How to grill like a geek this Labor Day weekend

first_imgWhile thousands of outdoor cooks will be firing up their grills and smokers this Labor Day weekend, there exists among this group an elite cadre of chefs that are on a quest to produce something more than hockey puck-like hamburgers and split hot dogs. These backyard warriors are on a mission to produce the best tasting piece of meat that you’ve ever had on your plate and are always looking for different gadgets and accessories to help with the job.The holy grail of outdoor cooking is knowing exactly when a piece of meat has arrived at the desired doneness, which — contrary to public opinion — is based on internal temperature and not how long its been on the grill. With that in mind, we’ve found three temperature devices worthy of the geek grillmaster.The BBQ Guru “CyberQ Wifi” pit fan control systemFor those of you who will be smoking brisket or perhaps a pork shoulder and are using an offset or Weber Smokey Mountain, the CyberQ Wifi system from the BBQ Guru (pictured above) is a must have. A computerized fan system that blows bursts of air onto your charcoal, it uses several probes to track the temperature inside of your pit as well as the internal temperature of the meat you’re cooking.The CyberQ allows you to peg your cooker at an exact temperature for a long, consistent period thanks to its ability to know how much air your coals need. Even better, with this unit you don’t even need to be at home to control your smoker, as it has a built in web server that communicates over WiFi and allows you to interact with the unit from afar. Built on an open source system, the CyberQ has several independent developers working on mobile apps that will allow you to use your iPhone or Android device to make adjustments.While the system is only for use with a charcoal fire, it’s invaluable for slow cooking large cuts of meat. While its $295 price tag may seem a bit hefty, I’m using an earlier model that is six years old and still going strong.The iGrill Bluetooth meat thermometerFor those of you who own an iOS device and don’t need to be able to leave home while you’re slow cooking, take a look a the iGrill. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled thermometer that has the ability to connect to an app on your iPhone or iPad. This device gives you the freedom to move around your house while still keeping tabs on that chicken you’re cooking outside.The iGrill retails at $79.99 and has a range of 200 feet. Its app that is available for free with the unit via the App Store can alert you when your dinner has reached the desired temperature. This unit is not compatible with Android devices as of yet.The Kintrex laser guided infrared thermometerWhile the Kintrex infrared thermometer wasn’t created with outdoor cooking in mind, I’ve seen many a BBQ chef with these in their toolbelts. One of the most important ingredients in making a perfect piece of grilled meat each and every time is to have a consistent temperature in your grill or smoker. Most of the time the thermometer that ships with your outdoor cooking appliances aren’t worth a hill of beans when it comes to accuracy. If you want to know exactly what temperature your smoker or grill is at, shoot it with the Kintrex to find out.This $40 device allows you to measure the temperature of a vast array of household and garage items while standing safely away. By reading the infrared heat signature it can translate the info into a readable temperature display with an accuracy of plus or minus five degrees. Great for offset cookers or grills where you are trying to get to a high enough temperature to sear your meat before cooking, the Kintrex is one of those pieces of equipment that brings huge benefits for a small pricetag.And if you’re looking for a way to spice up your meat dishes this Labor Day, take a look at my recently launched Kickstarter project called Ray Ray’s Rub. I’ve developed it over the past ten years to be able to go onto any kind of food to enhance flavor.last_img

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