Establishing a new cultural norm

first_imgEstablishing a new cultural normOn 1 Sep 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. The EU directive on staff consultation has finally been pushed through. DTIMinister Alan Johnson has called on HR, managers and employee representativesto work together to change the culture on consultation. What can hr people doto move this forward? Compiled by Sarah-Jane North Bill Livingstone Director of human resources at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust The history of joint consultation in this country has ebbed and flowed sincethe beginning of the last century and there have been many examples of itworking well, particularly in larger manufacturing organisations. During the70’s and early 80’s there was an increase in the number of employers usingjoint consultation but a major reason for this surrounded the utility ofmanaging job losses during a recession. By 1990 the tide had gone out again buta recent CBI survey – Employment Trends 2000 – indicates a resurgence. Theextent to which this is influenced by Europe remains debatable but few coulddeny the generally superior industrial relations records and economicperformance of many European Community countries. The empirical evidencetherefore to support the view that the UK has a poor record in relation toconsultation is in my view significant. Establishing consultation as a cultural imperative does however requireagreement between potentially conflicting institutional interests. Most HRprofessionals would support the principle but traditional management thinkinghas generally not been accommodating of this and of course trade unionsofficially see their members’ interests being best advanced through collectivebargaining. However, the climate is changing as the distinction between capitaland labour becomes more blurred in our “property and share-owning”democracy. Consultation however is only part of a wider staff participation agenda or”partnership”. Giving staff a vested interest in the success of theirorganisations through “share ownership” is one way of doing this.There is no reason why staff in the public sector could not be rewarded in asimilar way for their performance. It is unrealistic to appeal to public sectorvalues as a reason for working from an increasingly disillusioned workforce. Itwould be an innovative, albeit unlikely, move for the Government to introduce a”Public Sector Employee Dividend”. The major issue therefore is notjust about consultation but creating the right conditions for every employee tobe able to align their interests with the interests of the organisation. It isalso about creating a meritocracy where ability, hard work and opportunity arebrought together to achieve individual and organisational success. Bruce WarmanHR director, Vauxhall MotorsI am anti the directive. It imposes aone-size-fits-all structure where different organisations have very differentneeds. The bottom line is what you are consulting about. The closure itself orways to alleviate it? And when do you start consulting? That’s the dilemma allcompanies face. If you consult too early you can create negative expectationsthat will not be realised. For fundamental changes in business, when it gets tothe point of having to make unpleasant decisions, it can be too late to doanything about it. Consulting can get in the way of decision-making andimplementing decisions. Sometimes the quicker you get it sorted the quicker thebusiness can return to normal.  Thelevel of change that we experienced in 2000 was very rapid and sudden. Thingshappened more quickly than we would have anticipated. We had to respond quicklyand we could have damaged the rest of the business by not doing so. Drew ThomsonManaging director, Air Miles and BA MilesWe have a vibrant consultative body, called Viewpoint. We encourageour staff to nominate the people they think are best suited to represent theirinterests.  The impact on our businesshas been most keenly felt during our current reorganisation, which involvedclosing our call centre at Crawley. We wanted to consult openly, to see ifthere was another way to achieve our business objectives. Viewpoint has beeninstrumental in helping us refine the proposal and understand our staff’sneeds. Most notable was reaching agreement on maintaining an evening/ weekendcall centre shift a Crawley, thereby saving over 40 jobs. Any progressivecompany will want to consult with its staff. If they are only reacting to alegal requirement, you have to question their culture; not wanting to shareknowledge and consult is hardly a recipe for engaging your staff and achievingsuccess.Peter ReidDirector, Peter Reid ConsultingThis directive won’t go into a drawfor three years while the Government scratches its head and HR ignores it. Wehave to do something now. There is the very real voluntary option to designinformation and consultation procedures. All you need is another Marks &Spencer closure system and the unions will be pressurising the Government touse the directive it has to hand. People are commenting that they’ll simply beable to e-mail their employees but that shows a failure to understand thepurpose of the directive. We can’t be looking at how to get around this. Weneed to be looking at how to improve what we’ve already got. We have put inplace a works council for a UK manufacturing, engineering company, a businesswith 57 people. It took nine months. It will be more difficult for biggercompanies and they will have to balance the needs of various sites, for exampleunionised and non-unionised, and different types of practice.DerekLuckhurstAssistant director, the Involvement and Participation Association There is vast scope for improvementin consultation. If something has to be explained to employees it may encouragemanagers to think about it more and make better decisions. There is a cleartrend away from managers feeling that if they consult others about an issuethen this brings into question their leadership. Effective consultation has tobe underpinned with trust and requires a degree of openness that has not beenseen in traditional models of industrial relations, where it was all aboutkeeping your cards up your sleeve in smoke-filled rooms. We would wish to seefull transparency throughout the decision-making process. If you train peopleyou consult with there should be no concerns about confidentiality. The moreopen consultation is, the more responsibility trade union and staffrepresentatives have to ensure the trust they are trying to achieve isn’tbroken.  last_img read more

This week’s news in brief

first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Minority opportunity checkThe government is to launch an investigation into what holds back women from ethnic minority backgrounds in the workplace. Minister for women and communities, Ruth Kelly, said the inquiry would be the next phase of the government’s response to the Women and Work choose homeworkingSeven in 10 employees believe they would be more productive if they worked from home, according to research. The survey of 300 London workers by Sirenic IT company found that 70% of staff believed homeworking to be more beneficial for productivity. Common reasons for working away from the office were business trips and off-site staff group set upA new organisation is being set up to represent the 250,000 British servicemen and women in the Armed Forces. According to its founder, the British Armed Forces Federation is not a union but will promote the interests of those serving,as well as veterans. Soldiers are banned from taking part in strike action or political activities. Previous Article Next Article This week’s news in briefOn 26 Sep 2006 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

New Stratus Energy to acquire upstream and midstream assets in Ecuador

first_imgThe Canadian oil and gas company will acquire stakes in two onshore producing blocks and in an oil pipeline New Stratus Energy will acquire stakes in the onshore Blocks 16 and 67 in Ecuador.(Credit: John R Perry from Pixabay) Canada-based New Stratus Energy has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with some affiliates of Spanish energy company Repsol for the potential acquisition of certain upstream and midstream assets in Ecuador.Following the completion of the deal, the Canadian firm will have an indirect operated working interest of 35% in service contracts for Blocks 16 and 67 in Ecuador.Under the deal, New Stratus Energy will also hold an indirect participation stake of 29.66% in Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados Ecuador (OCP), the holding company of a 485km long pipeline of the same name.New Stratus Energy chairman and CEO Jose Francisco Arata said that the deal is part of the company’s strategy to strengthen its footprint in the Sub-Andean geological basins by pursuing projects with existing production and potential for exploratory activities.Details of the acquired assetsLocated in the Oriente Basin in Orellana Province, Blocks 16 and 67 put together have 13 producing fields.The production from the fields is 17,800 barrels of oil per day (bopd), of which New Stratus Energy’s share will be 6,200bopd.The two Ecuadorian blocks collected primary production of 362 million barrels (MMBBL), as of December 2019.The oil drawn from the two blocks is sent through a 16inch pipeline to Lago Agrio, where it enters the OCP pipeline and is transported to a port of Ballao on the Pacific Ocean.Built with an investment of $1.5bn, the OCP pipeline, which runs from the Oriente Basin, transports nearly 30% of Ecquador’s oil and possessing capacity of 450,000bopd.Arata said: “Featuring no upfront capital costs and stable dividend income from the pipeline assets, the unique structure of this acquisition has the potential to generate substantial value for our shareholders.“After the completion of this acquisition, New Stratus will have access to and operate assets with production of approximately 18,000 barrels of oil per day (bopd) (2019 Production).“This transaction would provide New Stratus increased scale and complement its capabilities while improving its positioning and access to additional opportunities, such as selective bids rounds and secondary flow of material size and quality.”As per the terms of the deal, the Canadian oil and gas firm will pay a maximum of up to $12m to the sellers, and this includes $5m of guaranteed cash payment, while the remaining part will be contingent payments.Completion of the deal will be subject to certain customary regulatory approvals and meeting of other conditions.last_img read more

USA: GDEB Receives USD 36 Mln for Submarine Development

first_img View post tag: submarine View post tag: Navy View post tag: Defense March 6, 2014 View post tag: 36 View post tag: Mln GENERAL DYNAMICS ELECTRIC BOATGeneral Dynamics’s wholly owned subsidiary Electric Boat (GDEB) has been awarded two contract modifications from the U.S. Navy worth a total value of USD 35.8 million. View post tag: Defence Under the first contract, valued at USD 19.8 million, Electric Boat will perform advanced submarine research and development studies in support of a wide range of technology areas including manufacturability, maintainability, survivability, hydrodynamics, acoustics and materials. The company will also conduct research and development work in manning, hull integrity, performance, ship control, logistics, weapons handling and safety. The contract supports near-term Virginia-class technology insertion, future submarine concepts and core technologies. Initially awarded in November 2010, the contract has a potential value of USD 710.6 million over five years.For the second contract, valued at USD 16 million, Electric Boat will continue development of the Common Missile Compartment for the U.S. Ohio replacement submarine. The company will procure missile tube long-lead-time material and design and manufacture hardware. Initially awarded in December 2012, the five-year,USD 1.85 billion contract calls for Electric Boat to perform research and development work for the Navy’s next-generation ballistic-missile submarine, which is scheduled to begin construction in 2021. The potential value of the overall contract is USD 2.3 billion.[mappress]Press Release, March 6, 2014; Image: Wikimedia View post tag: receives View post tag: developmentcenter_img View post tag: News by topic USA: GDEB Receives USD 36 Mln for Submarine Development Share this article View post tag: usa View post tag: GDEB Equipment & technology Back to overview,Home naval-today USA: GDEB Receives USD 36 Mln for Submarine Development View post tag: USD View post tag: Navallast_img read more

Senator Braun Visits Evansville

first_imgSenator Braun Visits EvansvilleMARCH 21ST, 2019 TYRONE MORRIS EVANSVILLE, INDIANAJasper native and Indiana’s freshman Senator Mike Braun returns to the Tri-State Thursday. While the U.S. Senate is in recess Braun is traveling around Indiana meeting with voters around the state. His visit is part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce “Freshman Forum” event series. He’ll be meeting with business leaders around the state starting with the Southwest Indiana Chamber in Evansville.Among the topics, he discussed at Thursday’s chamber event road construction projects and how they will help the state continue to grow and improve.Sen. Braun says, “Thank goodness Indiana had the fortitude and the vision to do what we did in seventeen and the only disadvantage is we see road construction and repair everywhere, but we made the hard decision to do it. So, I want to let them know that I am going to be a disciple for all the good stuff that’s there but not be afraid to speak up on things I think need great improvement.”Braun is also the keynote speaker for Thursday’s Vanderburgh County Lincoln Day Dinner.That event gets underway at the Evansville Country Club at 6:30 p.m.CommentsFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more


first_imgDead whale spotted off Jersey City coastThe Army Corps of Engineers confirmed last week that they have disposed of a whale struck by a container ship in New York Harbor. ×A WHALE OF A STORY – This whale was spotted off the coast of Jersey City south of Liberty State Park by a Bayonne fisherman. (Photo by Kevin Chen) Kevin Chen of Bayonne was out fishing in New York Harbor when he saw something odd in the distance. So he steered his boat towards it. This was his first time fishing this season, and the last thing he expected was to come upon a dead whale floating in the water.It had been dead for a while, he figured, because it had already started to stink.“I never saw anything like it, only on TV and the internet,” he said later. “I didn’t expect to find it there.”The location was south of Liberty State Park and north of Global Terminals and the Liberty Cruise Port.He called the Bayonne Health Department, leaving a message. Officials from the Army Corps responded to the site, saying that the whale had been struck earlier, and that it posed a navigational hazard, and would be weighted down for disposal underwater.While not a common event, whales do come to New York Harbor from time to time, said Jersey City Councilman Richard Boggiano.And they also die here.Last year, a dead whale was struck by an outgoing ship, and later resurfaced in the Hudson River.Live whales apparently are more abundant than the general public believes, and a not-for-profit in New York City even offers whale watching tours during warmer seasons.There were a number of sightings in 2014, and several dead whales were found in the area in 2015.Graduate student found dead in NJCU dormA 54-year-old New Jersey City University graduate student was found dead in a dorm room on May 17, a week after security recorded his key card being used to enter the room.An official from the university apparently found Jerome Hill on his bed wearing a breathing mask after attempts to reach him had failed.The Hudson County Medical Examiner is expected to conduct an autopsy but the death does not appear suspicious, officials said.Fulop joins Mayors for Climate CoalitionMayor Steven M. Fulop announced that Jersey City is one of more than 82 U.S. cities who have signed on with the Mayors for Climate coalition, representing 39 million Americans, to adopt, honor and uphold the goals set by the Paris Climate Agreement. This is in response to President Donald Trump’s announcement that the federal government would withdraw from the Paris Climate Change agreements signed by most countries in 2016.“While there is no doubt that the actions by the president are a step backward, Jersey City and cities across the country will continue to be leaders on climate change,” said Mayor Fulop. “We have the ability at the local level and in cities to make significant impact in the area of climate change. In Jersey City, we will continue to invest in green infrastructure, clean energy, expanded open space and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint.”PSE&G to close coal-fired plantsPSE&G said it will close two aging power plants this year, one of which is located in Jersey City. The coal-powered PSEG Hudson Generating Station power plant in Jersey City was at one point considered one of the most polluting in the nation.The two plants currently burn coal rarely, switching instead to natural gas when put into service. But although the two plants have installed expensive pollution controls at a cost of nearly $2 billion to meet tougher environmental standards, the company still considers them less competitive with newer natural gas units.Since 1906, The Hudson Generating Station in Jersey City has occupied 250-acres north of the intersection of Duffield and Van Keuren Avenues on the east bank of the Hackensack River.In 2015, Mayor Steven Fulop joined the New Jersey Sierra Club and a diverse coalition of community leaders in the hilltop park overlooking the power plant to support President Obama’s plan that calls for a 32 percent reduction of carbon emissions from 2005 levels by 2030.Coal-fueled plants also have a significant local impact on health, Fulop said, noting that these facilities are usually located in impoverished areas and contributed to a number of respiratory ailments.One report by a not-for-profit called “Toll from Coal” estimated that 531 people in New Jersey die each year from coal-related deaths. Coal also contributes to 445 hospital admissions yearly, and is connected to about 987 heart attacks.Jersey City man arrested by Narcotics Task ForceFollowing a two-day investigation, members of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Narcotics Task Force arrested a Jersey City man for the possession and distribution of controlled dangerous substances in Jersey City on May 16, said Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez.Task Force Officers arrested Hasung Christopher Lee, 28, of Grand Street in Jersey City, and charged him with alleged possession of cocaine, marijuana, liquid THC, N-BOMe oral tabs and Xanax pills with the intent to distribute. Liquid THC is a concentrated form of the active ingredient in marijuana. N-BOMe, commonly referred to as N-bomb, is a hallucinogen.Lee was arrested after a search of his residence led to the recovery of suspected controlled dangerous substances including more than 900 grams of cocaine, 50 pounds of high-grade marijuana, 1,000 tabs of N-BOMe oral tabs, approximately 200 doses of liquid THC, and more than 100 Xanax pills.The Task Force also seized approximately $125,000 in United States currency and three vehicles. The street value of the total quantity of narcotics seized is approximately $300,000.Prosecutor Esther Suarez also credited the Jersey City Police Department for assisting with the arrest.Hudson County receives $3 million in DOT grantsEleven Hudson County municipalities have been awarded Local Aid and Economic Development grants from the NJ Department of Transportation as part of $78.5 million distributed to 373 municipalities across the state. The grants are for various roadway improvements and to help facilitate and assist transportation projects. The county’s share of the total grant funds are determined by population and geographic length. The NJDOT gives some preference to municipalities that adopt Complete Streets policies as part of their transportation plans, and considers past performance of projects completed efficiently and on time.Jersey City received $470,000; Hoboken and Harrison each received $330,000; West New York, $315,000; Bayonne, $314,687; and North Bergen, $310,000. Kearny received $290,000, while Weehawken, Union City, Secaucus, and Guttenberg each received $290,000.Metropolitan Transit Authority plans study for potential Staten Island light railThe 2015-2019 amended capital plan for the MTA has included $4 million to study a much-discussed light rail on Staten Island’s west shore. The potential 13-mile route would take commuters from Richmond Valley to Elm Park and over the Bayonne Bridge connecting to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail at 8th Street. The “Raise the Roadway Project” also includes infrastructure improvements to the bridge that would accommodate the light rail.The MTA committed to studying the proposal last year, but only now is putting its money where its mouth is with the newly amended capital plan.Two studies were previously conducted, the last in 2009 to gauge the idea’s feasibility. The Staten Island Economic Development Corporation (SIEDC) and local officials have long supported the idea. Like many infrastructure projects envisioned long ago, the financial crisis in 2008 severely delayed them. The SIEDC has been promoting public transit recently by holding a design contest for a conceptual gondola to carry passengers across the Kill Van Kull. The winner of that contest was Leitner-Poma, the same company that designed Bayonne’s wind turbine.Dark comedy about financial crash to premier at JCTC“Subprime,” a dark comedy about the personal consequences of the financial crisis, has its world premier in Jersey City next week. Written by Beck Lee, a veteran publicist well known in New York theater circles, and directed by Jason Jacobs of Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab and a Master Teaching Artist with Roundabout Theatre, “Subprime” will be featured in a limited four-show engagement at JCTC’s Merseles Studios, 339 Newark Ave., on June 8- 10.Tickets cost $25 general admission ($18 Students & Senior Citizens, with valid ID)To purchase tickets or for more information visit Health supports Susan G. Komen Race for the CureMore than 100 staff members of CarePoint Health showed their support for the 10th Annual Susan B. Komen North Jersey Race for the Cure by running, walking, and volunteering at Liberty State Park on May 21.Activities included a five-kilometer run and a five-kilometer walk, which Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop cut the ribbon to launch.Iris Montanez of the Christ Hospital Prearrangement Call Center was there, and happy to be participating.“It’s a nice thing to do with the people I work with,” Montanez said of the walk. “I support it 100 percent.”Bleselda De Leon of Jersey City, also of the PACC Department, participated for a more personal reason.“My best friend died of breast cancer, so any time there is a walk, I make sure I join,” De Leon said.Dr. Meika Roberson, Chief Medical Officer at CarePoint Health, decided to participate by running her first 5K race, which she completed in 27:23.“This is a way of supporting all of the survivors that are here,” Roberson said. “There are a lot of men and women from northern New Jersey coming together.”The annual Race for the Cure event brings together thousands to raise funds that support life-saving breast cancer screening, breast health/breast cancer education, survivorship programs, and other services for women and men in the affiliate’s nine-county region, which includes Hudson.CarePoint Health was a sponsor of the event.Unity Walk scheduled for June 10The second annual Unity Walk, hosted by the Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition Movement, will take place on June 10 starting at 9 a.m.This event is designed to highlight the potential for violence that usually increases during the summer months.Starting at McAdoo Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive, the walk will conclude in Lincoln Park, where there will be a number of events and other activities.For more information contact Pamela Nicole Johnson at [email protected] Foundation to hold golf outing fundraiserThe Hudson County Community College Foundation invites area residents and businesses to participate in its Fifteenth Annual Golf Outing on Monday, July 10. The event will be held at Forest Hill Field Club in Bloomfield. The schedule for the event is: check-in from 8 to 8:45 a.m.; continental breakfast from 8 to 9 a.m.; shotgun start at 9:30 a.m. sharp (refreshments will be served on the course); and cocktails, luncheon and awards at 2 p.m.“Cutbacks in funding and financial aid are taking their toll on our students and the college,” said HCCC Vice President for Development Joseph Sansone, who noted that more than three-fourths of the college’s students receive financial assistance of some sort.Sansone indicated that the Annual Golf Outing, one of four major fundraisers sponsored by the foundation, has activities for golfers and non-golfers. A limited number of tickets are available.Complete information on the July 10th Golf Outing, including sponsorship and donor opportunities, registration, and dress code details may be obtained by phoning the college’s Office for Development at (201) 360-4006 or emailing Sansone at [email protected] You may also visit to make online payments and donations.center_img A WHALE OF A STORY – This whale was spotted off the coast of Jersey City south of Liberty State Park by a Bayonne fisherman. (Photo by Kevin Chen)last_img read more


first_imgAlan GreenshieldsGreggsBakery firm Greggs has recruited former Safeway and Morrison’s area operations manager Alan Greenshields to head up its Scottish division.As general manager of Greggs of Scotland, Greenshields will succeed Raymond Reynolds, who has been promoted to retail director for the group, joining Greggs’ board.Greenshields brings more than 26 years’ retail experience to Greggs, which has 160 shops in Scotland and employs more than 2,500 staff in the country.Martin BrewisAllied BakeriesAllied Bakeries has appointed Martin Brewis as sales director. He joins the company from Campbells Soup, where he was sales director for five years. Brewis will report directly to Allied Milling and Baking chief executive Brian Robinson.Gary Johnstone-Allen, Gary LancasterEdmeFood ingredients supplier Edme has appointed Gary Johnstone-Allen as technical sales manager, responsible for developing existing and new business with bakers and food manufacturers. He joins Edme from a private patisserie and bakery manufacturer and previously worked for ingredients supplier Danisco and flour miller Rank Hovis.Also new to the team is Gary Lancaster, technical sales manager, who joins the firm from Cereform, where he spent seven years. Prior to that, he worked at Bowmans flour mills in technical and NPD roles. He is also president of the London South East Milling Society and his new role will be to develop existing and new business with millers and bakers.Nick HarrisonZeelandiaZeelandia’s newly created position of technical sales executive for the north of England and Scotland has been filled by Nick Harrison, who joins the company from Seabrook Crisps. The role is designed to represent a more dedicated service to craft bakeries, offering more technical presence and greater expertise.Harrison worked as a head chef in the UK and across Europe before moving into bakery, working at The Village Bakery in Melmerby, Cumbria.Jonathan LauMuntonsMalted ingredients firm Muntons has appointed Jonathan Lau as its new Asia/Pacific sales manager. Based in Singapore, Lau will be responsible for day-to-day management and development of malted ingredients sales within the Asia/Pacific region. He previously spent 10 years in chemical intermediates and food ingredients distribution and two years in international futures trading and commodity brokerage.Daniel HemmingAllied MillsThe new commercial and technical manager at Allied Mills is Daniel Hemming, who joins the company from BakeMark UK, where he spent seven years as senior bakery technologist and technical account manager. His role at Allied predominantly covers the north of England and the Midlands.Clive FramptonEPPAClive Frampton of Shepton Mallet-based Framptons has been elected as the new president of the European Egg Processors Association, whose role is to protect and promote the interests of egg processors throughout Europe. nlast_img read more

Giant mince pie graces charity event

first_imgVisitors to the annual North West Air Ambulance Charity’s Christmas concert were treated to what is claimed to be the biggest mince pie in the north west of England.The 13ft long and 3ft wide pastry was baked at JB Richardson Bakery in Chorlton, with sales generating over £500 for the charity.Attendants were also treated to a Christmas concert, which included past X Factor winner Shayne Ward as its headline act, raising over £7,300 of much needed funds for the charity.Lynda Brislin, chief executive at the North West Air Ambulance Charity, said: “We’ve had a great year in 2012 and this was just the icing on the cake! Last year’s concert was a huge success, raising over £5,000 for our charity, and we are so proud to have been able to build on this so we can help even more people in 2013. It was a fantastic evening – the mince pie went down better than anyone could have expected.”The North West Air Ambulance Charity’s helicopters fly 365 days a year, with the doctors and paramedics on board providing rapid treatment, hospital transfers and ultimately giving the gift of time to patients across the entire North West region each year.last_img read more

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Announce Colorado Run During 2018 Fall Tour

first_imgToday, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong have announced their return to Colorado, which will see the band play two nights at Boulder’s Boulder Theater on October 18th and 19th. The announcement of Pigeons’ Boulder run comes on the heels of the band’s debut at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre last week, where the Baltimore-based funk act collaborated with headliners moe. following last year’s canceled performance.Pigeons Playing Ping Pong previously confirmedtheir 2018 fall tour, which will see the band perform across the country with an emphasis on Midwest and West touring stops. Added after the previously announced end of Pigeons’ fall tour, the band’s two new shows in Boulder follow performances in Missoula, Montana, on October 14th and Bozeman, Montana, on October 16th.For the group’s upcoming fall tour, the band will also be joined by Andy Frasco & The U.N. and The Kitchen Dwellers as support. However, in Colorado, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong will be joined Colorado locals, Cycles, on October 19th, with support for October 18th yet to be announced.A local pre-sale period for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s two-night run at the Boulder Theater begins on Thursday, July 19th at 10 a.m. (MT). Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, July 20th, at 10 a.m. (MT). You can purchase tickets for October 18th here and tickets for October 19th here.See below for a full list of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s upcoming tour dates. For more information, head to the band’s website.Enter To Win A Pair Of Tickets To Your Show Of Choice:<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>PIGEONS PLAYING PING PONG // Upcoming Tour Dates7/19 – 7/22 – Scranton, PA – Peach Music Festival7/26 – Westerly, RI – Paddy’s Beach Club7/28 – Burlington, VT – Tumble Down Music Festival8/2 – 8/4 – Thornville, OH – Werk Out Music & Arts Festival8/23 – 8/26 – Arrington, VA – Lockn’8/31 – Buffalo, NY – Town Ballroom9/1 – Ithaca, NY – The Haunt9/2 – Lake George, NY – Adirondack Independence Festival9/26 – Fayetteville, AR – George’s Majestic *9/27 – Dallas, TX – Granada *9/28 – Houston, TX – Last Concert Cafe *9/29 – Austin, TX – Mohawk *10/2 – Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom *10/3 – Solana Beach, CA – Belly Up Tavern *10/4 & 10/5 – Los Angeles, CA – Teragram Ballroom *10/6 – San Francisco, CA – Regency Ballroom*10/8 – Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst10/10 – Arcata, CA – Arcata Theatre+10/11 – Bend, OR – The Domino Room+10/12 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom+10/13 – Seattle, WA – Neptune+10/14 – Missoula, MT – Top Hat Lounge+10/16 – Bozeman, MT – Rialto10/18 & 19 – Boulder, CO – Boulder Theater12/12 – 12/16 – Puerto Morelos, Mexico – Holidaze^ w/ moe.* w/ The Kitchen Dwellers+ w/ Andy FrascoView All Tour Dateslast_img read more

Dubrovnik Outdoor Festival is much more than a festival, it is a platform for the development of adventure tourism in Croatia

first_imgDUBROVNIK OUTDOOR FESTIVAL 2018 / MAY 14 – 20, 2018 May 14 – 19 DateTimeAboutOn Workshop1 hours Village Olympics / May 20, 2018      ISKGA trainingInstructor, transfer, equipment, certificates International training for sea kayak guides / May 14-19, 2018                                                                                                                        The second edition of the International Training for Sea Kayak Guides in Croatia will be held in Dubrovnik from 14-19. May 2018 organized by ISKGA which represents the Organization for Commercial Guides for Sea Kayaking.ISKGA represents a community of like-minded people who are connected with a common goal, professional guidance of people at sea.The training for coastal and advanced sea kayak guides is a professional certificate completed by people who want to make a career in the adventure tourism industry. It is internationally recognized as a brand and benchmark for professional sea kayak guides. Trained guides can be recruited by employers with confidence, knowing that each individual is trained in all aspects of leadership during thorough training and assessment.• Ability• Knowledge• Experience Duration2-3 h Multi-day tourMultisport DubrovnikAccommodation, transfers, guides, equipment May 14-168: 00-16: 00hTraining for guides in adventure tourism Instructors Racing race for children and adultsInstructor, technical shirt, medals The distance12 km Fun6 hours Workshop6 hours Training for guides in adventure tourism / 14 – 16 May 2018HGK and HGSS are organizing a training and workshop for guides in shoe tourism, which will be held in the adventure park Cadmos Village in Konavle on May 14 and 15 as part of the Dubrovnik outdoor festival 2018.Lecturers will be representatives of HGSS who will train guides on safety information aspects: how to react in case of an accident, safe group leadership, orientation, situation assessment and organization of care and rescue, meteorology.HGSS instructors work according to a unique program recognized by the Chamber of Commerce – a group of adventure tourism, and its goal is to educate as many people working in the field of adventure tourism to be ready for safe and quality guidance of tourists. Lecturers, coffee break 13: 00 h Seminar on adventure tourism and adrenaline sports / May 19 – 20, 2018 Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the Village Olympics to be held at the Cadmos Village Adventure Park on May 20, 2018 at 14:00 p.m.Four-member teams will compete in tasks such as: slack line walking, orienteering, throwing objects, walking on stilts, lighting fires with improvised means, archery, shooting with slingshots, competition in tug of war, jumping in sacks and much more. .The fun village olympics will be followed by a final party at the Cadmos Village adventure park. A multi-active adventure race for two-member teams will also take place during the festival on 19 May 2018. The race will combine different sports such as kayaking, running and abseiling.At 10 am the competitors will start with the first discipline, sea kayaking (sit on top) in pairs from the beach Šulić towards the island of Lokrum. Competitors will run 6 km around the island of Lokrum and will paddle in kayaks back to the beach Šulić for the final challenge, going down the rope from the fortress Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik. The organizer provides instructors and equipment (kayaks, oars, vests, abseil equipment) and tickets for Lokrum and Lovrijenac Fortress.Activity time: 2-3 hRowing distance: 6 kmRunning distance: 6 kmAbseil (height) 40 m Training8 – 16 hcenter_img seminar6 hours Workshop10 hours Abseil40 m May 19-2018: 00 20-: 30 h9: 00 13-: 00 hSeminar on adrenaline sports and adventure tourism Svaki dan8: 00 16-: 00 h Race for children and adults Konavle / 20 svibnja 2018A workshop on running techniques for children and adults will be held as part of the Dubrovnik outdoor festival on May 20, 2018, at 13:00 in the adventure park Cadmos Village (Konavle region). The training will be led by athlete Mrs. Ana Perović Alamat, former Croatian national running champion. After the workshop, there will be two races, one suitable for children and the other for adults. 1 km children’s race and 5 km adult race. Village Olympics3 hours Second edition Dubrovnik Outdoor Festival brings fun and exciting outdoor activities, education, multi-day adventure tours and sporting events. The festival will be held in the Dubrovnik area from 14 to 20 May 2018.Dubrovnik outdoor festival promotes a healthy lifestyle through fun and various outdoor outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, adventure racing, etc. During the festival, lovers of adventure activities will have the opportunity to discover the natural beauty of the Dubrovnik region and its surroundings.. “We want to show, but also inspire people how to enjoy various adventurous activities in the south of Croatia. Local food, hidden natural beauties and various adventure activities of this region will surely leave all our visitors breathless ” points out Zoran Ateljević from TM Adventure and one of the organizers of the festival.The second edition of the Dubrovnik outdoor festival will provide various seminars and professional workshops that will promote the importance of safety in adventure tourism. As part of the festival, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service will organize a workshop for guides in adventure tourism. The workshop will be held on 14 and 15 May 2018 in the Konavle area.With the help of the World Organization for Adventure Tourism (ATTA), the Dubrovnik Outdoor Festival 2018 plans to host various lecturers specializing in adventure tourism and adrenaline sports. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about various topics such as international standards for adventure guides, fitness training of outdoor athletes, various adrenaline sports for tourism, the importance of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, safety standards in adventure tourism and much more.This year’s festival program also brings the second international workshop and training for sea kayaking guides, which will be held in Dubrovnik from 14 to 19 May 2018 in cooperation with the International Association of Sea Kayaking Guides (ISKGA). A multi-active adventure race for two-member teams will also take place during the festival on 19 May 2018. The race will combine different sports such as kayaking, running and abseiling. The final weekend of the festival will offer various adrenaline activities and entertainment in the Konavle area. Visitors will have the opportunity to try their hand at fun races in nature for children and adults and the Village Olympics.Dubrovnik Outdoor Festival (DOF) is much more than a festival, because it is a complete tourist product, both in the B2C and B2B segment. A tourist product that creates a motive for coming in the pre-season, and brings together professionals involved in adventure tourism through various educations, trainings and workshops. Also, the festival positions Dubrovnik and its surroundings as a destination that is much more about the Dubrovnik walls, and gives that additional motive for extending the night. Because let’s be realistic, Dubrovnik is a one-day destination, and it certainly has a lot more to offer. And one of the motives is certainly adventure, ie adventure tourism.Finally, be sure to take a look at the story of the Dubrovnik & Konavle Walking Festival, organized by the same team as DOF, and find out what our tourist product should look like./ DUBROVNIK & KONAVLE WALKING FESTIVAL GREAT TOURIST STORY AND PLATFORM HOW OUR TOURIST PRODUCT SHOULD LOOKPROGRAM, WORKSHOPS, EDUCATIONS, TRAININGS / DUBROVNIK OUTDOOR FESTIVAL 10: 00 h As part of the Dubrovnik outdoor festival from 19 to 20 May 2018, a seminar on adventure tourism and adrenaline sports will be held in the Konavle area. With the help of the World Organization for Adventure Tourism (ATTA), national and local sports clubs, the Dubrovnik outdoor festival 2018 plans to host various lecturers specializing in adventure tourism and adrenaline sports.Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about various topics such as: international standards for adventure guides, fitness training of outdoor athletes, adventure sports activities in tourism, the importance of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, safety standards in adventure tourism and much more. May 14 – 23 Svaki dan Workshop2 hours May 2014: 00 hVillage OlympicsEquipment for four-member teams May 19 ISKGA training8 – 16 h Utrka1 hours Adventure race DubrovnikTechnical T-shirt instructor, accompanying vessel, equipment, medals, awards Adventure race Dubrovnik / 19. May 2018 May 20last_img read more