Sony considering shipping serial keys with PS3 games

first_imgExample of a serial key requestPC gamers are used to the DRM shipping with games requiring the entry of a long multi-character key it’s very easy to type in wrong. The request for a code usually pops-up during installation as a way of verifying you actually purchased the game. In the box along with the disc will be a card with the serial key on, or it will appear in the game manual somewhere.Until now such codes have been limited to PC games, but Sony is thought to be considering them for PS3 games as an extra form of protection. With the PS3 master key going public Sony needs a new way of protecting games, and serial keys could be the solution.Although only confirmed by a “very reliable source” talking to PS3-Sense, such keys do form a major problem for both Sony and PS3 owners. The problem comes in the form of each key being many characters in length and the PS3 not shipping with a keyboard. That means a very tedious controller-typing exercise for every new game purchased which no one is going to enjoy.Such a move may seem too painful for Sony to consider with any seriousness, but the benefits for the company may outweigh the complaints. Not only would it introduce a new form of protection against piracy, it would also tie a game to a single console or user account. That in turn would mean no game trade-ins and no game rentals.Read more at PS3-Sense (translated), via’s OpinionTyping in a serial key as we currently do for PC games would be very tedious, but Sony could reformat the codes into sequences of a smaller set of characters and bring up a grid of those characters on your TV to input the sequence on. Doing that once would not be a major hassle and may be accepted by gamers.What would cause more upset is the tying of a game to a console or account. That would destroy the market for PS3 trade-ins and used sales as well as rentals. Something Sony and games publishers would love, but retailers and gamers would hate.Will this happen? If Sony see it as a solution to piracy then it may. If they see killing the rental and used game market as a a big positive then it definitely will.last_img

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