions. Players are sure to do well to clear their minds after months without winning. I know that all of them are missing each other a lot and when they see each other again, they will have a crazy desire to train and achieve the goal of salvation.After your visit to the United States, what differences do you see compared to women’s soccer in Spain?I know the methodology in Spain thoroughly and I can assure that we are ahead.Really?Let’s see, let’s differentiate impact methodology. There the leading teams play in large stadiums and there are more licenses. That is the main difference for me, the number of girls who play soccer. But at the organizational level, in terms of methodology, in Spain we are better. There the work of the schools is different from that of the institutes and universities and professional soccer is another world. Here it is all more linear, the players are very professional and we only need more girls to compete and choose.Do you already know what you will say to your players on the way back?That I have missed them so much and that they enjoy playing.last_img

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