Setién: “Yesterday I was walking next to cows; today, in Barça”

first_imgAlso, to finish: “Months ago, waiting for an opportunity, you always assume that the team you will take will be down or on a negative run. It is to thank how he leaves the team. I have talked with the players. The predisposition there is extraordinary, we are sure that they will interpret us quickly because many things that we are going to propose they already know. And we will not have a problem in maintaining the intensity so that matches like the one of the other day do not escape. We will be with the best disposition for the job, which is always the most important. This is just words. But I am a person of convictions, I have a clear way of life. I have very clear ideas. I listen to everyone but I am the first to defend what I do. And if we have to die with it, we will die. Barça has to follow its path “.Then he answered the media questions.-What is your big goal this season?-My goal is to win everything that can be won. It’s obvious. This club has no other way to improve and get the maximum possible titles in addition to playing well. For victory, the best way is to play well even if sometimes it does not happen. It is important to associate that to win you have to play well.-What did you feel today having the best in the world at your service?-I have already told you some. My clothes don’t hurt when I say that I have enjoyed these twelve or fourteen years very much. I’ve been sitting in front of the TV to see this team and these players who have made me enjoy football. Every day, every game. In every game, there is always something that can be rescued. Sit down and start training the best player in the world and the players he has. I am not absolutely aware of what this means. I have talked to him and some others and I have already told him: one thing is the admiration I feel for you. Messi is Messi, Busquets is Busquets, Piqué is Piqué. But everyone has to be in place. Surely the relationship with the players will be good. I am sincere, direct. And if I see anything, I’ll tell him. Especially for them to work. Because talent has it. -What momentum does this team need to improve?-We’ll see. Every time a new coach arrives, there is a stimulus in each of the people in the locker room. That shows, but that can be diluted and you end up being what you were before. But that first stimulus is what must be maintained. I have not met any coach who is the same. We all have our nuances, a way of doing things. I do not know if my way is the best or the worst, but it is mine and I am convinced that I can transmit many of the things that I like and that you always think can be done better. If I thought everything was fine … That’s hard to think about. But we do have that energy now to convince the players of our nuances. Of important details, of communication. There are so many things that vary from one coach to another … I have had 20 coaches in my career and we are all different. I come with enormous energy. We are clear what Barça is. We have sucked him because he has excited us. We have spent hours in front of the TV. They are things that we have clear. We want them to be things that last over time.-Do you have the template you want?-One can have an idea shaped, but until you put it into your context they don’t know where you can get. The context will now be different. And the predisposition of those who did not play will be higher. There are going to be some changes that I have to perceive. We are clear about the philosophy and we are clear about many things. Those who have followed my career, obviously this club has an extraordinary quarry. I don’t know in depth the majority of the players but they will come to train. This must be clear to the first team players. If they break through, they deserve it. It is a message that I have always sent. If the young people below push and win it, they can play in the first team.-Would you like to sign a striker to replace Suárez?-We have to talk. We have time to clarify these things. I am clear that we will always have consensus on the decisions we make. I am a club person, convinced that we are all right and we are all wrong. I worry because he is an important player but we have to think about what we have.-What scheme do you want to implement?-With regard to drawing, the important thing is philosophy. Be clear about what we play. Possibly we appreciate some change of 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 that has been playing, but I leave that in quotes because we need many things. But it is clear that philosophy will not change. And the drawing can do it, I don’t say no.-With you, is Barça’s fans going to have fun again?-I have only guaranteed that my team will play well. In Las Palmas, Lugo and Betis, the team played good football. He had an identity. I always guarantee that my teams will play well. But saying this here in a club that has always played well …-How did I know the interest of Barça?It didn’t take me five minutes to accept this option. I never thought that Barça was going to decide for me. I don’t have an extensive curriculum or titles. I have demonstrated even before being a coach that I love this philosophy. And all I have done is that my previous teams have played football well. I don’t know if it was enough to give me this opportunity. But I am grateful. Nothing else. Quique Setién appeared in the Auditori 1899 at 14:05 hours with a somewhat tense face, although he did get his best smile when he posed with the shirt that bore his name as the new coach of Barcelona. Then he gave his first speech as coach of Barça. “The first thing, without a doubt, is to thank this institution, its president, Abidal, Ramon (Planes), the opportunity they have given me to be here. Not even in my best dreams could I have imagined being here. I am a very emotional person and today is a special day for me. I face the challenge with great enthusiasm the challenge. What I will try to convey to the players is enthusiasm, desire, wanting to win and confidence. I have it now and, as Abidal has said, I don’t find it complicated to do so. “He continued: “Today we have done the first training. Yesterday I was walking next to the cows in my town and today I am at Barça training the best players in the world. This is the best for me.. I have a good relationship with Valverde, a right person and a rival that I value a lot. For his work, for his principles and for his way of being. I will try, and I have already spoken with him, to have contact. There are many things in your work that will come in handy. Each one brings its nuances but the first thing I want to thank is that it leaves me with a team that is first “.last_img read more