Sony wants exclusive games for PSN has 20 million to spend

first_imgGames that are exclusive to a platform used to be the norm. Back in the days of the Gamecube and PSOne it was a pretty common occurrence, but that soon changed when games got more expensive to develop and cross-platform engines got to a point where they made shipping a game to Xbox, PS2, then Xbox 360, PS3, and PC much simpler.Buy a PS3 or 360 and most games you pick up will exist on both systems, with a few exceptiuons such as God of War, Ratchet & Clank, or Yakuza on the PlayStation side. Sony now wants exclusivity to increase again, but it is targeting digital games this time round.In order to make a game exclusive to your platform, a publisher needs to make a developer an offer that outweighs the sales lost from shipping for other systems. That can come in the form of a multi-game deal, the promise of increased advertising on release, or a big cash incentive. Sony is going the cash route and has set aside $20 million to spend over the next 3 years securing PSN a number of exclusive titles.This is good news for developers who manage to get an exclusive publishing deal as they can be quite lucrative. For gamers it’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand you get a game that is tailored specifically to a single console’s capabilties, but then if you don’t own that console you will never get to play it.I’m going to remain positive on this one as it could see a few more developers pop up offering the same quality titles as Q Games’ PixelJunk series or Thatgamecompany’s Flower. But I am in that happy place of owning both a PS3 and 360. For those who only own a 360 this may be altogether bad news.Read more at PlayStation.Bloglast_img

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