Watch the first ever video of a live giant squid as it

first_imgOn January 27 at 8PM EST, the Discovery Channel will be airing a documentary about the giant squid, entitled Monster Squid: The Giant is Real. This documentary will include actual, live footage of the mythical creature shown in its own habitat. The team that captured the footage spent over 400 hours beneath the Pacific Ocean — sometimes deeper than 3,000 feet — and making more than 100 submersible dives to film the creature.We’ve always known the creature exists — either by way of finding baby giant squids, pieces of the adults inside whale stomachs, or corpses washed ashore — but we’ve never filmed one live in its own habitat until now. The giant squid can grow to lengths of up to 43 feet, second only to the colossal squid (which we’ve also never filmed live in its own habitat), estimated to grow up to 46 feet.There isn’t really a word for describing what the arc of the giant squid’s discovery was like. In the under-thirty generation, we grew up reading about or watching movies that featured the mythical giant squid, regardless of our personal interests. Just about everyone knows the story of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and when you think “giant squid,” chances are an image of monstrous tentacles wrapping themselves around a wooden boat, breaking its sails, comes to mind. Sure, we only recently verified the existence of exoplanets, and we haven’t proven without a shadow of a doubt that the Higgs boson exists yet, but our collective society didn’t grow up reading mythical stories about smashing particles.It’s kind of amazing to think that when we were younger, the giant squid was a thing we only read about, and now twenty or so years later we’re watching a video of it in its natural habitat on the internet.via ABC Newslast_img

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