Abelardo reaches 100 days of (dis) grace in Espanyol

first_imgThe chapter on misfortunes also includes continuous expulsions of captains (Javi López, Víctor Sánchez, David López and Diego López). And of course not only the have thrown the Cup against Real Sociedad but especially the Europa League, with full substitutes against Wolverhampton, which precipitated an elimination that did not help improve the league results either.To top, the coronavirus pandemic broke out while in Navata, which had been programmed to try to straighten the course, hit the COVID-19 six members of the staff and ended in an ERTE that affects you directly. And all this, with the uncertainty of his fate, since his contract extends only until June, and obviously that of Espanyol. Between nougats, family meals and everything that sounds as distant today as it was last Christmas parties Espanyol announced last December 27 Abelardo Fernández as new coach. The third of the season after David Gallego and Pablo Machín. This Sunday reaches 100 days, usually considered grace, in this case rather disgrace. And that has returned the naturalness and closeness to the bench and the locker room that believe in him. Insufficient breath of fresh air for now.The Asturian took the reins of an Espanyol who had just placed bottom, and that left the permanence to five points. Nine days later, he continues at the bottom of the table with salvation to six, despite the fact that it has improved the score of its predecessors. Abelardo’s ten points has paradoxically forged them against powerful rivals, like Barcelona, ​​Villarreal, Seville or Atlético, against whom he has not lost. His triumph against Mallorca was the only ‘final’ in which it did not fail, unlike defeats in Valladolid or Pamplona, ​​despite having an injection of 40 million in the winter market between Raúl de Tomás, Leandro Cabrera and Adrián Embarba.last_img

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