Fouryearold George Dotas saved from burning house

first_imgGeorge Dotas, one of Vicki and Konstantinos Dotas’ seven children, was pulled from a burning house by a passer-by after he jumped through a smashed window to save the four-year old. Their house on Police Road, Mulgrave that the family of nine rented was set on fire on Monday 17 September, around 2:30 pm. At the time of the fire, Vicki Dotas was in the house with her four-year-old twin boys. After she saw the smoke coming out of some of the bedrooms, she escaped the house with one of the twins, realising that another one, George, was still in the house. The boys’ father Konstantinos Dotas, 42, told Neos Kosmos the terrified child hid under the bed. The house was alight when Garry Brewster walked past, and saw Vicki Dotas shouting about her son still in the burning home. He went through a smashed window, and pulled George out from under the bed. After he passed the toddler through the window, he went to check if there was anyone else still inside. Firefighters arrived at 2:44 pm to find the house in flames. Father Konstantinos Dotas praised the man who saved their son. “I’m grateful that my son got out alive; the tragedy could have been bigger,” said Mr Dotas. He told Neos Kosmos the fire had destroyed everything they owned, apart from the couples’ stefanothiki (wedding crown case) and a photo of their wedding day that he found unburned in their bedroom. The family didn’t have any insurance, and both Vicki and Konstantinos are unemployed people, on a low income. With a wife and seven children, Mr Dotas said he had no idea how they would survive. At the moment, the nine family members are situated in three different places staying with relatives all over Melbourne. “Who is going to help us now? Who can welcome a family of nine in their house? It’s very hard for us. We’re on the street – we lost everything we had,” he told Neos Kosmos. The Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB) investigators are still checking the cause of the fire. Mr Dotas has urged the Greek community and politicians to help his family of nine find a place to live again and for his children to find peace and harmony through their home. He added that Gerry Brewster, the man who saved 4-year-old George’s life, has already initiated the action to help family Dotas. “My wife has contacted Centrelink and Human Services, but they just told us to bring a bunch of documents and paperwork, so they can put our case on a waiting list. I don’t need a place to live when my children are grown up, I need help now,” Mr Dotas said desperately. Mr Dotas expressed his hopes that Greek community and welfare service will find a way to help his family in this hard situation. Mr and Mrs Dotas’ seven children are aged from 4 to 19. The family migrated to Australia in 1992, and were tenants in the Mulgrave house for only four months before the fire. The owner of the house is also of Greek origin. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

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