Get Shocked By Electricity Is Her Element

first_img“Four dragons from Jupiter convene on the moon Io, outraged at the decline of Chaos in the universe. Together, they plot the return of Chaos to its former glory, when this solar system was a spinning disk of dust.”ELECTRICITY IS HER ELEMENT Created by Kathleen KralowecKathleen Kralowec’s epic tale takes place in the far, far reaches of space. On Io, Four Dragons find there’s something off with the universe. It used to reign Chaos reigns, but it seems that chaos is nowhere to be found. They begin to hatch a plan to summon, for Chaos to reign again; they must ask The Elements to help them in their mission. However, things do not go as they want as one by one the Elements refuse to help them. They have to think of alternative (and somewhat severe) solutions to get them on their side, but at what costs?Electricity Is Her Element is an absolute delight. I have to admit, I did not know what to expect at first, but I am happy with the results. It is a surreal and trippy visual delight with so many different aspects to keep you guessing until the final pages.via Kathleen KralowecKathleen is a great creator, and this comic proves how remarkable she is with her craft. She drew this comic by hand, and the coloring is with markers alone. Created to show that she could do it with markers, but also to explore another side of one of her original character and the best character in the comic KerBop the Angel. It is a story that works so well in the mythos she creates that you just want to read it again and again.There’s an incredible sense of storytelling that threw me until the very end. This psychedelic space story is truly on a mythology level, combining a lot of elements from different types to combine for the narrative. I almost wish there was more of this mythology to expand more of this story. She borrows from the myths of real storms and elements, giving them characteristics, personalities, flaws and designs that are so fitting for them. There is also an underlying message of “false gods” that is active in the comic, especially as the Four Dragons try to play a crucial role in getting Chaos to do his job themselves.via Kathleen KralowecKathleen’s attention to detail is magical, but the one thing about the comic that shook me as a whole was the lettering of this comic. I love when comics tell a visual story, but I love when creators step out of the box and get creative with their lettering for each of the characters. Kathleen gives you a different type of font for every single character she presents to you. Each of them matching the storms and elements was a fantastic idea, and that alone had to take an insane amount of work to pull off. My hat to you Kathleen, you did that.You can catch Electricity Is Her Element now on Tapastic, but also through her website. Don’t forget to check out her other comics on her page, KerBop The Angel, The Lion and the Rock and The Inner Mask, also on her website. You will not regret it.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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