Madrid values ​​signing Reinier to reinforce Castilla until the end of the season

first_img19 Madrid is studying the incorporation of Reinier Jesús from January 19 (when he reaches the age of majority) for the next five-six seasons. In case of materialization, Flamengo’s pearl would begin in Madrid Castilla (once the Pre-Olympic finishes) until the rest of the season. The positions between the white club and the Brazilian entity are close: They want to avoid paying the clause (35 million) through a negotiation close to 30 plus a series of future variables. Madrid’s interest in the Brazilian is not something new: follow him since 2016 and they have been watching all their movements in Flamengo. The white team’s relations with the South American club have always been fluid: the transfer of Vinicius It is the best example of this. Madrid’s strong interest in Reinier was one of the many reasons that influenced the Brazilian club to extend the contract until 2024 (with a salary increase and a clause decrease from 62 to 35 million to facilitate its exit). One of the obstacles to haggling is the top of Castile chips: it has 22, the maximum allowed, and should release one. Therefore, Madrid has already closed the transfer of Manu Hernando to Racing de Santander. This is the trigger for the operation to continue moving forward. The possible arrival of the Brazilian in Castilla would be a Christmas gift for Raul. The subsidiary is three points down and eight of the playoffs, although it has one less game. Whites don’t get promoted to Second since 2011-2012. Without a doubt, it would be a luxury signing after having won the Copa Libertadores with Flamengo.Reinier dreams of coming to SpainReinier already recognized in an interview with ACE last November 3 the interest of Madrid and Atlético in him: “It is an honor to know that you look at me.” In fact, the rojiblanco team had a very advanced transfer, but the negotiations were diluted. Despite having offers from PSG and Manchester United, among others, the attacker’s dream is to grow in Spain: “It’s a very competitive league. I love Spanish football because it’s cozy with Brazilians.”But if there is a key factor in your desire to wear the Madrid shirt that is none other than sharing costumes with Vinicius: “He is a great player and we would all like to play by his side”. The soap opera Reineir seems to be closer to closing with an unexpected destination: Castilla de Raúl.In the meantime, the player is concentrated with Brazil U23 for the South American Pre-Olympic Tokyo 2020 which will begin on January 18 and could take until February 9. His possible arrival in Madrid would close as soon as the championship ended.last_img read more

Setién: “Yesterday I was walking next to cows; today, in Barça”

first_imgAlso, to finish: “Months ago, waiting for an opportunity, you always assume that the team you will take will be down or on a negative run. It is to thank how he leaves the team. I have talked with the players. The predisposition there is extraordinary, we are sure that they will interpret us quickly because many things that we are going to propose they already know. And we will not have a problem in maintaining the intensity so that matches like the one of the other day do not escape. We will be with the best disposition for the job, which is always the most important. This is just words. But I am a person of convictions, I have a clear way of life. I have very clear ideas. I listen to everyone but I am the first to defend what I do. And if we have to die with it, we will die. Barça has to follow its path “.Then he answered the media questions.-What is your big goal this season?-My goal is to win everything that can be won. It’s obvious. This club has no other way to improve and get the maximum possible titles in addition to playing well. For victory, the best way is to play well even if sometimes it does not happen. It is important to associate that to win you have to play well.-What did you feel today having the best in the world at your service?-I have already told you some. My clothes don’t hurt when I say that I have enjoyed these twelve or fourteen years very much. I’ve been sitting in front of the TV to see this team and these players who have made me enjoy football. Every day, every game. In every game, there is always something that can be rescued. Sit down and start training the best player in the world and the players he has. I am not absolutely aware of what this means. I have talked to him and some others and I have already told him: one thing is the admiration I feel for you. Messi is Messi, Busquets is Busquets, Piqué is Piqué. But everyone has to be in place. Surely the relationship with the players will be good. I am sincere, direct. And if I see anything, I’ll tell him. Especially for them to work. Because talent has it. -What momentum does this team need to improve?-We’ll see. Every time a new coach arrives, there is a stimulus in each of the people in the locker room. That shows, but that can be diluted and you end up being what you were before. But that first stimulus is what must be maintained. I have not met any coach who is the same. We all have our nuances, a way of doing things. I do not know if my way is the best or the worst, but it is mine and I am convinced that I can transmit many of the things that I like and that you always think can be done better. If I thought everything was fine … That’s hard to think about. But we do have that energy now to convince the players of our nuances. Of important details, of communication. There are so many things that vary from one coach to another … I have had 20 coaches in my career and we are all different. I come with enormous energy. We are clear what Barça is. We have sucked him because he has excited us. We have spent hours in front of the TV. They are things that we have clear. We want them to be things that last over time.-Do you have the template you want?-One can have an idea shaped, but until you put it into your context they don’t know where you can get. The context will now be different. And the predisposition of those who did not play will be higher. There are going to be some changes that I have to perceive. We are clear about the philosophy and we are clear about many things. Those who have followed my career, obviously this club has an extraordinary quarry. I don’t know in depth the majority of the players but they will come to train. This must be clear to the first team players. If they break through, they deserve it. It is a message that I have always sent. If the young people below push and win it, they can play in the first team.-Would you like to sign a striker to replace Suárez?-We have to talk. We have time to clarify these things. I am clear that we will always have consensus on the decisions we make. I am a club person, convinced that we are all right and we are all wrong. I worry because he is an important player but we have to think about what we have.-What scheme do you want to implement?-With regard to drawing, the important thing is philosophy. Be clear about what we play. Possibly we appreciate some change of 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 that has been playing, but I leave that in quotes because we need many things. But it is clear that philosophy will not change. And the drawing can do it, I don’t say no.-With you, is Barça’s fans going to have fun again?-I have only guaranteed that my team will play well. In Las Palmas, Lugo and Betis, the team played good football. He had an identity. I always guarantee that my teams will play well. But saying this here in a club that has always played well …-How did I know the interest of Barça?It didn’t take me five minutes to accept this option. I never thought that Barça was going to decide for me. I don’t have an extensive curriculum or titles. I have demonstrated even before being a coach that I love this philosophy. And all I have done is that my previous teams have played football well. I don’t know if it was enough to give me this opportunity. But I am grateful. Nothing else. Quique Setién appeared in the Auditori 1899 at 14:05 hours with a somewhat tense face, although he did get his best smile when he posed with the shirt that bore his name as the new coach of Barcelona. Then he gave his first speech as coach of Barça. “The first thing, without a doubt, is to thank this institution, its president, Abidal, Ramon (Planes), the opportunity they have given me to be here. Not even in my best dreams could I have imagined being here. I am a very emotional person and today is a special day for me. I face the challenge with great enthusiasm the challenge. What I will try to convey to the players is enthusiasm, desire, wanting to win and confidence. I have it now and, as Abidal has said, I don’t find it complicated to do so. “He continued: “Today we have done the first training. Yesterday I was walking next to the cows in my town and today I am at Barça training the best players in the world. This is the best for me.. I have a good relationship with Valverde, a right person and a rival that I value a lot. For his work, for his principles and for his way of being. I will try, and I have already spoken with him, to have contact. There are many things in your work that will come in handy. Each one brings its nuances but the first thing I want to thank is that it leaves me with a team that is first “.last_img read more

Rocco Maiorino: “We will try until the last day by Jonathan Viera”

first_imgThe grancanario Aridai Cabrera was presented on Wednesday morning as a new player of the Las Palmas Sports Union until June 30, 2022. The one who was a player of RCD Mallorca last seasons said that with the vermilion team “I will always be grateful because He went to the first place I went when I left Las Palmas, where I had two consecutive promotions and I always felt very loved, although this year I was in the First Division and it was not the important thing I wanted to be. I had an injury in the preseason, then I relapsed and it was difficult for me to enter the team. I made the decision to terminate for the interest shown by Las Palmas “.He admits that “I have always wanted to come here, since it is the club of my land”, remembering that “years ago I could never do it. The UD gives me the opportunity to come with a clear objective and clear ideas, so I didn’t think about it. That is why I have to thank the entity, the president and Toni Otero for facilitating my arrival here. I am very excited to go home and hope to help and do my best. ”He explained that “I have been training hard for more than a month, although I was injured for a long time at the beginning of the season, but I am already better and training well. I can contribute a lot of defensive work and in the overflow attack, assists and I hope that many goals. I have always played for the band, but I will do it wherever the coach decides. I have no preference for playing on the left, on the right or in the center, “he said.He saw the match live against Real Zaragoza, commenting that in his tenure “the team competed and had good moments. That goal that gave us the 3 points was missing. While creating opportunities, the goal will come. We will try to meet the goal of being there I think the team was not bad since he tried everything, but sometimes we are lucky that you hit him badly and he enters you and other times, like yesterday, that he does not get in. The team is already fighting nothing to be there until the final. There is a template to spare and I got promoted last year when nobody bet on us. There’s plenty of equipment here and we all row together ”. He revealed that “I have a great friendship with Deivid and I talked to him a lot. He convinced me that this was a big family and that he was coming home. I am very grateful”. The UD Las Palmas sports director, the Italian Rocco Maiorino, commented on Viera’s situation that “We will try until the last day for Jonathan. It’s very difficult, but I wouldn’t talk about Jonathan now because he’s not with us. I keep the template we have, I am very happy with it and it is a phenomenal group of professionals. Everyone will step forward to achieve the goal. “He was surprised to say that “The workforce is closed at 99%. We have to start recovering the casualties we have had, because we are getting used to having many injured and those who are missing can contribute us a lot. We are playing games with difficulties. We will continue with the conviction that we are a large group. “ Asked about possible departures, he said that “all I can say is that we have a negotiation for Josep pending closing, but if it closes, it will stay here until the end of the season,” while as for Tana, he added that “he is with the group and we hope his topic is completed. We are waiting for a document from the Chinese team but, for now, he is with us.”From the last signing, Aridai Cabrera, revealed that it is a player who “arrives free and signs contract until 2022. It is an end from Mallorca, a son of this land, so we are very happy that it has arrived. It is a position that we needed to strengthen due to the casualties we have had with the injuries of Drolé, Cedrés and Narváez. We have had that need and can also play on the left, right and center. I’m sure he will give us a lot. “Finally, he was questioned about the performance of the yellows against Real Zaragoza, which was lost in the final stretch (0-1), stating that “the team did not deserve to lose because we made a great game.”Aridai Cabrera: “We climbed last year when nobody bet on us”The former player of RCD Mallorca He believes that his new team, Las Palmas, “is fighting and nothing to be there until the end; there is a template to spare.”last_img read more

Copa del Rey Draw: format, rules and drums in the round of 16

first_imgRaffle Pumps *First division: Osasuna, Sevilla, Barcelona, ​​Athletic, Real Madrid, Villarreal, Real Sociedad, Granada, Valencia, Leganés.Second division: Zaragoza, Mirandés, Rayo Vallecano and Tenerife.Second B: Badajoz and Cultural Leonesa.* There is the possibility that the Second and Second B teams are part of the same bass drum. Be that as it may, they will face yes or yes to a First team, so the existence of two drums is anecdotal.How and where to see the Copa del Rey raffle?The Royal Spanish Football Federation will stream, through its official channels (Youtube, social networks and web page), the live draw. In addition, in, we will count minute by minute what the chance of the balls holds and, after the conclusion of the same, the analysis of the qualifiers, the statements of the protagonists and the most outstanding news.The dates of the competition *Round of 16: January 29, 2020.Quarter finals: February 5, 2020.Semifinals: February 12 and March 4, 2020.Final: April 18, 2020.* The date marked establishes the day on Wednesday corresponding to that week, although the matches can be played both Tuesday and Thursday. The semifinals have double dates, as they will be played as a traditional tie, with round trip.Is there VAR in the Copa del Rey?The first three rounds have not had VAR, due to the difficulty of installing in the fields of modest equipment the technology required so that the members can visualize the controversial actions on the lawn. It is in eighths when video arbitration is incorporated, with its traditional rules and the same protocol that is usually followed in the matches of LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank.Results of the round of 16Recreational 2 – Osasuna 3Zaragoza 3 – Mallorca 1Seville 3 – Lift 1Elche 1 (4) – Athletic 1 (5)Tenerife 2 – Valladolid 1Badalona 1 – Granada 3Girona 0 – Villarreal 3Logroñés 0 – Valencia 1Real Sociedad 2 – Espanyol 0Unionists 1 – Real Madrid 3Ibiza 1 – Barcelona 2Ebro 0 – Leganés 1Mirandés 2 – Celta 1Badajoz 3 – Eibar 1Cultural Leonesa 2 – Atlético 1Rayo Vallecano 2 (4) – Betis 2 (2) In the new Copa del Rey format, only 16 teams remain. The moment of truth arrives and the idea promoted by Luis Rubiales continues its course: once again, the qualifiers will be played a single game at the modest house, which gives rise to the continuing surprises that have caught thousands and thousands of viewers on TVs. The draw, which will be held this Friday from 1:00 pm in the City of Soccer in Las Rozas, will match the survivors for the eight places in the quarterfinals.Once again, the draw will have conditions. In other words, the modest will play against the First Division teams, with the field factor in favor. In addition, and unlike the round of 16 draw, the three of the Spanish Super Cup lose privileges and they will be part of the same hype as the rest of LaLiga Santander clubs. It’s more, Real Madrid and Barcelona, who advanced to the eighth Cup with some suffering and at the expense of Unionists and Ibiza, they could face if the chance of the balls considers it so.So that, there will be three bombs in the draw: one with the First Division teams, another with the remaining Second and other with the Second B (Badajoz and Cultural Leonesa). Yes, there is finally that of Second B, although he will only have two balls because the rest of the classified for sixteenths failed to surprise him in his confrontation. However, last season, with the old format still present, there wasn’t even a single third category team in the eighths. There is also a significant change with respect to LaLiga SmartBank: in 2018-19, only Sporting de Gijón was classified; while now they will fight with the best on Real Zaragoza, Mirandés, Rayo and Tenerife.Yes, the conditions of the draw force the six survivors of Second and Second B to face each other with a First Division. In other words, direct duels between Zaragoza, Rayo, Mirandés and Tenerife, for example, cannot occur on a morning that promises to be full of emotion. Real Madrid – Barcelona, ​​different derbies, more images of the greats in Badajoz or Cultural Leonesa fields, Basque duel between Real and Athletic … Multiple combinations and the endorsement of the single game as a reinforcement of the emotion that everything is decided within 90 minutes. The Cup, before his decisive duels.Irina R. H. / AFP7 / Europa Press & nbsp; (Irina R. H. / AFP7 / Europa Press) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Real Madrid won without unionists.Irina R. H. / AFP7 / Europa Press (Irina R. H. / AFP7 / Europa Press)last_img read more

Subsidiaries ‘invade’ Second B

first_imgIt’s 23 days and it’s already a reality. The subsidiaries impose their law with an iron fist in Second Division B and only the most powerful teams in the competition are able to keep up. A total of four of the 16 who reserve the right to play the Playoff are subsidiaries and, not only that, many others are in the fight to dispute the promotion with the best. There will only be four places for LaLiga SmartBank and the ‘B’ have already shown their cards and demonstrated on the pitch that they want to continue growing.Group I: Atlético B … and disappointmentsWhile one of the teams dependent on Group I is launched, six others cannot say the same. Atlético de Madrid is second classified with 48 points and takes eleven of advantage to the fifth classified. In other words, they have the Playoff on track and only a disaster in the last months of the season would lower them from the top positions. The subsidiary, aware of the difficulty of the postseason, has not remained idly and has moved in the winter market with contracts such as the Josep Calavera or Abde. While B suffers calls from Camel or Borja Garcés For the first team, the board puts a solution in the offices. He is currently the most scorer club in the entire category with 48 goals in the locker.Without a doubt, it is the branch that has worked best in the first installment of the season. Las Palmas B, Sporting B and Castilla de Raúl rub shoulders in nobody’s area. They have seven in the Playoff and surpass the relegation zone by five. Of course, every game is a final. We will have to see if the Madrid team goes back, with the additions of Reinier or Marc Gual. Oviedo Vetusta gets rid of burning by only two points; while Celta B and Getafe B occupy relegation positions. The vigueses suffer as they did last season; the locals accuse the contrast of category that involves ascending, with Hugo Duro as the main reference.Group II: Logroñés and Cultu against subsidiariesOnly two teams from the top six classified are not subsidiaries. Cultural Leonesa and the Unión Deportiva Logroñés sneak between Bilbao Athletic, Real Sociedad B, Valladolid B and Osasuna B. In fact, the villagers lead the table with 49 points, six more than the subsidiary of the Gaizka Garitano team. The ‘Cultu’ is third, feeling behind the pressure of the ‘B’ mentioned above. Among them, the best placed is the one trained by Xabi Alonso, who has endowed his people with a bold style, with a high pace and high possession figures. However, he suffers from the hardness of the category and has failed to impose his football against rocky rivals. A good example of this is the hard defeat against Guijuelo by three goals to zero. Group III: Barça B survives the casualties and the Riqui Puig themeSoccer players have arrived like Ramos Mingo, Saverio or Rey Manaj, but García Pimienta’s team is still in a period of adaptation. Hiroki Abe, key player, the season will be lost due to injury and others have left as Alejandro Marques or Abel Ruiz. To top, Riqui Puig, control football engine of the Barcelona subsidiary, has taken an important step in his career by being fixed in the training of the first team and usual in the calls. In other words, Barça B has taken a complete turn and must adapt to the changes. Of course, they guarantee the 41 points already obtained, which are worth it to be second classified in the table.They are not the only branch in the battle. Villarreal B and Espanyol B compete to enter the top positions. They add 39 and 38 points respectively and they step on the heels of Cornellá, fourth with 40. Things are not going so well for the representatives of Valencia. The Valencia subsidiary occupies the PlayOut place with 22 points; while the Levante is in nobody’s zone with eight more than the descent, but eleven of those above. At 15 days of the final, it is a real possibility that three ‘B’ play for the promotion, although there is great equality between the first eight of the classification.Group IV: the subsidiaries, to surviveThe first three groups are characterized by having a dominant subsidiary, which does not happen in the fourth. For many the toughest class of all Second B, Cartagena, Marbella, Yeclano and Badajoz rule in the upper part and there is not a single dependent approaching them. The first to appear is the Cádiz B, tenth ranked, with 30 points. He is closely followed by Sevilla Athletic, one place and one point below. It seems that neither of them is in danger, although they only exceed seven Algeciras. Granada B is against the ropes: it is 19th with 21 points and has only achieved 17 goals in the 23 matches.Playoff punishes subsidiariesNot so many, but last season too they were happily promised three dependent teams. None of them was group champion, so they only had one attempt. Castilla could not with Cartagena, which traced the 3-1 of Alfredo Di Stefano. The same happened to Atlético de Madrid B, eliminated by Mirandés, now in Second and great revelation of the Copa del Rey. None exceeded the first tie: it is more, Villarreal B lost both games against Melilla and said goodbye to the dream of promotion.last_img read more

Prieto Iglesias returns to Zorrilla after the defeat against Sevilla

first_imgAs a positive note he has participated in two playoffs in which the Valladolid team, the one of the 2011-12 in the semifinals leg against the Cordova which finished 0-0 and the most recent in the 2017-18 final in the first leg against Numancia which ended 0-3. Eduardo Prieto Iglesias He is in charge of directing the clash between the Real Valladolid and Espanyol in Fox. El Navarro visits this campaign for the second time Puce, since he led the loss to him Seville 0-1, penalty goal of Banega that first stopped Masip, but Prieto Iglesias at the request of VAR he ordered to repeat and to the second the Argentine marked. Up to 11 times this referee has crossed the road blanquivioleta with two wins, four draws and five losses. In the VAR room you will be assisted in this case From the Cerro Grande.last_img read more

Sergio González is already in the top10 of pucelanos trainers

first_imgThe current Valladolid coach has held the reins in the First in 65 games, has already advanced to Round and Ipiña, positioning itself as the eighth coach with the most directed games in the Pucela. In fact, if the current season resumes, the Catalan will be placed in the top five as there are 11 matches remaining and Sergio Kresic, currently in fifth position, has 72 games. Before I would have anticipated Maturana, with 67, and Paquito, with 68. We must remember that Cantatore is the one that more duels directed, 174, followed by I died, with 137, while completing the podium José Luis Mendilibar, with 96. Lluis Miró He directed 90 and then Kresic would come. Sergio González, coach number 36 the Real Valladolid in First division, is entering with more and more force in the blanquivioleta history. Being the great hero of the eighth pucelano promotion of history to the First Division in the 2017-18 season, he fulfills his second campaign in the Valladolid team in the highest category and has renewed for two more so, if they were met, he would approach Vicente Cantatore, who is the manager with the most meetings in First Division in his 44 league appearances, with 174. In the 65 duels led in First, Sergio González has won 24.62% of them, has lost 41.5% and has tied 33.85%, being the third that signed the most tables among the ten that have led the most games. And is that in this top 10, the one who won the most was Cantantore, 40.23% of his matches, the one that tied the most was Maturana, 34.3% and the one that lost the most was Miró with 44.4%, followed by Mendilibar with 43.7%.If we open the fan to count all the games played in all categories and competitions, Sergio González is also in the top 10, occupying the last place in this select group, with 84 duels, which is again led by the legendary Vicente Cantatore, with 193 encounters. The first places do not change much unless it comes in second José Luis Saso who directed 161 games in total, 87 of them in Second. If this season is completed, the Barcelona player could only overtake Djukic, with 88, since the following is Fernando Redondo which added 102 games.last_img read more

“Liverpool-Atleti was a mistake”

first_img“It was not a correct decision to let that game play. People don’t make bad decisions on purposePerhaps the seriousness of the situation had not been understood by the government at that time. Although we will never know, the game with Atlético de Madrid could have been one of the cultural events and crowding moment that influenced growth (from the spread of the coronavirus) in Liverpool, “he said. In England yesterday there were more than 33,000 confirmed cases and almost 3,000 deaths. “The organization will have to learn”When Liverpool-Atlético was played on March 11 the public entrance was allowed, 52,000 people is the capacity of Anfield, although in other matches of the Champions, for example the Valencia-Atalanta of the previous day, it was already played behind closed doors. “This should definitely be included in the learning list for the future., the organization will have to learn and never make similar mistakes “, adds Ashton. Almost a month after it was played (next week marks it), Liverpool-Atlético continues to speak. Perhaps because it was the last great football match before the coronavirus crisis closed all the leagues, confined the world to its homes, lowered the curtain on football with no definite opening date. In Klopp’s words, there is still bitterness, criticism and a search for explanations by staying out of the competition of which he was champion against a rival, Atlético, never a favorite. In the words of the politicians, strangeness now, looking at the party and the displacement to Anfield of almost 3,000 red and white fans from Madrid, with the prospect of almost a month living under the coronavirus pandemic. Last to speak has been Liverpool’s director of public health, Matthew Ashton, today in ‘The Guardian’. And it is clear: everything qualifies it “a mistake”.last_img read more

Abelardo reaches 100 days of (dis) grace in Espanyol

first_imgThe chapter on misfortunes also includes continuous expulsions of captains (Javi López, Víctor Sánchez, David López and Diego López). And of course not only the have thrown the Cup against Real Sociedad but especially the Europa League, with full substitutes against Wolverhampton, which precipitated an elimination that did not help improve the league results either.To top, the coronavirus pandemic broke out while in Navata, which had been programmed to try to straighten the course, hit the COVID-19 six members of the staff and ended in an ERTE that affects you directly. And all this, with the uncertainty of his fate, since his contract extends only until June, and obviously that of Espanyol. Between nougats, family meals and everything that sounds as distant today as it was last Christmas parties Espanyol announced last December 27 Abelardo Fernández as new coach. The third of the season after David Gallego and Pablo Machín. This Sunday reaches 100 days, usually considered grace, in this case rather disgrace. And that has returned the naturalness and closeness to the bench and the locker room that believe in him. Insufficient breath of fresh air for now.The Asturian took the reins of an Espanyol who had just placed bottom, and that left the permanence to five points. Nine days later, he continues at the bottom of the table with salvation to six, despite the fact that it has improved the score of its predecessors. Abelardo’s ten points has paradoxically forged them against powerful rivals, like Barcelona, ​​Villarreal, Seville or Atlético, against whom he has not lost. His triumph against Mallorca was the only ‘final’ in which it did not fail, unlike defeats in Valladolid or Pamplona, ​​despite having an injection of 40 million in the winter market between Raúl de Tomás, Leandro Cabrera and Adrián Embarba.last_img read more

Bargues: “It would be unfair to validate the current classification”

first_imgJosé Bargues He returned to Spain in February and did it for vforget your home. “For me Valencia is everything, I knew that if he called me one day, he would return without hesitation.” Gone left a life experience in America, where he trained the Orlando City U19. By Mestalla, in different departments, he was from 2006 to 2015, when he migrated to Ibiza to launch the project chaired by Amadeo Salvo and then packed up to the Americas. He Valenciado today two months, entrusted him with the mission of saving the category, a team that has not won since October and a project that he knows perfectly because he was coach of the German school, genesis of the current black and white team. But the Covid-19 crisis caught him with the suitcase still undone and in decline.Are you afraid that the competition cannot be resumed and that you intend to consider the current classification as good?That is something that we do not contemplate and that nobody should consider, because it would be unfair to validate a classification that would not fit the reality of a season. Luis Aragonés said that the last 10 days put each team in their place and we lack 80% to play. This team is far superior to what the classification says today.What deadlines do you think the teams will need?Eight days remain and could be played in four to five weeks. But that effort is twice as much as the soccer players are used to. Playing two games a week is unusual for them. From the fourth game we do not know how your body can react. We will need more than six weeks, but we will do as instructed. We have been told that we will wait to see what happens with the First and Second Division to see what the rest of us do. And what do they do in the meantime?Basically physical work to prevent injury. We seek that the muscular impact is as little as possible. Soccer is not a gym and although we have set the time of ten in the morning to train all together with video calls and thus monitor each session, we lack 70% of our activity. At least we will try to avoid injuries on the way back.Any positive reading from these days of confinement?Nothing is like what any of us have experienced and when you see so many people die, any human being is affected. But it is personally serving me to put on paper all the ideas I had, because we only had 20 sessions. Players are sure to do well to clear their minds after months without winning. I know that all of them are missing each other a lot and when they see each other again, they will have a crazy desire to train and achieve the goal of salvation.After your visit to the United States, what differences do you see compared to women’s soccer in Spain?I know the methodology in Spain thoroughly and I can assure that we are ahead.Really?Let’s see, let’s differentiate impact methodology. There the leading teams play in large stadiums and there are more licenses. That is the main difference for me, the number of girls who play soccer. But at the organizational level, in terms of methodology, in Spain we are better. There the work of the schools is different from that of the institutes and universities and professional soccer is another world. Here it is all more linear, the players are very professional and we only need more girls to compete and choose.Do you already know what you will say to your players on the way back?That I have missed them so much and that they enjoy playing.last_img read more