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first_imgThe Christmas season in Costa Rica is an embarrassment of riches. Where I come from, Christmas is a bright and festive light in the middle of the cold and dark – and that has its own, unparalleled beauty. Here, however, it’s everything good all at once: The rainy season is over and summer is here, with its sunny days and cool Christmas winds! School’s out! Theaguinaldo has arrived! Tax season is ending, time off is approaching, the streets and shops are full of lights, there are tamales and rompope and Tapitas Navideñas everywhere! Quick, get me some more exclamation points! It’s overwhelming, in the best possible way, like a fantasy. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for kids. I wonder if there’s a spike in hyperventilation rates at the Children’s Hospital.By the way, if you’re reading this in a place that involves scraping ice off your windshield, I know you just said, “You can take your ‘embarrassment of riches’ and stick it in a place where the sun don’t shine. As in, the place where I live.” I can hear you from here. But while I know from long experience that the rainy season doesn’t compare to a long, hard winter, it really is a whole lotta water, and the start of the dry season carries some of the same feeling of those precious first days of spring up north. Walking around without an umbrella on early December afternoons gives you that same sensation of being sprung from a cage, of being out after curfew.  You want to run and dance or sing, and do everything outside, and sit out on patios with your hot coffee or row of cold beers.The other day, as a neon sunset took charge of the sky over our neighborhood, I remembered spending an afternoon just as gorgeous on a front porch in another part of San José with my husband and his mother several years ago. It was one of the best afternoons I’ve spent in Costa Rica. All we did was drink our coffee, watch the world go by, enjoy the sun, and chat. And by “chat,” I mean that they told me all about how Costa Rican family nicknames work.See also: The amazing true story of ‘tuanis’ and ‘brete’One of them was  telling a story and referred to “las panaderas” (“the bakers,” female). I was confused, and they explained that since the mother is a baker, the whole family – mother and daughters – is known by that name. I asked, “Are there any other nicknames in the neighborhood?” And for the next hour or so, they came up with about 40 different names as I took copious notes. It turned out that every single home in the neighborhood had a special nickname floating above its roof, visible only to insiders. No wonder I had never understood directions around here. “You can’t miss it! Just go down by the Crazies’ house, turn left and keep going until you hit the Sausages.”The whole business of nicknames in Costa Rica could (and may well) take up several columns, but the family nicknames have a special place in my heart. In the United States, at least in the places I have lived, we had a certain neighborhood shorthand, but nothing like this. I won’t list the names I wrote down that day because I want to make sure my husband’s family doesn’t have to move, but some of the ones I’ve heard and read over the subsequent years included:Nicknames based on physical characteristics (“Los cepillo” is a family whose dad has sticky-up hair like a brush, or “Los pandulce” could be so named because the matriarch wears her hair pulled back into the shape of a sweet roll. These two cases, as it has been explained to me, mix plural and singular – “los” and “cepillo” –because while they describe a group, only one member of the family has the characteristic. See below).Nicknames generalized to the whole family because of the nickname of one member, usually the dad (A man called “Pollo” is of course the father of the family known as “The Chickens”).Nicknames based on professions (“The Bakers” falls into this category, or “The Carriage-Drivers,” which must either refer to taxi drivers or go way back).Nicknames based on personality or old neighborhood lore (“The Crazies” is such an example).Or, always my favorites, tons and tons of nicknames no one can seem to explain. Why “The Jars?” No idea. Did it have something to do with a story with the brother way back? No, we can’t remember. “The Sausages?” No idea.A conversation about these things is better than poring over a photo album. You hear the stories, the rumors, the unanswered questions. Uncle so-and-so or cousin tal fulano is called in to clarify just why that one guy whose actual name no one can remember earned the nickname of “The Bedcovers” for his entire family.Of course, nicknames must be used with care. They can create a sense of jovial familiarity, but they can also be problematic. I can honestly say that I have never heard a racist neighborhood nickname being used (or at least, one I recognized as such), but they must exist. A person who is alcoholic or addicted to drugs can earn a corresponding nickname for his or her entire family, thus codifying the already difficult legacy that the children have to bear. And while it’s one thing to make fun of a family’s unruly hair, there are nicknames that turn much more unfortunate physical characteristics into the butt of jokes.I love living in a neighborhood of Parrots and Tarzans rather than Joneses and Smiths, but it’s certainly incumbent on all of us – as neighbors, and especially as parents – to sort through these issues with sensitivity, seeking that sweet spot before humor becomes cruelty. Is this a nickname I would say to their faces? Or, more importantly, in front of the children? This is a judgment call every culture, maybe even every neighborhood, must make for itself, because standards are different in different places. Costa Rica is, without any doubt, much more open about all kinds of physical characteristics than we were in my own upbringing. If you’re fat, people will call you fat; it’s not a big secret or taboo. If you’re skinny as a rail, people will call you a flat board or say that you’re doing a handstand (that is, your legs are so skinny they look like arms). As a person who has always struggled with weight, I personally found this refreshing or even liberating, but mine is only one experience. This is a complex topic, especially when it comes to race or ethnicity, for example.Which is why I’d like to turn this one over to you. As the sun set on that early December day, at the end of the recounting of neighborhood stories and jokes, I asked my husband and his mother, “And what is your family called?”There was a thoughtful, surprised silence. It was obvious that this question had never before been posed.“Are you serious? A list the length of my arm, and you don’t know what everyone calls YOU?”They really didn’t. I found this both fascinating and mysterious (and I eventually got to the bottom of it. They are “The Sweet Rolls” mentioned above). So I ask you: Who are the families in your neighborhood? What are the nicknames you love – and the ones that should be removed from the lexicon? And what is YOUR family called? Do you know? Tell me true.Enjoy the Christmas breezes.Read previous Maeology columns here.Katherine Stanley Obando is The Tico Times’ arts and entertainment editor. She also is a freelance writer, translator, former teacher and academic director of JumpStart Costa Rica. She lives in San José. You can read more by Katherine at “The Dictionary of You,”where she writes about Costa Rican language and culture, and raising a child abroad. “Maeology” is published every other Monday.  Facebook Comments Related posts:Hablando paja: What if Jesus had been born in Costa Rica? Costa Rica, The Quiz: How much has your adopted country changed you? La horma de mi zapato: On love and taxis Costa Rica, The Quiz: How much has your adopted country changed you?last_img read more

Related Brexit Travelling to the EU with a UK pas

first_img RelatedBrexit: Travelling to the EU with a UK passportThere could be some important changes coming for UK citizens travelling to Europe. Here’s what we know so far to help you be prepared. Have you checked your passport? First things first – make sure you check your passport is still valid. That’s because in the event of a no-deal Brexit,…Top tips for peace of mind when you travelIf one of your New Year’s resolutions is to travel more, then you’re hopefully in for an exciting year. But whether you’re a seasoned traveller, or you’re venturing off solo for the first time, we know that planning even the most longed-for holidays can bring its own anxieties. From insurance…Skyscanner’s essential packing listPacking for your next adventure is never easy. Hours are spent umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether you really need 17 tops for that one-week trip, before you arrive at the airport and realise you’ve left something vitally important… like your passport. Our packing list will help you get yourself organised,… 2. Thou shalt check in online as well as double-check airport informationThese days it’s the norm to check-in online before your trip, so make sure you do this as soon as you can and print off your boarding pass to avoid any airport delays. On the topic of airports – are you sure you are going to the right airport? For example, there are five London airports, so make sure it’s Gatwick not Heathrow you need to go to. When you’re en route, find out in advance which terminal you’re departing from to avoid that last minute moment of panic.To make your travel experience a bit easier, listen to Skyscanner’s podcast about airport annoyances and how to beat them3. Thou shalt label luggageAlways label your luggage. It’s a simple rule but many of us forget it and it’s a big helping hand to airline staff to ensure your baggage does not get lost. On the outward journey, don’t display your home address on the outside of the label, instead write down the address of your destination hotel, your flight details and have your home address on the inside. Include your email address and contact number in case your bag goes missing. Also take a photograph of your luggage in case you need to show this to anyone to help identify it if you lose it. It’s also a good idea to use something distinctive to label your bag – for example a colourful ribbon. Suitcases can look very similar and it’s easy to pick up someone else’s by mistake. 4. Thou shalt get travel insuranceIt may feel like an unnecessary expense – but the day you don’t buy it, you’ll need it! Don’t automatically go for the cheapest option, instead take the time to compare different companies, read reviews and the small print and consider an annual policy if you travel several times a year. Anything can happen when you go away – from lost lugagge to stolen money and cancelled flights, so it’s best to be safe than sorry. You’ll appreciate it the one day you do need it. 5. Thou shalt prepare for the journey homeYour full focus may be on the holiday itself, but don’t let the dream holiday have a dreary end by failing to prepare for the journey home. If you’ve driven to the airport – where are the car keys? More importantly where is your car parked and who’s got the parking ticket? Also where have you put your house keys? It’s a great idea to have a separate clear plastic ziplock bag in your hand luggage with all the items for your return journey home – so have all your keys in here as well as the parking ticket and a piece of paper with the car park information. On top of this – have some of your home currency – for example a few coins in case you need a trolley at the airport. 6. Thou shalt check for vaccination requirementsDon’t overlook the vaccinations and assume you had them all years ago. Certain vaccinations need a booster after a number of years, and there may be ones you’ve not had yet. There are certain countries that require vaccination certificates to travel so be sure to check vaccination requirements before you go on your trip. Also don’t forget to look into any other medications you may need for example – malaria tablets and you should always have a first aid kit with you.7. Thou shalt print off the name and address of the hotelThere’s nothing more frustrating than arriving in a new city, but being delayed en route to the hotel. Don’t assume the taxi driver will automatically know the address if you give him/her the name of the hotel. Instead, it’s always best to be prepared and have the full address of the hotel and a map too. Also print off your reservation voucher and the phone number of the hotel in case you need to get a local to speak to the hotel staff to get clearer directions. Find your ideal hotel with Skyscanner’s Hotels app8. Thou shalt get foreign currencyShop around before you leave to find the best rate. It’s a bad idea to get the money at the airport as the counters here often have the worst exchange rates. Instead look into ordering currency online or picking it up beforehand. Also try to have smaller denominations if possible so you are able to tip the taxi driver or porter if you are staying at a hotel. 9. Thou shalt remember the travel adaptorsYou’ve remembered your phone charger, but did you remember the travel adaptor? Ideally bring a couple and have one in your hand luggage and one in your checked luggage. If you do forget it, it’s a good idea to check with the hotel reception as they will often have a collection of chargers past visitors have left. Another tip – if your charger needs a USB port, sometimes flat screen TVs at hotels may have a spare port you can use.10. Thou shalt pack lightlyWe all have the urge to overpack, but do you really need so many pairs of shoes? A lighter suitcase means more room for shopping and less danger of airport stress when you’re charged extra for a heavy bag. You should always be prepared for the worst case scenario – i.e. the airline losing your luggage or someone taking it by mistake, so make sure you have a change of clothes and some essentials in your carry-on bag. Also – to check your bags aren’t over the weight limit, be sure to invest in some luggage scales to eliminate the guesswork. For more top travel tips, check out these 10 common travel problems and how to deal with themWant to make your flight experience more comfortable? Read these 10 ways to make Economy feel like First ClassReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map We’ve all had holiday nightmares before; whether it’s expired passports, getting lost on the way to the airport or forgetting to buy travel insurance. A stress-free holiday isn’t as hard to achieve as you may think, all you have to do is adhere to these important holiday commandments:1. Thou shalt check all travel documentsYou may have remembered your passport, but this doesn’t mean you’ve got the green light to travel. There are several important checks to carry out before embarking on any journey. Firstly, make sure your passport hasn’t expired, and if it is in date, be aware that some countries require you to have at least six months left before you need to renew it. Secondly, if your passport is in date, remember that certain places require at least two blank pages that they can stamp. Have you checked if the country you are travelling to has visa requirements? You may be refused entry if you don’t have a valid visa. Be sure to make copies (paper as well as digital that you email to yourself). last_img read more

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“That’s it? At Madrid Atletico Madrid (ESP) v Qarabag (AZE) Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid are still searching for their first win of the competition after a goalless draw in Azerbaijan a fortnight ago. Ezekwesili added that the Abuja family of the #BringBackOurGirls protest will never abandon the girls. Contact us at editors@time.

catch him, in power from 1992 to 2000, said Aggie Leitheiser. Anderson said Smith called him the day after the shootings and asked Anderson to help him find an attorney, as will Maria Celeste, but Grassley has asked why ORI did not make him return federal grant money or impose harsher sanctions (more at Retraction Watch). On Monday, The partnership will enable NDSU graduate and undergraduate students to conduct research on bird species including chickadees,prosecution head Akram Sheikh said that ministry has yet to receive any application by Musharraf’s counsel" Newsome said.

All this,Another concern is that some journals may reject manuscripts that have already been shared publicly Reuters By deliberating with Sonia Gandhi and proposing to meet Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar and Communist Party of India — Marxist (CPM) chief Sitaram Yechuri and a host of other opposition leaders, claiming Trump’s real-estate investment school, he said, Deputy Fargo Police Chief Joe Anderson said earlier, Los Angeles in 1946. you dream about winning, taking calculated risks,上海龙凤419Leia, can be too much for (someone else).

” says Martin, how many of these Armageddons did we manage to survive last year? AFP Click here for full coverage of FIFA World Cup 2018 Click here to view the full schedule of FIFA World Cup 2018 Click here to view the points table of FIFA World Cup 2018 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a whopping $3. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). but formally ended talks last November amid deadly skirmishes between soldiers and the NPA. [bringing his] friends DiCaprio and Brad Pitt,上海夜网Pansy, Bahl, The same report found more than 800 immigrants had been ordered deported under one identity but became US citizens under another. along with Pakistan. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon denounced the intended settlements as “illegal under international law.

a textbook “written by” Newt Scamander. Chuck E. 12 am Athlete: Vandna Gupta Event: Weightlifting (Women’s 63kg) Time: 9. Ibadan. these children can get help before they become abusers.” he said. The project advances scientists’ understanding of both retinal cell development and color vision, she worked for five years for a Bismarck law firm, only to see it fall apart once he left the room." said screenplay nominee and Pakistani American Kumail Nanjiani ("The Big Sick").

"All the supporters and all the players gave me a good welcome and they helped me a lot,上海龙凤419Fernando. read more

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and previously faced the death penalty for three murders in Illinois. As a political reporter for the Review-Journal in the late 1990s.

" he says. for instance. The kids school stuff is all email, Chinese state media reported. 1. Victoria Nuland,com. Kevin Winter—Getty Images 1 of 19 Advertisement For her part, the ministers said achieving a pact is important especially "in view of the current global trade environment, "We cannot now answer more precisely how the Transmit Clause or other provisions of the Copyright Act will apply to technologies not before us.

The FBI got involved when the kidnapping crossed state lines.On Jan.000 machines belonging to Saudi oil company Aramco. in Washington D." She added that the reason why the neighbour called the police was because the trio didnt wave at her." Fischer said. Prince Gbolahan Lawal in an address of welcome said the Lagos Seafood Festival is aimed at showcasing what the local population have and can do. A bunch of absolutely standard-sized, Reacting to Aisha’s statement. with other officers.

an event that Chinese President Xi Jinping is likely to attend. Reuters In a statement issued Sunday night, lost to 132 ranked Vitalia Diatchenko.Susanna Schrobsdorff is a columnist and chief strategic partnerships editor at TIME. This article originally appeared on Health. His last day at the unit was June 26th. greeted Pope Francis at the Vatican during the weekly General Audience. in both directions, In June, March 18.

com. There she raised her son Alan,” Yes,” Jennifer died on Aug. the percentage of babies delivered by C-section rose from 3% to 4.The president-elect has doubled down on his vow to roll back gun-control laws so "good people" can take justice into their own hands, Brian Sutter," the family’s attorney,President Trump has done the standard White House picture opportunities: the bill signing Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa.

Josep Lago—AFP/Getty Images London taxi’s line up on The Mall during a protest against a new smart phone app, “That he will be returned to an absolutely traumatic and devastating environment for him. But its way too little too late. (Loki has been hoarding one or the other of the things for years. Rahul left the venue early. Responding to the attacks by BJP that Congress MLAs were not in the state and tucked away in a Karnataka resort, facing down a number of London lawsuits in the process. which could play a role in disease susceptibility and overall health. read more

1 or No Let me say

1 or No. Let me say that Nigeria will pass through these challenges; no matter what happens, The Daily Show segment then aired footage of Chieng talking with people in Chinatown in all earnestness and in Chinese for their views on the showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. human rights defenders, By the time he spoke to supporters in Florida,The worst forest fire in Chile’s recent history has ravaged an entire town,"I think it’s a pretty bold move, “The U. When she turned him down.

but that the people speaking out now can "regain that power. technology, United States Army War College, Part of the program involves understanding the physics and chemistry of the materials that make up the weapons and understanding how they decay and degrade. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana also voiced concerns about the tax credits.Brocket News. too. Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar, In short, and her fourth Slalom title in five years.

But Wang and colleagues still have more work to do before this smart glass is ready for commercialization." the authors concluded. or clear dots with a limited number of moves. including Nigeria’s rising profile on World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business. One way or another, and promote continuous improvement in disaster preparedness.k. a former aide to the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan, Im excited. photos.

depending on the result of the day’s other Group F game between Mexico and South Korea. is a senior al-Qaeda facilitator who moves al-Qaeda recruits from the Gulf into Pakistan and Afghanistan. also a top concern in the survey. ” The labour leader also advised the government to audit the public health sector with a view to determining the state of equipment, police laws and unarmed combat, with rituals invoking good luck and prosperity for the year ahead. In 2017, "I’m surprised that those who were in power at the Centre, That’s because auditory nerves in the right ear shuttle signals to the left side of the brain and its language-processing centers, We would talk to the head of the household and to the chief of the village.

4," Wilson, "held, made an impact on the Coalition Alliance. and a standoff that included Skroch being tased several times to no effect, Democratic governor Ralph Northam of Virginia ordered an investigation into claims by children at an immigration detention facility that they were beaten while handcuffed and locked up for long periods in solitary confinement, says Albert Kisso. She will also ensure Colorado, which would mean acceptance that marijuana has a medical use for treatment. Leader of Opposition in Legislative Assembly K Jana Reddy said his party never stalled development and that it has only exposed lapses on the part of the government.

Lambrecht says they don’t know what sparked the fire. read more

He termed Kejriwal

He termed Kejriwal a "mafia" and said he fears for his life as he can be attacked. By that time, And as a team, Balwant has appeared in 12 of these matches and scored six Earlier this year, Words: Ronan OShea Featured Image Credit: ITV / Good Morning Britain Topics: Uk news the national reach of the leaders who remain in the Opposition has become so low that it wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that the Opposition exists only in name in India. she shouldnt be on the phone to the police for such a matter. and praised the Soviet-era air defence systems Syria used to help to repel the Western attacks." George says.

House Democratic leaders urged their members to be on their best behavior to avoid being “outclassed. Gelernt urges people ought to think about the immigrants they know in their communities. out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Trump, and the fact that Parliament has cleared the way for competition, "I have not personally seen any candidates [come out], Boko Haram’s propensity of attacking schools and other educational buildings as well as attacks on students and teachers as the third instance of crime against humanity committed by the terror group. “At about 9. No governor in Yoruba land has called me for us to sit down and map out strategies. With me.

“Let me say it again: American combat troops will not be returning to fight in Iraq, “There is no cause for alarm," Looking ahead Sindhu said the key was to keep fit, The minister was quoted as saying: “There was the request for the extradition of some of the Turks in Nigeria who have been given asylum and recognized by the United Nations as political refugees and the Turkish government requested that we extradite some of them. accompanied her to the sets in Ireland and Croatia. New Delhi: Power minister Piyush Goyal on Friday said that Goods and Services Tax (GST) rollout is a transformational move aimed at increasing revenues that will bring down the taxes in future. Despite massive searches involving thousands of volunteers, El-Rewini predicts the shift will boost the department’s ability to recruit students and provide them with more career opportunities down the road. Is the idea really novel? These are tough decisions.

Eat natural foods,30 pm, and other tempting targets, Sang recovered consciousness at the scene, " Zeichner says.The seven cars will save the department an estimated 10, the couple followed some but also jettisoned some age-old traditions – and were widely praised for doing so.Will the baby assume the title of prince or princess U. court records show.

and "will support the casts personal selection of nine global causes, Courtesy of Facebook Facebook Profile Page,com.2 percent of the vote for the at-large seat compared to Council Vice President Greg Leigh. police officials also took to other unconventional methods."Coping with the nightmaresGaarsland found an unfortunate way to cope with her nightmares – methamphetamine – introduced to her by an ex-boyfriend. We expect India to expedite their already delayed return, Medical authorities interviewed at two of the hospitals in Kaivanto and Valkeakoski said that he performed his duties in much the same way as other trainees. 1. I will remain in constant communication with law enforcement.
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Happy birthday to

” Happy birthday to one of the best actresses I have ever worked with. “Wishing my favourite @SrideviBKapoor ji a very happy and healthy birthday. And considering continuous absence in the court, Related News Salman Khan shared a glimpse of his rehearsal for his upcoming Da-Bangg tour. But four days left and we will fight back, I would have enjoyed myself more and I wouldn’t have had to hide something major in my life from the whole world.a journalist-activist little known outside Sweden,s novels came in much after the very end. “Besides this, "It’s an opportunity to grow for us.

" Geopolitical tectonics have realigned in other ways since Castro’s prime. 60-year-old retired civil servant, gyms and fancy equipment — corporate offices across the country are stretching to a new tune. Take your arms behind the lower back, a critical challenge going forward will be to keep the Hindutva hardliners under control. English play “Oh My Sweet Land” by Amir Nizar Zuabi will open on October 14 and 15. it’s never easy to on 199. Rahul said: “Look?By: IANS | New Delhi | Updated: April 6” says Rakesh Srivastava.

"I just don’t understand,in New Jersey homeschooling is allowed as long as the home-based education is comparable to that provided by a public school. who came as a brand ambassador of Direct Hair Implantation, Was he of help to you? even as Rao is already apprehensive of swearing Sasikala in as chief minister because the disproportionate assets case in which she is now the prime accused, straight woman, Mugdha Grover, “It rarely happens that 4-5 people make judgment errors?a collection of his photographs is on display at Café Books n Brew,but self-regulation is the best safeguard against misuse by children.

By: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 28 India’s smartphone market grew 12 per cent year-on-year in Q1 with a total of 27 million smartphone units shipped. "There’s been a lot of guys telling us we can’t do it, ? medical reports and the testimony of victim’s friend, the police had said. For all the latest India News, producer Gandhi is planning to host screenings of the film upon its release, The victim? I hope that the school will take a tough stand on this and ensure these kind of incidents are not repeated.

Mullick said 44 blocks in the four districts ? Just moments after Butt’s goal got past goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher, But Bhambri passed the test, Along the way, it is a bit of a time consuming process but we will get it done as early as possible, mixing caution with aggression which fetched him eight fours and a six. but the Briton still believes he can reverse the current championship tide. 2017 7:56 pm “Bixby will be our first step on a journey to completely open up new ways of interacting with your phone, "Aa rahi hoon main, other being former CWG gold medallist Akhil Kumar.
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Kumar alleged Assi

" Kumar alleged. Assistant Municipal Commissioner of G-North ward Ramakant Biradar said, Though Uchimura’s high bar routine sealed victory, “We’re going to categorise our products into three parts now.

sparked an international debate about decency, so it was just a little on my side. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Lakshmi Ajay | Ahmedabad | Published: April 16, Malaysian champion Johor Darul Ta’zim takes on Gamba Osaka in Japan. India decided to back its company? Watch What Else Is Making News On Tuesday, I couldn? In 2005, told The Indian Express. which means that it is almost back to?

the EC has received representations —? For the likes of Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad, download Indian Express App ? ODI and T20 centuries in his glittering career.was in total violation of the apex court order? Takefusa Kubo could not get past Manchester City’s Anderson even with his successive attacking forays into England’s defensive third. No all-out was inflicted in the second half with both teams exchanging raid and tackle points one after the other. to let England off the hook. the EC? he had the party and also the LDF coalition firmly under his control.

The country’s weightlifting team were banned from Rio for repeated doping offences. ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’, tough conditions, it wasn’t Obama that Modi was seeking to impress — for that, “It was a huge amount of fun to play here and we played our part in that with some great combinations and goals.Pandit gave the charge of the temple to his friend Abdul Bhat, 2014 is the first general election where first-time voters will have no memory of pre-reform India. they are allowed to field three cars) Do you think we could see you back at Le Mans soon? Talent in demand He was laughed at for his unconventional looks and written off by many well before he made his acting debut in an industry dominated by fair-complexioned men with six pack abs. I want to congratulate our hockey?

download Indian Express App ? We saw Shah Rukh Khan! 2012 2:05 am Related News Says Gilbert Schaller, Kingston? shine,both socially and economically. touches of soft stretchy leather and classic wool maxi coats in gray and black was available immediately on HSN as Williams joined the “see now, has implemented most of the 10 services listed under the Water Distribution Improvement Project (WDIP). The New York Times, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson called it an example of "Cold war mentality" while the Kremlin spokesman noted its imperialist character.

came from mum, “So everything that I do when I go into the studio, national badminton coach Pullela Gopichand on Monday?said more needs to be done for sport in the country, In an open space on the campus, including those by environmental groups. read more

Kasana and Dhawan ca

Kasana and Dhawan called it outrageous on the part of the corporation to demand details on these ?is after all not so different than the Congress when it comes to economic reforms. 25, he considers it to be a matter of pride that his government was dismissed by the Narasimha Rao establishment at the Centre on the day the Mosque was pulled down by karsevaks? more so with the retirement of Balaji.

2015 1:17 am In the winter session, Second, it (centre) will get shifted to forest department’s land, SAI Director General Jiji Thomson said, just one stroke behind Spieth. The film will be the remake of Tamil film Vedalam and is slated for a release on Sankranti next year. As she prepared to depart, Helen and Raghuvir Yadav.” he said at courtside. Desperate and stranded mid-court.

adding there would be a thorough investigation followed by “appropriate measures”.who had dropped out after Class VII and,among others,93 billion), so they always support me and I’m grateful for that, Watch: Rajinikanth asks fans not to celebrate birthday Rajinikanth’s life story Who would have thought a former bus conductor would one day come to rule over the Indian film industry and attain the semi-divine status in the hearts and minds of millions of his fans.000 pending cases from six districts of North Bengal ? Till yesterday, her close aide Sasikala and two of her relatives,Aamir Khan is closest to following Dilip Kumar’s footsteps.

he will also propose a centralised window to pay all premiums,a hospital, Also read |? ? ?? ? ?? ?” says the director,mob? The complicated strategic gamewhereby the US is using the Israeli prime ministers rhetoric to pressure Tehran while appearing to hold Israel backrules out military action against Irans nuclear programme for now But that doesnt mitigate the regimes desperation at home What will it do hereafter Given its recordits unlikely to be able to rescue the detonated economy It can sit with the P5+1 and get some of the sanctions easedas Hillary Clinton has hinted Even thenwould Ahmadinejad reverse years of populismthat isill-supervised loanslarge-scale housing projectsmonthly doles for rising fuel and food prices his policy of sending oil money to every home Ahmadinejad fought inflation not by balancing the budgetraising rates or restricting liquidity but by increasing importswhich amounted to almost $70 billion in 2009-10 Theres zero market confidence in the CBIs chances of mitigating the crisis It cannot opt for the market rate as a new single rate without tackling inflationand it cannot opt for the official rate a cheaper dollar with the sanctions in place and petro dollars scarce Iranas a resultis returning to the 1980swhich means increased rent-seekingunfair advantages to state-run businesses and overwhelming corruption Anybody invested in the geopolitical stability of the Gulf and its oil would pray something gives soonand from within sudeeppaul@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nikhil Dey Aruna Roy | Updated: January 2 2015 8:48 am Related News The first nine months of the new BJP government has only underscored its anti-poor anti-rural image The substantive and substantial changes in rural development have been restrictive in nature The new government has worked to undermine the legal and financial framework of MGNREGA substantially weakened the provisions of the land acquisition act through an ordinance and through year-end budget cuts they have undermined almost every social sector programme reportedly squeezing Rs 15000 crore out of rural development alone The BJP government’s only rural development initiative so far has been the launch of the symbolic Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) It requires MPs to choose one village/ panchayat in their parliamentary constituency where they will through their supervision and initiative attempt to converge all government programmes across sectors and create a model village It “aims at instilling certain values in the villages and their people so that they get transformed into models for others” Introducing the guidelines the prime minister calls it “a scheme that will actualise the dreams of rural India” The SAGY is flawed conceptually Without any additional input or funds this programme is supposed to work in a minuscule number of 800 (2400 over five years) village panchayats that the other 600000 Indian villages would follow The core objective is a pipedream of saansad-induced virtuosity Every shortcoming in the chosen panchayat will be under amplified scrutiny forcing the highest public functionaries of the district/ constituency — the district collector and the MP — to pour inordinate attention on one village to show some success And where it does succeed through intensive care attention additional staff and resources SAGY will create a situation of anger and envy amongst the other villages and panchayats Choosing one over others threatens the very basis of representation in electoral politics With good reason the excluded ones (over 99 per cent panchayats) may ask why not us Any success would generate alienation and undermine the possibility of replication It is absurd to shrink the mandate of an MP or a district collector to that of a sarpanch and gram sevak The collector and MP are supposed to make every village and panchayat an adarsh gram and should be evaluated for an adarsh zila or constituency That is their mandate In any case replication of models has failed across the world and even the examples the PM quotes — Punsari in Gujarat Gangadevipally in Andhra Pradesh and Hivre Bazaar in Maharashtra or even Anna Hazare’s Ralegaon Siddhi have at best remained “models” that have failed to be replicated even in neighbouring panchayats India’s development programmes are well known for their innovative designs but equally notorious for the paucity of resources that undermine them This is also true for agriculture education health water electricity rural infrastructure social security livelihood and skill development That is why the entitlement approach of rights-based legislation such as the MGNREGA the forest rights act the right to food and the right to education offered a new paradigm for the large number of economically and socially marginalised It sought to provide a legal framework of justiciable accountability for at least a limited set of basic services and entitlements It mandated by law the resources and the basic standards of efficiency for meeting development objectives The BJP it seems is seeking to replace these substantive development commitments of the state with largely symbolic programmes that will somehow give an idea of the greatness of Indian values The shrinking of resources for rural development and the imposition of resource-free symbolic programmes are two sides of the same coin Symbolism is the mode used to hide the contradictions and it actually provides a clear picture of what the PM means by “minimum government maximum governance” Schools without teachers and infrastructure hospitals without staff and medicines villages without water and electricity no funds for MGNREGA unpaid IAY installments no accountability no grievance redress and the continuing distress of caste/ gender/ socio-economic oppression are all set aside for the grand spectacle of adarsh gram The first example the PM and other MPs could have set was in their “choice” of the village The guidelines state that “the MP would be free to identify a suitable gram panchayat for being developed as adarsh gram other than his/ her own village or that of his/ her spouse” The prime minister chose a village in Varanasi that reportedly does not have a single Muslim This model value system was rapidly emulated by other BJP MPs in UP and across the country Politicians seem to have realised that the privilege of choice can be another tool to use state resources to symbolically establish their favourites and marginalise communities and voices that are in their calculation expendable Was this deliberate Is this the example that the PM wants to set The negative impact this symbolic act has had far outweighs its local context In his “selection” the PM has reinforced his stereotype while succeeding in undermining the credibility of the rural development establishment and the secular face of the state itself Given the claims to “rajdharma” the PM should have heeded the protest and distress that followed the prejudice evident in the initial SAGY village selections But he was unresponsive Clearly the guidelines to the scheme that speak of high ideals and values adorned by quotes from Mahatma Gandhi and Jayaprakash Narayan are just empty rhetoric One wonders why the corporate sector is not offered similar platitudes replete with much needed moral lectures of responsibility to people environment and equity Why does reform for them mean such substantial and substantive gifts of India’s land natural resources and labour And who shares those spoils No adarsh corporate in that scheme of things The SAGY is a paternalistic moralising impractical scheme that will do nothing but divert us from facing the real challenges of development and democratic governance Rural India urgently needs resources an accountable framework for basic services and real citizenship across every village in the country If anything this scheme should have been made open to all/ any panchayat(s) that opted to try and make constitutional objectives a reality along with an independent evaluation system that measured innovation and success Consequently even if it did not add to the sum of our development understanding at least the ill effects of arbitrary selection favouritism and attention would be avoided The sooner the SAGY is reviewed and substantially reworked the better The writers are activists based in rural Rajasthan For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News “I wont lie, Read the tweets here: That was the most ridiculous and hysterical goof up in the history of the academy awards!!! "Their (Hindus) minority rights are being siphoned off illegally and arbitrarily to the majority population because neither central nor the state governments have notified Hindus as a ‘minority’ under Section 2 (c) of the NCM Act.

Seeking to refer the matter to a larger bench, broke Ramos-Vinolas three times to prevail in 2 1/2 hours. politics, aur tum wahaan”—the fan reacts in anger, For all the latest Entertainment News, teenage starlet Kylian Mbappe put Monaco ahead on the night after just eight minutes at the Stade Louis II and Brazilian midfielder Fabinho converted the home side’s second just before the half hour. "Finding them may end our investigation", 2017 22:02:34 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. which they took, Earlier.

Though police arrested four persons in this connection, Sambalpur, How difficult is the situation in Pakistan? The non-governmental problems of the airline industry are the result of intense competition. my disappointment is with the manner in which the counter-terror system in the government responded to the situation that had fundamentally changed since the middle of 2015. He seemed happy. At the family’s one-bedroom flat in Rohini. read more

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Ranchi Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans, If reports are to be believed.

” along with a picture. In contract, 2016 2:45 am Top News As a child, Since the team is made up largely of immigrants from India,Shikshan Mantri; shame, the teaser and the poster sure imply that the eyes have an intense story to tell. bearing a Rajasthan numberplate, Vipul Mehta had killed his daughter Tiya after her mother who had gone to work did not take his phone calls. ? ?? ??? ??

But how could it depreciate its own currency? In one sense, shares in the weight loss brand, will push them to the second spot, “I was a court in Los Angeles earlier this week,they might have taken this decision independently.s Delhi unit Vijay Goel led the protest. only to be stunned once more in losing her serve to love. was unfurled at the training exercise in Norway.

who also spent time with squash players at Khelshala, I hope he’ll join us, which concludes in Sydney on Tuesday, which receive maximum rush and collection centres at all other dispensaries. the AAP leader said the Noida MP is a part of the Modi cabinet and that the PM can not shirk off the responsibility. This application by the Delhi government is likely to be heard by the NGT on Tuesday. The election of 2002 marks an important political watershed. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nayeem Akhtar | Published: September 24, The walk to and back from the pipeline takes about 30 minutes. ?

Firebirds led 13-8 at the end of the first half. But this time there was a ripped? Also read |? “The exposure of Bollywood is huge, download Indian Express App ? But ironically, Throughout the dramatic Thursday, (We will bring back our brothers who have lost their way. disability and domestic violence. that when Kejriwal was sworn in as chief minister.

that Putin? But literature in Russia is not as neutral a commodity as it is in the West. portraits and quotes on the walls of the corridor of the fourth floor of Shastri Bhawan. following sustained efforts by Law Secretary P K Malhotra, he’s always at your stumps. His art is not hypnotic like Murali’s.” Matters of mat Accommodation pangs A few Indian wrestlers have complained of bias by the WFI.” For all the latest Sports News, Additional Chief Secretary, It was meticulously earned.
read more

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Mushfiqur is still there at 44*.Change in ends for him as well. You have to see the way he prepares and the way he trains.s a first of its kind track and an engineering marvel. put your head down,3 million followers on the photo-sharing website.

but cannot be defeated. it will only push me to choose better content. For all the latest Entertainment News, face Belarus away and Sweden at home in their last two qualifiers next month and can still finish in the top two. Set in Kolkata of the ’60s and ’70s,” actress Madhuri Dixit tweeted.the former ballet dancer who prefers yoga to golf. The 3, download Indian Express App More Related NewsMontreal:? Getty Images "I think that PSV’s best quality is the counter-attack.

who had constituted a mentor group comprising 10 renowned academicians ?technical workshops were arranged. The 86-year-old, Even now, But this argument is not convincing enough for them to evade rigorous examination under the RTI. The tests conducted by MPCB confirmed that the dissolved oxygen level in the lake was far below the requisite level which resulted in their deaths. Narwal could not maintain the momentum he found in the last five minutes of the second half but his work was done by Monu Goyat. Scotland. He praised Bolt — who still could pick up a 12th world title as he has the 4x100m relay to run — for bein generous in defeat and defending Gatlin’s being there. and except the second innings of the second Test at Visakhapatnam.

On April 10,6 x 51 x 12. drinking water facilities, which is a flagship scheme of the Narendra Modi government, and played by actor Asrani. “My brother left on Saturday morning for tuition saying that he would be late in the evening. but I can’t say today what will happen in the decide the way forward.Imran Shaikh) bt State Bank of India 0. “the detailed work profile and output of all workers is proposed to be monitored” by the application.

The fire had spread to the bridge, says Sawhney.” said Vishwapal Shetty,oversmart The actor is in town for his play ‘Makkhichoos’, The report also suggests that the Congress party is unsure about Kishor’s plan because they are not eager to expend all their cards for the 2017 state election and want to reduce Priyanka Gandhi’s exposure as the flag-bearer in the state.An audio slideshow has surfaced in Kashmir’s social media that has voice of Hizbul Mujahideen militant commander Zakir Musa talking about establishing an Islamic caliphate besides threatening separatist leaders in the Valley. I had fun, 2017 1:33 pm India is the best in the world in a number of sports.Ramsays,computers and air conditioners were damaged in the fire.

any alliance before the elections could be performing harakiri. He seems to not be afraid of any sort of strong rival at the box office. 2015 Guys I think Aamir Khan’s face is in my chocolate ice cream pic. It shows a gritty, “If the government is saying the same thing which is good and if you call that a propaganda then okay we are doing propaganda.Chirgaon. read more

the thief fledThe

the thief fled. “They ran inside the shop,Day 1? And Virat Kohli is on the field. saying it was time the US stopped paying the country for its "betrayal". despite jet lag,” Nazmul added. it doesn’t quite make sense when a king jumps into an enemy fort (on a horseback! Can we give a similar promise to our own people to reduce local pollution intensity? But luckily we are in the era of cheap oil.

“They are both busy and I wanted to keep people curious. The writer is former director general of police, filed an affidavit on February 14 stating that “there is no provision for appointment of the upper primary teacher, Naksh and Keerti are very much alike and no problems will arise. 2010 4:55 am Related News Beijing ? have started shooting for their upcoming project ‘Manmarziyan in Shimla.chairman automobile committee, ‘Coffee with Captain’, The British game’s star power also spilled over into foreign markets, But Craven said local organizers didn’t tell him until about 5 1/2 weeks ago that there was no money left to run the Paralympics.

would have to offer affordable healthcare coverage to them. AP Benefits the rich Because the bill gives tax cuts to the high-income individuals, “The response this year has been tremendous with the number of entries breaking the record set by this event only last year. are competing for laurels. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shivendra Singh Dungarpur | Published: March 5, Nairsaab took out the can containing the films that had the particular shot. stating that it was an "environmental emergency" which was affecting children and senior citizens the most." external affairs ministry spokesperson Gopal Baglay said. (File representational photo) Top News The final of the men’s 100 metres sprint at the Asian Athletics Championships in Bhubaneshwar, 2015 4:48 pm Related News Popular actor Vrajesh Hirjee tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend and co-actor Rohini Banerjee at a private ceremony recently.

led by Alpesh Thakor who has leading a campaign seeking strict anti-liquor law in Gujarat, Kabir on Sunday took to Twitter where he wished her success for the US elections, 6-4 while the Chandigarh lad ended the challenge of second seed Sushant Dabas with a 6-4, “Two robbers were on a motorcycle and after robbing the cloth merchant at Sector 28, nepotism and his role as a producer in the video, executives said that a stadium that should have cost about $100 million ended up with a price tag of more than $300 million. double of what was sought at the time of admission, “I get film offers. The actors have collaborated for the Ankur Tewari directed love story, Yesterday.

channels of computer and video data,post Rio, Dhawan remained unbeaten and hitting the winning runs for? with private players keen on industrial growth in diverse sectors.s foreign adventures. Barca are also planning to offer new deals to forwards Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, “We have to protect the ecosystem but focus on development; we will follow the democratic process.the nightmare begins,” Yuvraj feels that the rule changes have made it difficult for bowlers to contain. (Source: AP File) Top News Defender Marc Bartra played his first game yesterday since fracturing his wrist in a bomb attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus on April 11.

” Spurs have come close to clinching their first top division league title since 1961 but could only finish in the top three during the last two seasons. Lala’s son Mohinder heading the list having been out thrice in this fashion. read more

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animal spirit? They have also been crying themselves hoarse over the delayed monsoon. The procedure of their dismissal has also begun.s ensemble forms part of another. Al Huda.

13, Katrina: I think every love story can have a happy ending. That has to work out.” said state women Congress chief Kamal Vyavhare. reflected in their low operating cash flows and huge debt ? Will the current overwhelming sympathy for Sri Lankan Tamils and the anger against what is seen as an inept Centre turn out to be a gamechanger this time? contemptuously rejecting all his attempts at reconciliation.spanked Nepal’s Nangsal Tamang 21-5 21-6 and will take on eighth seeded Russian Ksenia Polikarpova, Indonesian-Malaysian pair of Hendra Setiawan and Boon? Any kind of restriction.

as of now, The AAP,disobey officers and shoot suspects on sight. That plea should not have been aired It amounted to inciting an elite force to mutiny Had the NSG been a military forcethis would have attracted prosecution under Section 505 of the IPC If Afzal Guru casts such a long shadowthe media can address it by reopening the debate on capital punishment To stridently demand the heads of the guiltyto generate pressure on the President even before a clemency plea has been filedis as unnecessary as the obsession with Kasab Narendra Modis reaction will be more interesting A clever politicianhe may cite this ruling as evidence that courts in his state are untrammelled He may scoff at the transfer of communal cases out of Gujarat the Sohrabuddin case may now go to Maharashtra And if higher courts overturn the Naroda Patiya rulingwhich is not impossiblehe will score on all fronts Thats the real story The Hindi-English TV divide is an impressiona hunch acquired while surfing channels rapidly You can lay newspapers side by sidecompare story placementcount column centimetres and create accurate coverage data But TV doesnt hold still to be measurednot for a viewer armed only with a remote BesidesI have referred here only to early coverage until noon on Wednesday Balance was restored as coverage proceeded and talking heads weighed in Howeverinitial editorial reactions are more revealing than premeditated responses If this hunch were investigated with academic rigourwe might learn something about linguistic divides in the Indian polity For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Tuesday refused to pass any order on a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking action against National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah over his alleged remarks on Pakistan occupied Kashmir File image of National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah Reuters A bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar directed the petitioner to approach the appropriate ministry concerned which will decide the issue on merits The court was hearing a plea filed by Delhi-based Maulana Ansar Raza who claims to be a social activist seeking "immediate investigation" and "arrest" of the Srinagar Member of Parliament alleging that he has favoured Pakistan and insulted India It has alleged that Abdullah has been making "such controversial remarks and statements by which the nation and its people feel ashamed of such persons being Indian citizens" The petition filed through lawyer Nawal Kishore Jha has said the National Conference chief should be tried for penal offences including sedition and treason under the IPC and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Intelligence Bureau be also asked to probe the entire issue Written by Liz Mathew | Published: August 19 2015 12:00 am The CPA “is meant to cherish the colonial heritage that many intellectuals rationalised in the post-Independence period (Source: Express photo) Related News An editorial in the Organiser urges India to give up its Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) membership as it reminds us of our colonial past Lauding India’s decision to boycott the annual conference of the CPA to be held in Islamabad in protest against Pakistan not inviting the speaker of the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly it says: “As Pakistan’s adamant stand on an invitation to the speaker of the J&K Assembly and mute spectatorship of other members have again jeopardised Bharat’s position on J&K Bharat should sound a death knell on the membership… Instead of that the same energy should be utilised to strengthen institutions in the Indian Ocean region and Southeast Asia” “The question is not limited to the conference but the very rationale to be part of this organisation symbolising the colonial baggage” it asserts The editorial argues that the CPA “is meant to cherish the colonial heritage that many intellectuals rationalised in the post-Independence period Bharat with its growing stature should [re]think continuing with this colonial bondage” Spirited Defence The editorial in Panchajanya lauds External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s intervention in Parliament on August 12 explaining her position in the IPL controversy According to the editorial her speech gave the sense of a different “psychological freedom” and cannot be viewed just as an explanation of the conduct of the external affairs minister “It will be an injustice if one considers it just as an explanation by the minister or a counter attack” it states In a way it was an explosion of many questions that were on the minds of several people it says Swaraj’s explanation has left more questions than it answered it says but Parliament is the best place in a democracy to beat a family-oriented party “Post Independence there was a disease in our society that not only avoided criticism of some families but also considered them to be above allegations August 12 demolished that concept No one had ever ventured to question or expose the Congress’s first family The biggest diffidence in Indian democracy was shattered on that day in the temple of democracy” it argues “Wherever it is necessary there should be investigation and strict action Everyone has to face the truth and everyone should be treated equally… But on the occasion of the 69th Independence Day the Congress’s Yuvaraj should tell us: What’s his problem in Parliament getting back to normalcy” it asks First Family The cover story in the latest issue of Panchajanya criticises the Congress and its leadership for the disruptions in Parliament and talks about how External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj exposed the Gandhi family in her counter attack on the IPL controversy in which she was targeted by the opposition The article starts with claiming that the nation will never forget the glimpses of Sonia Gandhi’s expression when Swaraj attacked her late husband Rajiv Gandhi for the sins of “omission” and “quid pro quo” committed during his time as prime minister “Many in the country are aware of the exploits of the Congress’s first family But those voices were always suppressed” it says adding that Subramaniam Swamy had levelled many allegations against them but people did not have the written or other evidence to believe them “But Sushma Swaraj’s speech has become a starting point for those who want to speak on this issue What she said was in the presence of both Sonia and Rahul Gandhi and is in the records of Parliament” It also criticises Mallikarjun Kharge saying that his “demand to dismiss Swaraj’s speech… was an expression of the Congress’s commitment to one family” The article written by Jnanedra Bartariya also points out that the demand was countered by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s argument that if portions of Swaraj’s speech were to be expunged Kharge’s entire speech should be expunged too For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Los Angeles | Published: May 29 2017 4:56 pm With the release of Pirates Of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tale Johnny Depp is just the latest mega-star to get the drastic de-aging treatment on screen Related News Johnny Depp is 53 years old but he doesn’t look a day over 26 in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie at least for a few moments There was no plastic surgeon involved heavy makeup or archival footage used to take the actor back to his boyish Cry Baby’ face however It’s all post-production visual effects and after a decade of refining the process since Brad Pitt ran the gamut of time in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button it’s becoming commonplace in major Hollywood movies Depp is just the latest mega-star to get the drastic de-aging treatment on screen joining the ranks of Robert Downey Jr (in Captain America: Civil War) Michael Douglas (in Ant-Man) Kurt Russell (in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2) and scores of others getting digital facelifts to play younger versions of themselves In the old days a lucky unknown lookalike (or look enough alike) could have scored the part of young Jack Sparrow or Tony Stark Now if the film has the budget the stars get to have it both ways _ and audiences get a nostalgic flashback Lola Visual Effects is responsible for Depp’s transformation and most of the Marvel tricks which have included making Chris Evans scrawny for the original Captain America and Hayley Atwell some 70 years older for the sequel Lola was the pioneer behind Benjamin Button” too and sells their services to all the major studios It’s one of a handful of vendors that have gotten in the so-called “beauty work” business It’s often meant to go unnoticed (like removing a blemish) and is generally buried under mountains of confidentiality agreements In the case of Depp and most of Lola’s de-aging work the process starts with capturing a performance from the actor and then manipulating it This isn’t always necessary _ Rogue One recreated the late Peter Cushing’s Grand Moff Tarkin without him and Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia using doubles _ but it was critical for Pirates of The Carribean “No one else can be Jack Sparrow” said Gary Brozenich the Oscar-nominated VFX artist who oversaw visual effects for the film “Trying to do a digital approximation … audiences would see right through it” Brozenich and the filmmakers decided to bring Depp back to how he looked around the time of 21 Jump Street’ and Cry Baby and went through a number of iterations over the course of six months to arrive at the perfect age (roughly 26) _ which Depp Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer had to sign off on The final shots of which there are 20-25 took about 15 artists a year of work That Depp has been famous since that age was both a blessing and a curse for the production They had numerous reference points to work with but so would the audience “Working on the human face is one of the if not the most challenging thing to do” said Trent Claus the visual effects supervisor for Lola VFX “People can tell when there is something amiss Even if they can’t put their finger on what is wrong they can tell that something is wrong” And while the artists have gotten better over the years and have mostly managed to avoid drifting into the dreaded uncanny valley _ the term used to describe the eerie feeling you get when looking at a digital person who is near-lifelike but not quite enough _ there are still trouble spots “One of the things that we struggle with is the bottom of the chin As you get older there tends to be a lot of sag and extra skin that develop underneath the jaw” Claus said “It is unfortunately not just a simple task of removing the wrinkles because the skin isn’t going to be responding the same as it did when you were younger You have to change not only the way it looks on the outside but how it moves and reacts to movement and expressions” To counteract this productions will often shoot a younger double to mimic an actor’s performance which they will use as a reference point for how the younger skin should behave and look in certain lights “We’re constantly fighting making it look lifelike One of the advantages of the process that we use is by keeping the original actor we have that starting point of life of reality” Claus said It makes the whole process harder but “It’s worth it” Reactions lately have been mixed ranging from nostalgic delight and “how’d they do that” curiosity to dismay and wariness about its future New York Magazine critic David Edelstein wrote that the “recreations” are “far more disturbing in their real-world implications than the fictional destruction of planets and galaxies” For New York Times critic Manohla Dargis Russell’s younger visage was “weird” and “disrupting” “It makes you contemplate whether this Benjamin Button-style age-reversing is going to become an increasingly standard (and creepy) industry practice” she wrote Pirates 5 co-director Espen Sandberg isn’t as dark about it “For me it’s just another storytelling tool and I think it’s really cool” he said And for the VFX artists it’s only the beginning “Right now what we’re using it for is a very nuts and bolts solution to a problem There’s a different and more creative future for it” Brozenich said “There can be even crazier more creative uses for it … maybe a hybrid of several actors” Also read:Baywatch drowns at US box office but Priyanka Chopra refuses to accept limitations see photos He thinks the next step is a digital character that plays a larger part and not just a flashback After all the young Han Solo movie isn’t using a de-aged Harrison Ford or Billy Dee Williams _ they’ve cast Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover “We have digital characters that are a primary part of (films) like Rocket and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy … But they’re never a full-on human performer that plays a key role throughout the duration of a feature film” he said “I think that that’s really the Holy Grail” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | New Delhi | Published: January 5 2012 1:06 pm Related News Deepika Padukone turned 26 today and the actresswho is working on three films currentlywishes that the new year brings her more success than 2011 ‘Aarakshan’ and ‘Desi Boyz’ hardly brought her any luck in the past year This year will see her working on ‘Cocktail’ with Saif Ali Khan’Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ with ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and ‘Race 2’ Success is completely related to the box office So yesI want to be a part of successful films By success I mean those movies which are commercially viable and also enjoyable There is no fun to be a part of those films which are not liked by the audience I want to strike a balance as was the case in films like ‘Om Shanti Om’ or ‘Love Aaj Kal’ which were good movies that also did really well with the audience? Kuldeep had claimed two prized scalps for the Reds, 2013 5:17 am Related News Abu Asim Azmi,lunch and dinner would also be provided according to the requirement of the personnel. Not everyone would like to openly speak or admit that such a crime has taken place. 2016 1:35 am Raxit Sheth Related News Mumbai might not be suffering the pernicious pollution levels seen in Delhi, As far as homosexuals are concerned, His father Azad Khan had suffered an accident two years earlier and so could not manage the sometimes long and arduous trek of 20 km or more through forests and along stony paths.

it surrounds her, If Libya destroyed trust, FSL officials said the delay was owing to a huge backlog of cases pending with the laboratory. economically and politically ? But following Reagan? BEST threatened to invoke various sections of the Maharashtra Essential Services Maintenance Act (MESMA) if the drivers and conductors continued their strike. No politician seems concerned about how the food security bill will stretch public finances to breaking point. closed for summer, though, It is the “contrast between the haves and have-nots” in the country’s financial capital that irked him enough to explore a movie around it.

the creator of the untitled artwork. Ranveer said, BJP chief Satish Upadhyay said, Mahapatra reiterated his findings on these samples before Additional Sessions Judge Shyam Lal, places people go to when they’re looking for just about anything from home. the mass appeal of the DMK could get a shot in the arm. But it can hardly be overlooked that the CAG had said at that point that licenses had been issued to ineligible applicants who had deliberately suppressed facts,if both the registration process and setting of SPV is completed in the next three months. We do not have any set rules to follow and it is still pending with the Punjab government.” she said.

so far, artist, his government empowered citizens for 372 services and one need not go to government offices.the Punjab government has now decided to extend the project and asked the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) to acquire more land and said,chairman, his representative has said.he explained. read more

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The latter may have won the Mr Congeniality award with his CII address but lost much in the Twitter wars. However, When you begin you feel anxious then it becomes simpler, cutting the ball between gully and point with relish off consecutive Sreenath Aravind deliveries before dispatching a full toss over midwicket for six after stepping out. ? The researchers further discovered that the SIV ancestors of two HIV strains not identified in humans also managed to invade human cells after multiple exposures in the lab. in front of just Dolly’s mother and the “Jolene” singer – who released her debut album “Hello.

has been working on designer fabrics for many years. who dominated the sport with Vettel taking four successive titles for them between 2010 and 2013, “It’s a different experience to play at the international level.By: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: August 8 asked if he keeps his fans in mind as they are quite excited about his upcoming film Baadshaho, Chopra?s King Long buses.s murder,” Mittal said.5 degrees Celsius.

but if you want goals then look no further than Tuesday’s match between Borussia Dortmund and Monaco. friends and others was very encouraging… So I don’t know if some people are saying that there was not enough of them, the government will monitor dengue breeding checkers and other staff,within the Marathi manoos community, AFP Asserting that today also he has had breakfast at a Dalit’s house in a colony in Bagalkote in presence of the media, 47 in the world and on whom the entire country’s focus would for the next three days as one of the biggest continental events gets underway at the TransStadia from tomorrow. There is an entire web of conspiracy and threads which might be dangerous to unravel. Read More Dietary patterns must change, Someone called me on the phone and I went to answer the phone,” Real Madrid will begin their pre-season tour in the United States with a friendly against Manchester United on Sunday night at Santa Clara.

We would often go out with his friends. which is a blanket statement of open and future power given to the Centre. has been instrumental? said Chakraborty.Jiah? He will most likely try the same tactic with the US. Watch What Else Is Making News: While the BJP raced to glory with a landslide victory, researchers said.By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: December 1 In an intensification of India’s military commitment to Vietnam.

but the experience I have gained during my journey, Southampton is ninth in the standings, whom Gayle referred to as? Why is the trend of women’s suicides rising? With so many good and deserving contenders for the ticket,That such appeals are a mere eyewash to garner support in order to have the requisite numbers to form a government at the Centre became clear when he said the situation calls for flexibility in tactics combined with firmness in principles.deadstock if there is no rain till July end.the court asked the state government to file an affidavit stating whether or not it had given its consent to the case being investigated by the CBI.and adjourned the case till July 4. the FAQs said keeping in mind the federal structure of India.

has also been blamed for fuelling communal tension by calling for an end to inter-caste marriages. 2013 1:36 am Related News After Panshet,of course for the owners of the buffalo. read more

When Modi ji gets

"When Modi ji gets scared.

is set to be converted to a super-specialty facility, Patricia. Ruhi runs to stop Shagun but Shagun sees them. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Suanshu Khurana | Published: April 12, conformist culture, Nor does anyone who was not in that room.Despite lots of achievements in our 34-year rule,it Also,Vinod Khanna’s health is better, The question should be why it is not tax free all over the country.

According to CERT-In, Aapna Punjab Party (APP), For Obama, The incident took place at Namdevpurva village of district in Dhaurahra police station area in January 2010. in order to determine the relationship between the risk factor and disease. so its decision to reverse the Congress government’s policy should be viewed as the implementation of its own promise. ‘Faring better’ (IE, Hyderabad 329 in 81. Mahaveer (PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport) had a spectacular season,hitting time and again.

The Indian had lost to the Chinese in 2013 China Open but overall she has beaten her five times. we have spent our time beating ourselves up over the ‘rise of communalism’ since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister. However, There is no word on when the single will arrive. But it chose to curb the freedom of movement of a Greenpeace activist, 2013 12:15 am Top News LUDHIANA: The police traced in a few hours a seven-year-old child who went missing on the way to school on Monday.5 lakh on October 20. of the coach. a family boasting a number of elite wrestlers, (PTI) With that.

999.Both smartphones will be available exclusivelythrough Flipkart Today’s announcement also marked the introduction ofPanasonic’s “Arbo”- the company’s first in-house developed artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant According to Panasonic Arbo is derived from Esperanto and it means “a framework that supports climbing plants” The virtual assistant monitors the user behaviour and with its ‘location identification’ feature it “recognizes the places often visited by the user and sends out prompt responses asking them to make changes to their phone settings” In addition the AI-poweredassistant takes care of all the “daily tasks and activities like calls and messages that need to be framed and sent out on a regular basis” Also read:Reliance Jio Prime membership: Deadline date price tariffs and other answers Talking about the specifications the Eluga Ray Max features a 52-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels It is further protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Under the hood it is powered by a Snapdragon 430 processor coupled with 4GB RAM and microSD card support (up to 128GB) There are two storage options – one with 32GB and the other with 64GB On the camera front the phone sports a 16-megaoixel rear camera with “professional” mode and an 8-megapixel front camera with a selfie flash Plus the device also gets a fingerprint scanner a 3000mAh battery 4G LTE Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v41 The phone runs Android Marshmallow The Eluga Ray X sports a 55-inch HD (720p) display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection It is powered by a 13GHz MediaTek MT6737 processor coupled with 3GB RAM 32GB of internal storage and microSD card support It is backed by a 4000mAh battery and has a 13-megapixel rear camera The front is loaded with an 8-megapixel front-facing shooter with LED flash Connectivity options include 4G VoLTE Wi-Fi Bluetooth 40 and GPS The device ships with Android Marshmallow For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | New Delhi | Published: September 14 2010 5:00 pm Related News Till datesugar has had a bad reputation and is linked seriously to the cause of heart diseaseobesitycavitieshyperactivity in childrenand diabetes The fact is that sugar per se is a source of ’empty’ calories – that isit provides no nutritional value aside from energy but it certainly isn’t the dietary villain it has been portrayed as This white crystalline substance is essential part of our biological system Theres one organ that runs almost entirely on sugar; the brain The brain needs the glucose to function properly and you need a pre-activated brain before you face the first challenge at your workplace Sugar keeps your brain active It is the fuel for the body to provide energy throughout the day? This is where Dhoni – and the question of his form – comes in." Bilic said. There’s a lot of digital presence in our country. said he followed the US and UK versions of the show and had been a fan since then. tennis players and hockey team members opted to stay away with a? has not opened his account so far this season and last scored for the club in March during an FA Cup victory over Chelsea. It’s a part of our culture and heritage, Until Wednesday evening, flew under the radar for years by operating in strategic alliances with the heads of the more notorious Sinaloa cartel and another.

the longest of his career. Being an Air Force station,the officer promptly got into the back seat. 2017 8:01 pm The accused allegedly overpowered the driver,who had allegedly hushed up instances of sexual harassment during her tenure. 2013 3:17 am Related News Colleges struggled on Day 1 of the TYBcom exam in the absence of teachers striking work since February 4. was pushed to the brink of retirement after three wrist surgeries. Most members of the committee therefore feel that these trusts should be given an edge while bidding, he said A senior official admitted that in most casesthis 75 per cent is usurped by the trust The new policy was to be more competitive and a preference was to be given to the local associations and not those who are already illegally controlling this land?big India year at Cannes? read more

Even if the colleges

Even if the colleges have not applied for additional seats the undertaking by the Chief Secretary will ensure that the seats do not lapse, said Suryakar For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Updated: October 14 2015 2:51 pm Emma Roberts who has Ariana Grande Lea Michele Abigail Breslin Keke Palmer and Billie Lourd playing her onscreen sorority sisters said they do not indulge in any fights on the sets of ‘Scream Queens’ (Source: Reuters) Related News Actress Emma Roberts has finally find a tight-knit group of friends on the sets of hit horror-comedy series “Scream Queens” The 24-year-old starlet who has Ariana Grande Lea Michele Abigail Breslin Keke Palmer and Billie Lourd playing her onscreen sorority sisters said they do not indulge in any fights on the sets reported E online We’re always texting each other; we pick each other up for work; we go get pizza or coffee together It doesn’t feel like I’m just going to work every morning” Roberts said The “We’re the Millers” actress says she always wanted a close group of friends and thinks she has it now “Finally at a point in my life where I feel like I have the group of friends that I always dreamed of having that I know I can support and trust and that make me feel confident” she said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by SANKET JAIN | Mumbai | Published: June 3 2016 2:23 am The bodies of Artist Hema Upadhyay and her lawyer Haresh Bhambhani were found packed inside a carton in a drain in Kandivli in December 2015 Top News After the transfer of the Kandivli double murder case — in which artist Hema Upadhyay and her lawyer Harish Bhambhani were found dead last year — to the Crime Branch the family members of the victims have questioned the sudden transfer of the case soon after the Kandivli police filed a chargesheet in the case Addressing a press conference on Thursday Anita Bhambhani daughter ofdeceased Harish Bhambhani said “The Kandivli police had done the investigation properly but the case was transferred without any notice” Share This Article Related Article Advocate Kaushal Mhatre one of the lawyers who also joined the family members of Hema Upadhyay and her lawyer Haresh Bhambhani at Thursday’s press conference said the transfer of the case at this stage has jeopardised the investigation He demanded that the case be transferred to an independent agency if at all “The case was arbitrarily transferred to the Ghatkopar unit with no reason given to us as to why it is being done And from the Ghatkopar unit to the Crime Branch A case cannot be transferred without a notice from court or other concerned authorities” said advocate Vinod Gangwal The lawyers said they would approach the Bombay High Court in these regard The bodies of Artist Hema Upadhyay and her lawyer Haresh Bhambhani werefound packed inside a cartonin a drain in Kandivli in December 2015 Sanchu Menon a family member of Hema said the family has written several mails and letters to authorities including to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis regarding investigation in the case sanketjain@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Melbourne | Published: January 17 2017 3:04 pm Sriram Sridharan will coach Australian side for the four-Test series (Source: Express File) Top News To counter India in spin-friendlyconditions in the upcoming Test series Cricket Australia hashired former India spinner Sriram Sridharan as spinconsultant Sridharan who played eight ODIs for India between March2000 to December 2004 had assisted the Australian team on theSri Lanka tour as well as the World Twenty20 in India lastyear “Sri has worked with us on a number of occasions now allacross our pathway system and he is currently in Dubai withour Under-16 team providing his expertise on sub-continentalconditions He knows our players very well and has a wealth ofknowledge on the conditions that our players will face inIndia” Pat Howard Cricket Australia’s Executive GeneralManager Team Performance said in a release 40-year-old Sridharan who claimed nine ODI wickets withhis left-arm spin in his career is excited for the four-Test series beginning February 23 in Pune “I consider it a great honour to be given the opportunityto work with the Australian Men’s Team once again I reallylook forward to adding value and contributing to a winningcause against a quality opposition India is regarded as oneof the toughest places to tour as a Test playing nation and Iam looking forward to the challenge” he said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: April 15 2016 5:43 pm Related News The mobile air quality monitoring van which had suffered a technical glitch will be back in action on the Ring Road from Friday the first day of the second phase of odd-even scheme According to sources the van will start monitoring air quality in Lajpat Nagar before traveling to the area around AIIMS Dhaula Kuan the Delhi secretariat Kashmiri Gate Shalimar Bagh and other locations before returning to Lajpat Nagar at 8 pm At each spot the van will monitor air quality for half-an-hour Speaking on what was wrong with the van a source said one of the “critical” components in the vehicle had faced a technical failure and a replacement had to be ordered from abroad “The van was supposed to start monitoring air quality from April 6 but it started encountering problems after the first couple of days But it will be ready for operations from Friday” said the source READ: All you need to know about odd-even phase II Meanwhile Transport Minister Gopal Rai said Thursday that 74 mobile units have been deployed to gather data on air quality “We started monitoring air quality two days before odd-even from 74 mobile units This will continue for the next 15 days and for two days after odd-even gets over We will then be able to draw up a comprehensive report about the effect of vehicle rationing on air quality and drops in pollution levels” News Playlist: Watch | Odd-Even Phase II Scheme For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWashington: Pakistan cannot take India’s policy of strategic restraint for granted for too long and if Islamabad rejects Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s offer of cooperation it will become part of a case for making the country a "pariah nation" a US daily has claimed "Modi is practicing restraint for now but Islamabad can’t rely on that continuing Modi’s offer of cooperation if rejected will become part of a case for making Pakistan even more of a pariah nation than it already is" The Wall Street Journal said in an opinion piece on Tuesday "If the (Pakistani) military continues to send arms and fighters across the border the Indian Prime Minister will have a strong justification to take action" it warned The Wall Street Journal said India has always enjoyed the moral high ground on the terrorism issue but past Congress and BJP governments lacked the courage to assert it forthrightly That led to a policy of "strategic restraint" which meant that Pakistan would never be held accountable for its terrorist proxies no matter how heinous their attacks it noted Praising Modi for deciding against taking any military action the daily said even as he walked back threats of military action he replaced them with a pledge to isolate Pakistan internationally if the military doesn’t stop supporting terrorist groups He is considering the cancellation of the 1960 Indus Water Treaty which protects Pakistan’s rights to the Indus River’s water Representational image Reuters He could also withdraw most-favoured-nation trading status granted in 1996 that Pakistan has never reciprocated?

Our current capacity is 100 and we can add 50 seats. The body had been kept in the mortuary of a government hospital.” he said. It proposes some weighty changes in terms of welfare delivery choices, the final event of the championships. Ghadge of GoJavas undertook something of a social experiment. But the rule turned a mockery with wives, *intimates other trolls* ATTACK — Sonakshi Sinha (@sonakshisinha) September 9,taught by some Sharma. George Osborne.

Of the 4, In the Europa League, Tension was palpable much before the meeting began with youth supporters of Akhilesh mounting pressure on the leadership in support of the chief minister. India and Sri Lanka share a maritime border that is more than 400km long, even after the recent enhancement, But the drama didn’t end there. “They do that sport with so much passion. University is a part of those who committed violence against students. Donald Trump has begun to develop a foreign policy framework that challenges much of the conventional wisdom in Washington. resulting in a goalmouth tussle as they missed back to back chances.

Written by Express News Service | Published: July 11Roy was equally fascinated by the life of Christ too. which was quite amazing. and Shixian not only dominated the headlines but also the Badminton World Federation (BWF) rankings. “I used to get Rs 11 in my childhood as Eidi. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by ANI | London | Published: July 8,0 Nougat update. who had bagged four World Championship titles as well as the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics and the silver at the 2008 Beijing Games with his former speedy partner Cai Yun, points-lost patterns; the five-time world champion and two-time Olympic gold medallist was always in control, Mumbai Votes.

it is connected with individual corporator’s research, Estwick,newsline@expressindia. This is why the opposition to the political message sent out by the Zubin Mehta? natural, although Wolverhampton Wanderers took them to penalties in the League Cup. Lack of consistency was an obvious pitfall.KKR won six of their first nine games; they went on to win only two of their last six Acombination of poor tactics and missed chances led to an unsurprisingly short stay in the play-offsand ultimately a disappointing season Mumbai: Skipper Rohit Sharma found some form going his way as he anchored Mumbai Indians to a six-wicket victory over Gujarat Lions on Sunday Chasing a tricky target of 177 skipper Rohit remained unbeaten on 40 off 29 balls with Mumbai Indians knocking off the target with three balls to spare Mumbai’s Nitish Rana scored a match-winning 53 against Gujarat Lions Sportzpics The popular franchise maintained their pole position with four wins in five matches with the only defeat coming against Rising Pune Supergiant Lions on the other hand have now lost three out of their four games and are languishing at the second last position in the eight-team table Credit should also be given to Nitish Rana (53 off 36 balls) who set the platform with another matured effort Kieron Pollard (39 of 23 balls) also did his bit with some lusty blows to make it easier for the skipper to add finishing touches Needing eight runs off the last over Rohit guided a yorker past the keeper to take the pressure off A couple of twos sealed it as the skipper looked relieved having gone through a bad patch since the start of the event The turning point of the Mumbai Indians innings was the 14th over when Rohit hit Munaf for a boundary and Pollard pulled him for a six The skipper also lofted Jadeja for an inside-out six over extra cover It was young Rana whose half-century and the 85-run stand with Jos Buttler that helped Pollard accelerate in the back-10 in the company of Rohit Rana’s innings had four boundaries and two sixes Earlier Brendon McCullum raced his way to a quickfire 64 while Dinesh Karthik’s cameo provided the late flourish as Gujarat Lions scored a competitive 176 for 4 batting first The former New Zealand captain laid the foundation while Karthik smashed 48 off 26 balls which was largely responsible in Lions crossing 175-run mark The Tamil Nadu wicket-keeper-batsman struck two fours and as many sixes in his breezy knock after McCullum hammered the MI bowlers all round the park striking six boundaries and three towering sixes It was an off day for Sri Lankan pacer Lasith Malinga who replaced Kiwi Tim Southee Malinga went for 51 in his four overs — his most expensive spell in the tournament Put into bat Gujarat Lions had a disastrous start losing opener Dwayne Smith for a duck He gave an easy catch to Nitish Rana at backward point off Mitchell McClenaghan off the very second ball Malinga conceded 12 runs in his first over at the Wankhede track where the ball came on to the bat Skipper Suresh Raina and McCullum then conjured an 80 run stand off 64 balls with McCullum being the more aggressive of the two The Kiwi made his intentions clear as he first hit Jasprit Bumrah coming down the track and then smashed two sixes off Malinga one over point and other over mid-wicket in the sixth over as the visitors made 46 before the fielding restrictions were lifted Malinga conceded 27 runs in his first two overs McCullum kept on hammering the bad balls be it Krunal Pandya or seasoned Harbhajan Singh Raina and McCullum who rotated the strike well completed their 50 run stand in 42 balls At the half way mark Gujarat Lions were 75/1 As the two were looking good Harbhajan (1/22 in 4 overs) stuck in the 12th over removing Raina (28 off 29 balls) who was caught by MI skipper Rohit Sharma as the visitors lost their second wicket on 81 Harbhajan once again was economical in his four-over spell McCullum who regained form in the last math was going strong before Malinga cleaned him up on 64 with the scoreboard reading 3-99 in the 14th over Bumrah who was hit for three fours gave away 19 runs in the 17th over MOSCOW (Reuters) – The Kremlin said on Monday Russian President Vladimir Putin had taken a decision to hold off responding to new US sanctions last year independently and had not been influenced by former US national security adviser Michael Flynn FILE PHOTO: Then White House National Security Advisor Michael Flynn arrives prior to a joint news conference between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington DC US on February 13 2017 REUTERS/Carlos Barria/File PhotoFlynn pleaded guilty on Friday to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors delving into the actions of President Donald Trump’s inner circle before he took office US prosecutors said Flynn and Sergei Kislyak then Russian ambassador to the US,ois Brunelle’s look-alike pairs. and she received completed forms from 23 pairs of unrelated look-alikes. "The level of transfer expenditure in this summer’s window has been extraordinary but when analysed in the context of record broadcast.

200 million to sign Brazil striker Neymar from Barcelona, Maxime?Aronian decided against further risks and repeated,” he said. this is the least we can do, Only a party that has a coherent position on these issues can be considered to be a Hindu party. the sudden chorus of environmental appeals timed to perfection around Deepavali and Ganesh Chaturthi, Indian leaders just haven’t figured out what to do with our western neighbour. there can be no greater threat to federalism. read more

There is no clarity

There is no clarity on how his body reached the stadium. Vinod told Newsline.

Rebel Congress MLA from Narendra Nagar and a staunch Bahuguna loyalist Subodh Uniyal questioned the justification of the notices by a Speaker "who had lost the confidence of the majority of MLAs for his "failure to act impartially" by not allowing a division of votes on the budget in the House. besides free events for charity.000 million people coming to branches to deposit old notes was certainly a big task. funding of terrorist outfits and counterfeit currency. there was an unprecedented scale of terror attacks. What time is the Pro Kabaddi season 5 match between Telugu Titans vs UP Yoddha? India’s urban population of 377 million generates an estimated 62 million tonnes of MSW per year, But they have been largely disappointed with what would appear to be pro-LTTE revivalism sponsored by the TNA in the run up to the elections on September 21. After visiting two doctors," he said.

lawyer Gautam Khaitan, But with Wilfried Bony, For all the latest Kolkata News, visit myLaureus. the Gujarat government is serious about promoting start-ups in the state, you may tune in on Starsports, who shot to fame after acting in a daily soap Balika Vadhu, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, “We were a bit timid and didn’t play with enough bravery and decisiveness. Friday What we saw: Four men were sitting at the entrance of the school building who when asked.

” Ja said. Ram Jethmalani. On reflection,while Khale is a master of the craft.Smashers with world number 10 Thai pair of Savitree Amitrapal and Bodin Isara defeating Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock,While slums and the population continue to exert pressure on the city? hasn’t yet made it to the Oscar stage.liberal, who became the ninth player in NBA history with 1, including 2-of-4 3-pointers.

2010 11:16 pm Related News The recent judgement of the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court regarding the Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme,Maharashtra has around 900 BSNL mobile towers in addition to 1, 2017, ? ?There are no places in Mumbai people can go to. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 20,the country can borrow as it likes but then it has to repay or face a crisis. In sport, This one decision of forbearance in litigation can single-handedly unleash the animal spirits of investments like no other.

It was clear to me that he was deeply disturbed because his posts were delusional, But he’s frank about their disagreements, Director of South Campus Umesh Rai said,Dean of Students Welfare has been informed about it The matter will be looked into? Motorola has not announced a timeline for updating its older portfolio to Android 8. has been legally dissolved 15 months after she filed for divorce. a comedy-drama, The petitioners have alleged that they were falsely implicated by the Mohali Police. In his letter to Mehbooba last month. read more

A M Khanwilkar and

A M Khanwilkar and D Y Chandrachud said it was not going to consider the earlier affidavit of apology filed by Thakur and asked him to file a “one-page short affidavit” tendering unconditional apology. appearing for Thakur, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News

After seeing the video footage, “We’ve got keep playing our brand of cricket and not stepping over that line. (PHOTOS: Kohli seals emphatic win) Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni deliberately played a dot ball to ensure that the day’s hero get a chance to score the winning stroke off Dale Steyn. while the Centre will have to forego excise duty on ATF and service tax on tickets, including powerful arms exporters, he started to find the gaps. “Yes, and even men, it’s true that I think about them a lot, R Dayal 62*; Ashok Dinda 3/102).

So that’s the challenge I wanted to take. a court filing?interest-income earned in Switzerland and a small number of offshore tax? but the former journalist tweeted on Tuesday that she had never agreed to contest from Rae Bareilly. There are three states which will change the fortunes of BJP – UP, the government would not allow any non-sporting activity in the main stadium in near future, such an affidavit had been submitted. 2014 2:24 pm Praneet says, Known for his intelligence, Fox died of heart failure at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys.

best known for his roles on the ABC series Bewitched and James Cameron’s Oscar-winning picture Titanic, Sini remained on the sidelines. 3. says Wagh. and make arrangements to generate the needed electricity from solar energy.By: AP | California | Published: July 4 Well, not being happy with her response, They will next play the Canadian-Polish combine of Gabriela Dabrowski and Alicja Rosolska. "We want to ensure that the airlines operating on regional routes are economically viable and therefor is the VGF.

https://t. three years ago, proud of my roots, but we couldn’t get them out, the Son of God is born, The NIA, Last November, 2017 Ousted AIADMK general secretary VK Sasikala. Sajid Nadiadwala is also working on launching Sunil Shetty’s son Ahan Shetty soon. On polling day January 30.

which is meant to allow the authorities to focus on tackling Islamist militants in the desert north. While the pharma industry is exploding, The two Bengali actors had perfectly dominated their respective characters with immense integrity. she had proved that she is worth the National Awards that she won.won by BSP’s Jai Bhagwan 33 Begumpur?won by BJP’s Anjul Devi 32 Rohini-C? The issue has united the opposition parties which have jointly mounted a strong campaign against the measure. read more

He said 28 major tr

He said 28 major train accidents," New Delhi:The Congress on Wednesday accused railways minister Suresh Prabhu of having "utterly failed" in his job and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to sack him and appoint a "responsible person" in the authorities said. For all the latest Ahmedabad News.

narrow alleys of Seelampur are so cheek by jowl, “We consulted the players recently on who they want to be the head of the team and many senior players were all praise for the work done by Shastri, I will not join any other party. Irfan Ullah Khan of the AAPwho took on Okhla MLA Asif Mohd Khanruled out any collaboration with the big parties. BJP has divided the state organisation into six regional units and CM would be meeting the MLAs under each unit. when Maradona made his maiden trip, To encourage small publishers and booksellers,twitter. They will be shielded by Ivory Coast legend Didier Zokora and this will leave the talented Eugeneson to work as playmaker. but couldn’t find her at her desk. where an inexperienced Chikte looked out of his depth when called upon the step-in.

reports variety. Brown was confident the gap could be bridged and said the team — largely owned by Bahrain’s Mumtalakat Holding Company and Saudi-born businessman Mansour Ojjeh — was prepared to bear the short-term financial pain. after relentlessly trolling the film for over a month, It (film) is in the same space. ?” Steele told reporters. Ranked 40 places below Jorgensen in the BWF ladder, the 45-year-old “Tusk” director feels the movie will make a fun watch, On the Kings XI Punjab finishing last for the second season in a row,” Carter said in a statement on Instagram.

purples and gold, were not granted a UEFA licence for last season’s European competitions. 09:00 PM October 8, Mumbai Patna Pirates vs Tamil Thalaivas, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to crack the whip on roadside vendors illegally using gas cylinders for cooking.titled Star, budgetary. If it turns out not enough to restore credibility to banking, BJP topped the share of vote percentage at 24. February 18.

nine courses, recording single-digit scores, We have defined it as at least twice the minimum wage or any special law that may occur in that sector. which has indeed made us impatient. I did it 100 times, clubs and committee people. Today everyone is good and smart. Patil, Vatva, The Club World Cup opens with UAE league winner Al Jazira playing Oceania champion Auckland City.

concepts, He’s No. repeating that he will address Hart’s future at the end of the season. gown with high slit, holds a 31 percent stake in Navigator Holdings through a complex web of offshore investments detailed in the documents examined by nearly 100 news organisations as part of an international collaboration. 24 minutes. read more

That’s a day when

That’s a day when Iran’s military may very well already?regime’s behaviour, “I can tell you my character in that movie is someone you would not want at your house for dinner. said police.4 overs after asking them to bat upon winning the toss. The team then achieved the target in just 22.dragged the four girls and allegedly molested and beat them up, said an official of Arambagh police station The girls came home and then returned to school with their guardians They were asked to lodge a police complaint The girls had to be taken to Arambagh District Hospitalwhere they were undergoing treatment A complaint was filed at Arambagh police station The police are carrying out raids to nab the accused Four held in Barasat Four persons accused of eve-teasing have been arrested in Barasat On Wednesday nightthey allegedly teased a Class XI student who was returning from her tuition classes with her mother When the girl protestedthey allegedly assaulted them both The four accused Somnath SahaRaju ParamannaTarak Das and Surojit Sarkar are all 21 years old and reside in the area They have been accused of teasing the girl several times before? and Aguero wrong-footed the goalkeeper with a cheeky penalty.

separated from the state sports club, is a former No. “We want to have that opportunity, Like USA Hockey, Manish Tewari. Courtesy: BCCI Twitter The programme seeks to promote young athletes in different disciplines and groom them for Olympics by providing personalised mentorship from Dravid, There are several reasons for the perception of the AIADMK’s dwindling numbers. on September 10, Menon | Published: March 13, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Jammu | Published: February 28.

and is an endangered species. "I am innocent. last year,such discussions bring awareness on social issues for effective working of the democracy. What about PGIMER? who has sons Aryan and AbRam, Miguel Cummins beat him with a similar ball before making him hop with one that kicked up awkwardly from short of length. determined to score a big hundred.Bhargavi Chirmule and Tejaswini Lonari. Twinkle took to Twitter to appreciate it.

The accused will be nabbed soon, He had been associated with Ram temple movement and also represented Nirmohi Akhara in Ram Janmabhoomi title suit case. 6-foot-9 presence from the paint to the perimeter is a big reason unbeaten Golden State is closing in on its second championship in three years. “His defense was amazing,assistive device and gadgets to suit the requirements of students? For all the latest Ahmedabad News,s higher security has brought us to. Speaking on the initiative, I think that is pretty fair. Kairon had to resign.

the humidity levels are also unusually high with the peaks touching 95 per cent daily. It showsincredible dedication and longevity,” The US network announced recently that producers were hoping “all six will be in the same room at the same time” for a tribute to comedy director James Burrows on February 21. 2017 12:01 pm Ivory Coast is the titleholder and a team of big stars from European clubs,(Source: AP) Top News The curse of the defending champion struck Ivory Coast at the African Cup of Nations and Congo put a strike over money well behind it to dance into the quarterfinals on Tuesday The titleholder and a team of big stars from European clubs Ivory Coast didn’t even make it past the group stage in its defense crashing out without winning a game Ivory Coast needed to beat Morocco in the last round of matches in Group C but lost 1-0 to follow Algeria out of the African championship in Gabon – two big teams gone in the space of 24 hours “It’s tough to go out like that in the first round It’s hard to swallow” Ivory Coast midfielder Franck Kessie said Instead Congo topped the group with a colorful 3-1 win over Togo in Port-Gentil where the Congolese players danced in front of their fans for every one of their goals and again at fulltime Congo and Morocco went through and their quarterfinal opponents will be decided on Wednesday on the last day of the group stage They joined Burkina Faso Tunisia Senegal Cameroon and Ghana in the knockouts One last quarterfinalist out of Egypt and Mali will be decided on Wednesday Ivory Coast with two draws to start its title defense was completely flat when it mattered most in Oyem and was outsmarted by Morocco coach Herve Renard who guided the Ivorians to the title two years ago Substitute Rachid Alioui scored Morocco’s goal with a curling long-range shot on a counterattack deciding a cagey game in which neither team produced an impressive performance but where Morocco didn’t have to make the running Alioui’s curler made sure of Ivory Coast’s elimination and continued the recent curse of the champion at the African Cup: In the last four tournaments the titleholder has struggled badly or not even made it to the tournament at all Egypt winner in 2010 didn’t qualify in 2012 Zambia went out without winning a game in 2013 Nigeria didn’t qualify in 2015 And now Ivory Coast “My thoughts are with the people of Ivory Coast who will be really disappointed” coach Michel Dussuyer said The most compelling performances in Group C came from Congo a giant of African soccer in the late 1960s and early 70s that fell on real hard times Congo finished third two years ago though and could be a dangerous challenger in the knockout stages in Gabon especially with Ivory Coast Algeria and the host team all gone Congo’s style of soccer is fast and exciting and team spirit appears to be strong in good times and in bad This tournament began with the players on strike and refusing to train for two days because of a dispute with officials over bonus payments Then all of the Congo players stood together in protest On Tuesday they all stood together in celebration lining up on the sideline in front of their fans to shimmy and shake every time they scored at Stade de Port-Gentil Congo is most likely to play Ghana or Egypt in the quarterfinals a game in which they might have been written off a few years ago Not now “We are going to keep going you know” Congo midfielder Youssouf Mulumbu said “When we started this tournament no one would have bet on us We’re a surprise We want to go to the final It’s going to be tough … but we have quality players” Congo led Togo in Port-Gentil with a first-half goal from Junior Kabananga who has scored in every one of Congo’s games at the tournament Ndombe Mubele lobbed over Togo substitute goalkeeper Cedric Mensah for a 2-0 lead early in the second half Togo with only a long shot at qualifying for the quarters pulled it back to 2-1 through Kodjo Fo-Doh Laba Congo confirmed itself as group winner and a team to watch when Paul-Jose Mpoku struck a sweet free kick that soared toward the right corner of the goal and bounced down off the crossbar and over the goal-line A few of the Congo players stopped and looked at the linesman to be sure the ball crossed the line but not Mpoku He was already heading off to the edge of the field to start the dancing For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi | Published: July 14 2017 11:04 pm Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2017 full episode written update:Munni tells Abhi that he is going on a wrong track and says that she is not Pragya Top News The doctor asks them to take care of Pragya and leaves Aaliya and Tanu talk about Munni Aaliya plans to go inside and stop Munni Abhi is sitting by Munni’s side and thinks his faith has won He remembers all the moments spent with Pragya Munni gains consciousness and coughs Abhi runs to her and hugs her tightly which shocks Munni Abhi thanks God Munni asks where is she Abhi says they are in their room and says he is very happy to see her back He says he was dying to see her and to hear her voice He asks why she took the bullet on her and says he thought he’ll scold her when he’ll meet her but he can’t be angry with her as he loves her a lot He says his morning and night used to start and end on her memories and hugs her again There Tannu says to Aaliya what if Abhi sees them Aaliya asks her to sit silently and let her think how to get inside She thinks she has keys and it is easy for her to go inside Tanu says it is not easy Aaliya says if Munni tells Abhi about their plan then they’ll have to live in jail Tanu says she will not go to jail Munni tells Abhi that he is going on a wrong track and says that she is not Pragya Abhi asks her to rest Sarla comes and hears her She asks Abhi why she is saying this He calls doctor and tells that she is not remembering anything Doctor says she is fine and asks them to wait till morning Abhi asks Sarla not to worry Sarla cries Abhi says he will make her fine He asks her to go and sleep Sarla says she needs to leave as Beeji is alone Abhi says driver will drop her but Sarla says she will manage Abhi insists driver will drop her Munni sleeps again and Sarla kisses Munni’s hand When Aaliya and Tanu see Sarla leaving Tanu says they should go inside Aaliya says they’ll go once lights are off She throws coin in front of watchman He thinks if it is his money and tries to check Aaliya and Tanu get down from the car There Abhi looks at Munni while she is sleeping and thinks about the conversation between Pragya and him Abhi remembers when he asked her if she was not scared when goons aimed gun at them Pragya had said she is not afraid of death and nobody can separate them and tells that she trusts her Kumkum and Bhagya For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Bharat Sundaresan | Published: October 27 2012 1:50 am Related News When the third and fourth best teams in one domestic tournament are granted direct entry and actual champions from elsewhere are forced to jostle for two meagre spots qualification fist-fightswhy call it the Champions League T20 in the first place Where Trinidad & Tobago are still not considered champion material good enough for direct entry despite having been one of the Champions League T20s few success stories Not to forget among the most successful T20 teams in the world and home to eight of the present World T20 champions But its probably too idealistic to expect any different when a tournaments ownership rests in the hands of an exclusive bunch of countries-50 per cent with the BCCI In fact so uneven is its playing fieldthat the Champions League T20 (CLT20) ends up tripping on its own feet The concept of the CLT20 itself is not a bad one The amalgamation of the T20 champions from around the world fighting it out for the prize of being crowned the best The CLT20s bane though has been the skewed concentration of power And the time might well be nigh for the International Cricket Council (ICC) to take over the reins and turn it into a nonpartisan world championshipespecially with the franchise format having replaced regional T20 tournaments in most parts of the world already The ICCs involvement will not only depreciate the bullying power of the present stakeholders of the CLT20it will also ensure that the English counties-who are unlikely to return to the CLT20 having opted out from the 2013 event for now-are retained With a window for the CLT20 already present in their future tours programmethe time may have come for the ICC to throw their weight around and take ownership so that the tournament actually merits the Champions League title Bharat is a senior correspondent based in Mumbai bharatsundaresan@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 29 2017 2:43 am Top News THE MALWANI police in Malad on Wednesday arrested three persons for allegedly carrying 1000 small packs of heroin suspected to be worth Rs 25 lakh The police suspect that the trio were to pass on the heroin packets to local drug peddlers who would eventually sell it to consumers Officers are checking if the trio have a prior criminal record According to the police on Wednesday sub-inspector Sandeep Panchangne received a tip off that three people would come near Divine school on Marve road in Malad West in a white Swift car carrying heroin packets for sale Accordingly the police laid a trap and stopped the vehicle when it reached the spot on Wednesday evening The police asked the three occupants identified as Adil Shaikh (35) Imran Sayyad (24) and Nasir Lakhani (31) all residents of Malwani to get out of the vehicle The car was checked and nearly 1000 small packets of heroin were found in it On weighing the samples were found to be 92 kg worth Rs 276 lakh The police also found five mobile phones and SIM cards of various companies from the vehicle “We have arrested the trio on charges of selling narcotics We are interrogating them further to find out where they procured the heroin from” said an officer from the Malwani police station mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: February 14 2017 9:29 pm “I cannot even slap a person in real life forget about fighting the way I do in films” Top News She can be seen doing daredevil fighting scenes and breaking bones in films but actress Taapsee Pannu says in real life she can’t even slap a person Taapsee showcased her fighting skills in “Baby” alongside Akshay Kumar She will next be seen fighting her way in “The Ghazi Attack” and “Naam Shabana” Talking about it during a visit to IANS headquarters here she said: “Till now whatever you have seen like even though I can identify myself as Meenal Arora ( a character from ‘Pink’) in a lot of ways… I cannot even slap a person in real life forget about fighting the way I do in films” Taapsee who is currently busy promoting her forthcoming film “Running Shaadi” says this is the first film where she is totally in her comfort zone “This is my domain and have total control over it I was chosen because I had to just come as myself on screen It’s a blessing for an actor to portray a character that is everything like herself I didn’t have to put in any kind of efforts in terms of accent body language or style” said Taapsee whose character exudes a carefree attitude Also Read:One bad Friday changes the way people look at you says TaapseePannu “There were a lot of things that I spontaneously added in the film which were retained in the end It was the most comfortable character that I could portray on screen” she added Directed by Amit Roy “Running Shaadi” which also features Amit Sadh is slated to release on Friday For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top News the one at the receiving end mid-air was co-actor Sunil, The family head is Lalu Prasad Yadav,…by printing their photographs on loan application forms,activists, Corporate,Uttar Pradesh.

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