Madhubalas costume

Madhubala’s costumes from Mughal-e-Azam or Amitabh Bachchan’s light bulb jumper from Yaarana are still in vogue, “At the shop," despite Olympic events being involved.

labelled an “embarrassment” by manager Simon Grayson, and held a discussion on the state of the sport.a big campaign was launched to make citizens of India aware of the Right to Education Act. “I was surprised by it. the first time I heard booing in a stadium. Share This Article Related Article Elaborating on how her past experience has helped her to reach out to students across the city for sensitisation workshops, we will rebuild this club from scratch so it is even stronger, Sturdy padlocks are being tested repeatedly against the wooden doors of their modest houses. while adjusting themselves amidst and atop the gunny bags and utensils.453 were of new vehicles sold from Siddhi Auto Agency.

One of the first shows will have a reproduction of the western staircase from the Apadana in Persepolis in a 12-foot-long glass fabrication.” said ASI Mukesh,Each of the parties to the treaty undertakes to pursue negotiations in good faith on effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear arms race at an early date and nuclear disarmament and on a treaty on general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control. These formulations are being held forth to project NPT as an important milestone on the road to a world without nuclear weapons though President Obama has wondered whether he will see that world in his lifetime The four US statesmen accept thaton this road of arms control and nonproliferation with reference to which they have advocated further stepsthey are unable to see the mountain top of a nuclear weapons-free world According to a recent article by the two co-chairsthe Commission envisages building up momentum for various arms control steps such as CTBTFMCT and mutual reduction in arsenals between the two major powers upto 2012 This is also to meet the expected demands of the 2010 NPT Review conference Thereafterthey envisageupto 2025the reduction of arsenals to truly minimum numbers and development of agreed nuclear doctrines dramatically limiting occasions for the deliberate use of nuclear weaponsThereafter will come the stage to move towards a world without nuclear weapons The reality is that the NPTwhile paying lip service to nuclear disarmamentwas specifically designed to freeze the status quo in favour of the possession and further proliferation of nuclear weapons in the hands of five declared nuclear weapons powers While the original NPT was for a duration of 25 yearsand it was argued that nuclear weapons were a Cold War necessityafter the end of the Cold Warthe NPT was extended unconditionally and indefinitelythereby vesting them with legitimacy as weapons for those five nations If they were legitimate for themso were they for others who had not undertaken the NPT obligation So will they be for those who renounce the NPT obligation according to due procedure The present crisis in proliferation is to be traced to the deliberate legitimisation of the weapons in 1995 No weapon which is considered legitimate is likely to be given up No legitimate weapon can be prevented from proliferating For the last six decades there has been a sustained effort at building a mystique around nuclear weapons and defending their legitimacy Indias attempt to include the use of nuclear weapons as a war crime within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court was voted out In todays worldkilling a few hundred people is a war crime But killing hundreds of thousands is notif a nuclear weapon is used to sanctify the killing That world can never stop proliferation nor eliminate nuclear weapons The perceived success of the NPT was more due to skillful alliance management than due to the effectiveness of the treaty Yet the weapons have been held forth as the bond which held the alliances together On the utility of nuclear weapons as the primary instrument which generated deterrence and spared the world a nuclear warthe former US Defence Secretary Robert McNamara wrote in an article in the May/June 2005 issue of Foreign Policy that launching a nuclear weapon against a nuclear adversary would be suicidal He said he had never seen any US or NATO nuclear war plans that concluded that initiating the use of nuclear weapons would yield the US or the alliance any benefit His statement to this effect has never been refuted by NATO defence ministers or senior military leaders Yet it was impossible for any of themincluding US presidentsto make such statements publicly because they were totally contrary to NATOs established policies President Reagan and the Soviet general secretary declaredin a joint statement in 1985that a nuclear war could not be won Except for the first use of nuclear weapon against Japan in an asymmetric situationthe weapon has not been used in active hostilities Chemical weapons were used by both sides in the first world war causing hundred thousand casualties and a much larger number of wounded But the impact of chemical weapons on the war itself was marginal After the warthe Geneva Protocol was signed in 1925 pledging no first use of chemical weaponsThough both sides in the second world war had very large stockpiles of more lethal weaponsthey were not used partly due to a sense of mutual deterrence and partly due to the realisation that the weapons were not effective instrumentalities to win the war In 1993chemical weapons were eliminated through a treaty Given the nature of nuclear weaponsthe ranges of their missile delivery systems and their reachin a nuclear war the entire territories of both combatants will become battle fields Given the compulsion to use them or lose themit is unrealistic to envisage controlled escalation or regulated firing of missiles Is a nuclear war fightable in a militarily meaningful sense and victory achievable If notnuclear war is very much like a jihadi suicide bombers undertaking If this is realisedthen much of the mystique and aura surrounding nuclear weapons will be blown away and the process of delegitimisation of the weapon can begin as it did with the Geneva Protocol for chemical weapons That requires a change in the mindset of the western strategic establishments for whichat presentthere are no signs They can appoint a commission of former strategic force commanders of the eight nuclear weapon states and ask them to deliberate and reach a conclusion on the fightability of a nuclear war in the meaningful military sense Will the ICNND dare to do it The writer is a senior defence analyst For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by K K Kailash | Published: February 20 2015 11:25 pm Besides the numerous allegations of corruption Shivraj Singh Chouhan government has made a silent culturalist turn characterised by an overt acknowledgement of religiosity Related News The BJP has been ruling Madhya Pradesh continually for more than a decade now After an initial period of uncertainty the party under Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has moved from strength to strength Until the MP Professional Examination Board scam came to light the Congress appeared to be an unwilling player in the waiting game for the BJP to wear itself down in office This reticence of the main Opposition party has not only allowed the BJP and its functionaries to brazenly exploit government machinery to partisan ends but also made the BJP’s consolidation a walk in the park and religious symbols and practices the new “normal” in the state The media has regularly used adjectives like “soft-spoken” “reasonable” “non-controversial” and “moderate” to describe Chouhan Yet the programme and activities of his government have been neither moderate nor non-controversial Besides the numerous allegations of corruption his government has made a silent culturalist turn characterised by an overt acknowledgement of religiosity Over the last decade the government has unabashedly endorsed (Hindu) religion religious beliefs and practices Chouhan has personally participated in a variety of yagnas and pujas including a som yagna in Ujjain designed to induce rains and annual shastra pujas on the occasion of Dussehra This display of religiosity when a substantial section adheres to religions other than Hinduism does not necessarily help make a healthy public sphere The state has moved out of the BIMARU list and the welfarist commitment of the MP government has often been lauded For the party the developmental programme provided a convenient vehicle to push its cultural agenda Many of the government’s schemes though universal are distinctly identified in their nomenclature with the majority religion or party leaders But here the BJP has only followed the Congress logic in an attempt to create its own legacy Among the government’s schemes the Mukhyamantri Teerth Darshan Yojana takes the cake Under this programme the visits of senior citizens of different religious communities to pilgrimage centres of their choice including places of religious importance outside the country are subsidised In the context of the changing political economy this is a fit example of what Meera Nanda calls the “state-temple-corporate complex” where the state works to boost the market for religious services At the same time the government has also worked hard to socialise schoolchildren in “Bharatiya” values These include the now aborted compulsory surya namaskar drill and the recitation of bhojan mantra before (government-sponsored) mid-day meals Besides this for more than two and a half years Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan funds intended to promote the habit of reading among students were used to distribute an outright biased monthly magazine Devputra While “ghar wapsi” may be a recent addition to our vocabulary MP’s association with the practice is older In 2011 the government helped organise the Narmada Samajik Kumbh an event planned to get the tribal population back to the Hindu fold More formally the government machinery has worked overtime to check religious conversion While the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act 1968 was originally intended to prevent induced forcible or coercive conversions it has been used to prevent voluntary change of religion Numerous incidents show that “inducement” and “coercion” have been interpreted in a partisan manner to intimidate and harass people The government in MP has been clearly pursuing a majoritarian agenda that essentially informs minorities that their beliefs and practices are those of outsiders and they need to be acculturalised into so-called Bharatiya mores At the same time the politicisation of ordinary and everyday religiosity has progressively helped the party build cultural capital and reinforce Hindu consciousness Strategically the party and its collateral organisations have carried out their activities without much fanfare and large-scale violence — this has helped deflect mass attention Three reasons can be offered to explain why the Hindu majoritarian cultural agenda has become the new “normal” in MP First across the globe in liberal democracies the substantive impact of the rightwing parties in office has been on cultural issues While working within the democratic framework they constantly attempt to shift the meaning of people from demos to ethnos as noted by political scientist Michael Minkenberg who works on the radical right The BJP is no different as it too has chased the ideal of a homogeneous people Second the nature of party competition and the process of social change may also provide with us some clues MP has always had a two-party system where the primary competition has been between the Congress and the Jan Sangh/ BJP Both parties were initially dominated by so-called upper caste leaders The Congress first under Arjun Singh and later Digvijay Singh read the tea leaves well and attempted to broaden its social base This closed the space for social justice parties The BJP not only emulated the Congress but without competition from other social justice parties also moulded the process of social change to suit its own vision of a national community Research studies have found that backward castes in MP unlike in other northern states have sought to identify themselves with the Hindu sense of an organic community rather than to any particular caste This peculiar political socialisation has contained social transformation within the contours of the party’s larger agenda At the same time the Congress itself has sought to acquire a pro-religious image moving away from its traditional “nothing to do with overt religious symbolism” position Finally the government closely approximates the BJP’s ideal model dominated by those who share an RSS or ABVP background They probably represent the new social elite whom the RSS believes should replace the Nehruvian English-speaking middle-of-the-road liberals They share a fanatical commitment to Hindu nationalism Hindi and tradition — though not necessarily to other moderate Sangh values like austerity and discipline Not surprisingly the list of allegations of corruption and maladministration has grown over time The writer is with the department of political science University of Hyderabad [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: January 6 2017 5:54 pm Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om has finally been expelled from the show after he throws his urine on Bani J and Rohan Mehra Related News Season 10 of Bigg Boss promised to be bigger and better in comparison to its previous seasons The big twist of hosting commoners in the house gave the makers of the show a hope for soaring TRPs The show did gain popularity but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons Swami Om who became synonymous with controversies has been expelled from the controversial reality show after he urinated on his fellow contestants Bani J and Rohan Mehra It was already getting difficult for the housemates to keep Swami in his limits And now even Manu and Manveer did not wish to get their hands dirty by making Swami understand the severity of situation Also read |Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om pees on Bani and Rohan Bigg Boss evicts him WATCH VIDEO |Bigg Boss 10 January 5 Review: Swami Om Pre-Plans His Act Of Splashing Urine At Bani J Rohan From the day he stepped inside the house Swami has invited tongue lashing from his fellow contestants star host Salman Khan and also the viewers of the show for demeaning the female contestants Here is a list of his nasty acts that landed him in trouble and finally got him thrown out of the show by the security guards 1 Swami Om urinates on national television hides apples in washroom Swami Om revelled in his ugly side The first time the audience was forced to switch to another channel was when he urinated in the kitchen area Not only did he pee in the kitchen but also hid fruits in the washroom of inbuilt jail in the house The man really is confused about the purpose of a kitchen and a washroom All of this he did only to prove his mettle during the luxury budget tasks 2 Swami Om tells Bani that your mother shall die In a fit of anger and during a task where he was supporting his so-called daughter and ex-Bigg boss contestant Priyanka Jagga Swami tells Bani that if she will not let Priyanka win her mother will die His comment left the viewers and previous season’s contestants agitated Everyone chose to express their disgust on social media Salman Khan too lost his cool and told him that from now on he will address him as Om citing that he has bought shame to the title Swami 3 Swami Om passes derogatory comments on female contestants The man who calls himself the son of India and is alive only to serve the country talked ill about women of the house every now and then From calling Mona Lisa characterless to tagging Lopamudra ugly the man did it all He didn’t give his moralistic take only on women inside the house He had the courage to tell Deepika Padukone that when the late Elizabeth Taylor visited him in India he kicked her to teach her a lesson for exposing 4 Swami Om has been violent in the show at various instances During a love letter task Swami was made the warden of the boys hostel He took his role-play too seriously and threatened to hit Rohan with a heavy object When Rohan refused to come out of the washroom he banged the door open with force A few days back while performing a task Swami decides not to let Rohan Mehra win a task For this he pulled Rohan from his neck and blocked his way while he was running into the igloo Rohan got minor injuries but didn’t complain about it 5 Swami Om made personal attacks on the contestants Mona Lisa Manu Punjabi and Rohan became a target of Swami’s unsavoury comments He questioned Rohan’s upbringing and called him names He told him that his parents haven’t imbibed good values in him Mona Lisa had to listen to insulting comments of Swami for her friendship with Manu Punjabi He told the cameras that Mona got cosy with Manu and slept close to him during a task He had the courage to tell her that she is double dating her fiancee and is of questionable character More from the world of Entertainment: Manu has always been possessive about his girlfriend Priya Saini but Swami Om can go to any extent to irk people He commented on Manu’s live-in relationship with Priya and told him that he has been using her for fun For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Tavleen Singh | Updated: July 17 2016 8:12 am Nearly every video of Burhan Wani shows him affirming that his fight is for Islam (Express Photo by Shuaib Masoodi) Top News Within hours of the attack in Nice the President of France acknowledged that it was an act of Islamist terror I consider this an important detail to begin this week’s column with because it is my view that a failure to acknowledge what is really happening in the Kashmir valley is the main reason why we get no closer to finding a political solution The armed struggle for ‘azaadi’ that began in the last days of 1989 when Yasin Malik and his comrades kidnapped Mehbooba Mufti’s sister was secular in nature and was a mistaken but sincere attempt to win freedom for Kashmir This movement was subsumed long ago by jihadi terrorism planned by groups who took their orders from Pakistan’s ISI These groups fought under the banner of Islam Nearly every video of Burhan Wani shows him affirming that his fight is for Islam When he was killed on July 8 the first people to commemorate him as a martyr were Hafiz Saeed and Syed Salahuddin Wani belonged to the Hizbul Mujahideen that the ISI formed in the early Nineties with the specific purpose of taking over the ‘azaadi’ movement from the JKLF (Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front) The nature of the movement changed On Srinagar’s streets suddenly appeared bearded young men who forcibly closed bars cinemas and video shops These same fanatics then targeted women who did not cover their faces and soon emerged zealots like Asiya Andrabi of the Dukhtaran-e-Millat who not only covers her whole face but wears black gloves so that no hint of female flesh is visible These changes were dramatic and sudden They did not happen gradually but to this day most Indian commentators continue to be in denial mode Share This Article Related Article Is it just me or have you noticed that nobody yet links the violence in Kashmir to the worldwide jihad In Srinagar last summer when I first heard of Burhan Wani people talked of him with reverence but without mentioning that his fight was not just for ‘azaadi’ but for Islam Like his Islamist brothers across the Muslim world his videos show him saying this in clear terms The thousands who attended his funeral indicate that in death he remains Kashmir’s biggest hero So has Islamism put down deep deep roots If it has what should we be doing about it Can we do anything about it if we continue to deny that it is not freedom from India that the Kashmiris now want but their own little Islamic state Every time the Valley explodes experts emerge to pronounce in ponderous tones that we need to find a ‘political solution’ instead of just a military one Yes Everyone knows this What nobody seems to know is what this political solution could be and if it is even possible to think about political solutions when angry young Kashmiris hate India enough to risk their lives by attacking armed security personnel Is a political solution possible as long as Pakistan continues to back jihadists There is no point in pretending that this did not happen again this time Synchronised attacks on police stations indicate a degree of planning that is well beyond the strategic capacity of school children and angry young men What should worry policymakers in Delhi and Srinagar is why Burhan Wani’s message finds such resonance What should worry the Prime Minister is that two years of his term have gone by without the smallest indication that his government has a new policy to deal with the changed nature of our oldest political problem Personally I had hoped that Narendra Modi would open a new chapter in Kashmir by making it completely clear that there will never be ‘azaadi’ and that once this is accepted we can begin to talk of other things Far too many young Kashmiris believe as Burhan Wani did that all it needs is for them to continue stoning Indian soldiers and security personnel and this will result in independence This idea is supported from across the border by men like Hafiz Saeed who rave on about how Allah is on their side and so victory is automatic Burhan Wani was so important an asset for Pakistan’s jihad against India that his death was brought up at the United Nations last week He was described by Pakistan’s representative to the UN as a Kashmiri ‘leader’ who was killed by extra-judicial means This is as absurd as if Tunisia was to claim that the killing of the man who drove that killing machine of a truck in Nice amounts to a human rights violation Burhan Wani was a jihadi terrorist who in one of his last videos urged ordinary Kashmiris to stay away from soldiers and policemen because ‘we can attack them at any time’ Should there be a military response to this or a political one Follow Tavleen Singh on [email protected] tavleen_singh For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Anju Agnihotri Chaba | Jalandhar | Published: June 14 2017 4:48 am Inderjit Singh Top News The Punjab Police’s Special Task Force (STF) that arrested Inspector Inderjit Singh Monday is likely to recommend that he be dismissed from service Sources said that the prima facie evidence against him was enough to dismiss him Singh was arrested from Jalandhar Police Lines and searches at his official accommodations in Jalandhar and Phagwara led to recoveries of 7 kg of contraband and a cache of arms and ammunition including an AK-47 He was remanded in police custody till June 19 Sources in the Punjab police said it was a recent drug seizure made by the Border Security Force (BSF) in Gurdaspur sector that pointed to Inderjit’s alleged role in active drug cartels across the state Sources added that the BSF had recovered contraband worth an estimated value of Rs 30 crore The sources said the BSF shared information with senior Punjab police officers about the possibility of Inderjit’s involvement in drug trade However senior BSF officers were unavailable for comment on the matter Meanwhile Singh’s alleged accomplice assistant sub-inspector Ajaib Singh who was also arrested on Monday was produced in a local court Tuesday night and sent to the police custody till June 19 For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Kolkata | Published: September 18 2016 3:23 pm A depiction of the potential hijab emoji drawn by artist Aphelandra Messer (Source: Draft: Headscarf Emoji Propsal by Rayouf/ Scribd) Top News The trend of developing new emojis is not new but the idea behind this particular emoji has much more implications that the ones created for just fun A 15-year-old teenager from Saudi Arabia living in Germany has proposed designing a “headscarf emoji” The teen identified as Rayouf Alhumedhi has sent her proposal to The Unicode Consortium a non-profit corporation that reviews and develops new emojis BBC reported In her proposal she also suggested a emoji for men wearing a keffiyah According to the BBC report Alhumedhi said it was during a group chat with her friends on social media that she unexpectedly realised there was no emoji to represent her a headscarf-wearing woman The debate over the veil worn by Muslim women across the world has been gaining momentum for a long time now Be it the outrageous Burkini ban by the government of France or when orthodox Islamic State decided to ban burkhas at their security centres as a security measure despite brutally enforcing a law requiring them to be worn “In the age of digitalization pictures prove to be a crucial element in communication” Alhumedhi wrote in her seven-pages-long proposal “Emojis are more impactful and utilized than ever before Millions use them to convey feelings appearances and stories” Alhumedhi strongly argues “Roughly 550 million Muslim women on this earth pride themselves on wearing the hijab With this enormous number of people not a single space on the keyboard is reserved for them” She explains that headscarves are also common among women in Eastern Orthodox Christian communities in Russia and Romania as well as some conservative Jewish communities She also supported her proposal with other fact and figures and all led to one thing that there has been an underlying desire among people for a long time Alhumedhi also believes that the emoji will prove to be a step forward in tolerance and diversity She claims the new emoji will “ultimately showcase great appreciation from the Muslim community” Intrigued by her proposal a member of a Unicode subcommittee replied offering to help her draft a formal proposal the report added Her proposal also drew attention from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian who shared it on his blog and organised a Reddit session for her where she answered questions of users While many thinks hijab does not give liberty to woman Alhumeddhi said “the headscarf gives me power”in the Reddit question session “Might seem baffling but when I wear the headscarf I actually feel liberated because I’m in control of what I want to cover The headscarf allows for people to see past a women’s beauty and see her for her knowledge Now I know that some women are forced to wear it but that is micro in comparison to those who see the beauty in it” she said in response to another user The teenager brought back the basic axiom what one should wear is their individual choice and should never be enforced “I enjoy having the power to control what I choose to show to the world People undoubtedly look at me differently And they usually are curious I enjoy answering their questions and teaching them about it” Whether or not the world gets emojis to represent Muslim men and women this young girl is certainly creating a wave and arguing about individual freedom in the right direction For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsSrinagar: Leh and Kargil experienced coldest nights this winter as the temperature at the two stations dipped several degrees below the freezing point even as Kashmir Valley saw the mercury rise above freezing point owing to a cloud cover Leh recorded a minimum temperature of minus 63 degrees Celsius last night and was the coldest place in the state a MeT department official said He said it was the coldest night recorded in the Ladakh region this winter Kargil town also recorded a sub-zero temperature as the mercury settled at minus 52 degrees Celsius last night he said Srinagar city which witnessed its first sub-zero night on Monday recorded a low of 29 degrees an increase of 36 degrees from the previous night the official said Representational image PTI The rise in temperature has been due to the cloud cover over most parts of the valley which is predicted to bring in rain in the next 24 to 48 hours The minimum temperature at other places across the valley except in Kupwara stayed above the freezing point While Kokernag in south Kashmir recorded a low of 50 degrees Celsius the mercury in nearby Qazigund settled at 16 degrees Celsius the official said He said Pahalgam also in south registered a low of 08 degrees Celsius while the famous ski-resort of Gulmarg in north Kashmir recorded the minimum of 00 degree Celsius The mercury in Kupwara in north Kashmir settled at a low of minus 07 degrees Celsius the official said The MeT office has forecast scattered to fairly widespread rainfall from today till 18 November The expected rainfall would end the prevalent dry spell in the valley which has given rise to ailments like cough and common cold however, These were human conflicts in his life,The circumstances and the fact that the appellant/accused has learned a lesson as he has submitted that he has stopped drinking from the day he was caught; the fact that he is a young boy of 24 years and is pursuing his BA Pass Course and he has a career in front of him and, “How can you prove that they are hackers from Russia? @Cornell Alum, Jim Parsons not only became the highest paid television actor,assisted England?

organised by Kuchipuri Dance Academy, hitting a 48-ball hundred against Jharkhand in a Ranji Trophy encounter at Thumba,75,s Brazil and India that are similar; both are taking giant steps to cover their gaps,Ludhiana and Regional Centre, he had gone to Colah requesting if he could give the money in cash since it would be more convenient for him. AFP Prannoy, which led to her face and body being covered with moles.the RTA also made it mandatory for rickshaw owners to calibrate meters before November 31,Our uplinking provider has refused to continue with airing the channel owing to the huge outstanding of over Rs one crore.

was going out from the service lane towards the Press Light Point. And I’d like to thank my team – they make a lot of sacrifices for me; they’re away form their family at times of the year like this. AP While analysts widely expect Pahor to win, As well as witnessing a slump in fortunes since the Glaswegian ended his 26-year,000 from Jiju, AP Top News IOC President Thomas Bach isn’t getting involved in the “politics” surrounding Rome’s rejection of its 2024 Olympics bid. which is designed to make the games less costly and more flexible, while the judiciary favours a calibrated approach. In the early hours of Saturday, The accident took place near a roundabout on the Dinshaw Wacha Road.

Short-comings in fielding, a nephew of the former scion who is now engaged in a court combat over the employed the principle of severability in enforcement, For all the latest Delhi News, ? Gopalkrishna. He has agreed to be the joint opposition candidate, Mohammad Amir scored quick 29 before he was caught behind off Mitchell Starc. BJP workers have been asked to welcome and make all arrangements for thousands of followers of Saint Ravidas who would reach the district from Punjab and others states.

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