WATCH: ‘The Fourth Phase’ | From the Makers of The Art of Flight

first_img“Life begins. Clouds form. A snowstorm atop high peaks falls heavy, melts, flows through tributaries, into rivers. It finds the sea and turns to the air. This process we follow. This cycle we ride.”These words mark the beginning of an endorphin inducing trailer for a new backcountry snowboarding film from the makers of the classic ‘The Art of Flight.’Travis Rice’s ‘The Fourth Phase’ will bring some of snowboarding’s most impressive talents to the big screen.“It has taken everything I have learned over my life to prepare for what the past several years has challenged us with,” Rice told Red Bull. “Immersion into the winter wilderness with a few trusted comrades and a vow to not ride anything we have ever ridden before has made this the most exciting project yet. We have a team of some of the most committed riders, and a production crew that has gone all in. We’re headed back into the field soon, but before we go dark again we wanted to share a taste of what we’ve been working on.”Be on the lookout for this highly touted adventure film sometime in the fall of 2016. In the meantime, let this short but powerful teaser get you amped for the 2015-16 powder season.last_img

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