Hulu Plus subscribers getting 1week credit due to PSN issues

first_imgThe other day we pointed out that Sony has a lot of repair work to do after PSN is fixed. The company’s relationship with gamers, developers, and publishers has taken a big hit, and we wait to see how they try and repair that. But for the moment the focus is actually on getting the service up and running again as we still can’t use it or any of its associated services.Some companies offering services that work on the PS3 aren’t waiting for the PSN fix, though. Hulu is thought to be sending out an email to some of its Hulu Plus subscribers and offering them a 1-week credit.AdChoices广告Hulu reason that this is a really frustrating time for PS3 owners in the email, especially those who rely on the console to use Hulu regularly, so to help ease that frustration they are giving you the lost time back. With a Hulu Plus subscription costing $7.99 a month, it’s the equivalent of getting $2 back. It sounds better when you think about it in terms of time, though, with Hulu effectively giving you 168 hours of free viewing time.It’s a nice gesture, especially considering this is no fault of the Hulu team or its service, and that you can access the service on a multitude of other devices instead.We don’t know how many of these emails are going out, or what the criteria is for receiving one, but if you get one in your inbox just click the link to get the week of credit. We’d also suggest sending Hulu a thankyou message in return.via Kotakulast_img

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